Attack victim dies in hospital
By Doron Sheffer
Published: 26.06.05, 15:38
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1. Congrats, Yaron London
Avi Tuchmayer ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.26.05)
Seems your "Palestinian" friends have one-upped you, Mr London. Rather than smashing those nasty "fascist" settlers in the nose, as you suggest, the Arabs have taken your advice to its logical extreme and *really* hit back at those nasty mitnahblim. A few more like it, and you won't have to suffer through any more of those inconvenient non-violent protests by us "bearded fanatics" on the Ayalon. But when the PLO finishes us off, make no mistake about it: they'll come for you next.
2. Degenerate, Ignominious Fiends
patrickafir ,   USA   (06.26.05)
For their vile, inhuman deeds, the world rewards them with sympathy, money, and further apathy about the ongoing death of Israel's soul and Israel's children.
3. Instead of wearing your orange shirts...
Jennifer ,   Israel   (06.26.05)
and marching past the prime-minister's office, why don't you just get your children out of danger and leave the occupied territories. As a mother, I cannot understand why you would want to put your family in danger for a scrap of land...
4. When you appease terrorists, they only kill more
Rachel BenDavid ,   Peduel   (06.26.05)
As a mother, I have a word of advice for Jennifer. In this part of the world, if you show weakness to terrorists, they only kill more of your people. That is why the phenomenon of suicide bombers only started AFTER the so-called "peace plan" of Oslo. This fight is not over a scrap of land, it is about the right of the Jews to live in Israel.
5. Solutions!
Me   (06.26.05)
There is only one solution for this and that is to get all the terrorist fanatic settlers out of Hebron and relocate them inside tel aviv or send them back to New York!
6. to Rachel BenDavid
Jennifer ,   Israel   (06.26.05)
The state of Israel is not the occupied territories and the state of Israel will not come to an end because we take out the militants that are determined to stop the peace process. The fact that the democratic state of Israel has decided to leave some of the occupied territories is not a sign of weakness but of bravery. It is always easier to stay where you are and to continue to be attacked. The real bravery is to take a step forward and to say enough is enough. We are not willing to lose one more innocent soldier that is dedicating his/her life to the country and that has had the mis-fortune to be based in Gaza. So Rachel - I don't need your advice and I hope and pray that we will soon be out of Gaza and that we will be taking the step towards peace. Remember, the majority of Palestinians aren't terrorists but oppressed people, just waiting for a chance to get on with their lives. There will always be militants on both sides that want to spoil all efforts - we just need to be strong enough to overcome it.
7. to jennifer, rachel ben david, & "me"
erica from brooklyn ,   brooklyn, new york   (06.26.05)
*sigh* i agree with both of you...i agree that i cannot understand how families could live on the front lines of the intifada at the risk of their children and families being ambushed, killed from kassim rockets, or blown up by homicide bombers. yet...the truth of the matter is, jennifer, when Israel's land is handed over to evil people, it just makes said evil people stronger, it gives them more power, and it puts Israel in a weaker position. So, whatever harm Israelis who live in Gaza are in, once th land is (chas v'sholem) turned over to the PA, Israelis will be in even more danger. Every family has the G-d given right to protect their children and in Israel, while you're more likely to get hit by a car than get blown up by a terrorist, it's hard to give children the sense of security they deserve if the government of Israel puts families even more in harm's way. Re: the comment made by "me" -- please don't send the terrorists to New York. As a Brooklynite, I think I speak for all New Yorkers in saying that we don't want--or need--any terrorists here. They hide in our midst anyways (actually, one used to work at the corner store on my parent's block and the FBI nabbed him and his partner for trying to blow up a train station), so we don't need any more.
8. scrap of land
Sam ,   Tzfat   (06.26.05)
Jennifer, A scrap of land???!!!!!!!! And a human is merely a scrap of skin and several pints of blood. Go Visit Yad Vashem in Israel and you see it starts off with ‘merely’ burning books. Then they merely burn synagogues and then they merely burn flesh. Get the drift?
9. I do not agree with u but I mourn with you.
an israeli ,   greenline Israel   (06.27.05)
to the families of Aviad Mantsur and Avichai Levy. May the G-d of Israel comfort you among the mourners of Zion.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (06.27.05)
Poll by Palestinian Center for Public Opinion, Public Opinion Research of Israel and Palestinian Media Watch (Jerusalem Post, Oct. 22 2003) found: 59% of Palestinian Arabs believe that Hamas and Islamic Jihad should continue their violence against Israel, even if Israel surrendersa all of Judea, Samaria, Gaza and east Jerusalem. Shortly after the Six Day War in 1967, the American Joint Chiefs of Staff submitted their report requested by the U.S. government. The report stated that ISRAEL CAN ONLY BE DEFENSIBLE IF IT RETAINS JUDEA, SAMARIA, GAZA AND THE GOLAN.
Libyan Guy ,   Italy   (06.27.05)
Remember baruch Goldstine and the 29 worshipers killed and compare to understand why !!!
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