‘We deserve a state’
By Roee Nahmias
Published: 27.06.05, 14:59
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alan ,   South Africa   (06.27.05)
Abu Mazen wears an expensive suit and is beautifuly well groomed.A charmer of the West. The late Chairman always looked like he had just got out of bed with his stubble....Believe me that is where the difference ends.,Abu Mazen has an agenda no different to the man he served for many,. the total takeover of the land from the river to the see.(and while he is about it, the land across the river as well, which is populated by many of his supporters)First side by side ,then right inside!
2. You have one in Jordan
akiva ,   chicago   (06.27.05)
3. "you deserve nothing!"
ozy   (06.27.05)
where were the so called palestinians political aspirations while being under the jordanians and egyptians?-- no where. what relevent histoery do the so called palestinians have to this land? ---none. just because you're screaming it like a mantra, dowsn't give you any justification to it. do you want a state? itis jordan ,across the river... we'll help you pack!
4. We will overcome
Nablus1   (06.27.05)
Regardless of what will happen now or in the future palestinians will be victorious, racism and apartheid is runing out of time it is like a cancer patient on Chemotherapy bying time but the end is obvious, such as israel which is built on an apartheid and racist ideology the end is obvious, such a system can last for some time but not for long, time is runing out, the worst that could happen is two entities ; palestinians and jews living on the same land and having one government with one man one vote what does that mean the end of racism and the zionist apartheid ideology. think about it. Later
5. Now or Later !!!!
Human Being ,   Gaza   (06.27.05)
So, You are claiming that we (Palestinians) do not exist. And you belong to this land. You are wrong. Just to remind you that the Crusaders came and stayed 87 years and at the end they packed and left. This what will happen!!! May not be now but it will happen. You can deny any thing you want but remember that the land where you live was stolen from a Palestinian who will get it soon or later. May the grandkids of this man ??????? .
6. to 3
are you jewish? because you are so racist against Palestinians - there was never a NEED for a Palestinian state because jews hadnt immigrated to that area and corralled the ARABS into corners- NOW THE ARABS NEED A STATE- Now shut your little mooching welfared mouth - the USA has about had it with you and YOU ARE the ones packing and moving so CIAO!!!!!!!!!!
7. if anyone in this entire world...
mike ,   usa   (06.27.05)
doesN'T deserve a state it's the Palestinians. Duh?
8. :-D, he's funny
9. #6, learn history
The arabs weren't pushed into corners, they pushed themselves. They attacked Jews since 1921, and in the Arabian rebellion in 1936 they destroyed any trust by the Jewish pioneers. At that time the Jews became independent because all the Arabian workers were replaced with Jews because the arabs refused to work. Because the arabs MURDERED Jews since 1921 they won't have a state, just look at history, any government that mistreated Jews is gone.
10. #6, packing? Not realy
we are an independent country and even if the US wil stop the aid support we'd live (anyway they gonna stop it as part of an agreement with Israel until 2012). The amount of western newcomers is rising and will continue to rise. The economy is growing and is expected to grow to an extent our lives will be better than the life of Scandinavia. We are currently ranked 21st in living quality in the world. Keep dreaming, that's all.
11. to #6
ozy   (06.27.05)
yes ,i'm jewish ,and very proud of it. i also now my history ,and yours as well. the fact is ,that the west bank and aza, areLIBERATED TERRITORIES ,not occupied ,as you all yell day and night. there was no"palestine" in 1964 ,when arafat the arch- murderer and abu-mazzan the liar ,formed the plo.... what palestine were they going to liberate? so shut your little ignorant hole! see you at the next transfer....
12. Paleztinians Deserve 1 Thing
Marcel ,   Florida   (06.27.05)
By their actions the Palestinians prove they RIGHTLY deserve a sound DEFEAT.Something Israel has forgotten to do .
13. Side by Side and right inside
Ameera ,   USA   (06.27.05)
Allan I wish you are right about Abu Mazen havinfg an agenda, he does not ,nor does any of his people, that is why the palestinians have no state until now. No brains and no long term vision. They are stuck in the past.
14. a state of their own
Michael ,   austin, tx, usa   (06.27.05)
Do they really want a state? I recall Barak offering them everything and they started a war. If they get a state, how will they be able to remain the world's biggest victims? A role they seem to love to delight in and perpetuate.
15. Does Terror Pay Huge Dividends, Or not?
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ, US   (06.27.05)
Is this clown f----n kidding when he states that the PA Arabs DESERVE a state? First of all, the PA Arabs are not any different than the Jordanian, Syrian, Eqyptian Arabs, and ONLY became a "separate" people in order to destroy Israel. Many Arabs attest to this ploy, so who do they think they are kidding? Perhaps Texans should decide to separate from the US to set up their own state? To add insult to a lie, they demand a reward for being the instigators/originators of worldwide homicide terror? On what planet do they deserve such a reward? For the above reasons, if the US persists in this folly along with the EU Arabists(dragging Israel alongside it) they should not be surprised if buses start blowing up in US & European cities. The object lesson will be that terror pays HUGE dividends!
16. We will be there for ......
Human Being ,   Gaza   (06.27.05)
We are stuck with the Zionist ...........!!!!!!!????? We do have brains and long term vision otherwise, Palestine would have been lost long time ago. We the Palestinians will be there until the last Zionist leave. You really don’t belong there. We have been there for centuries and will be ….. Not like the Zionist they take it only for the good and when there is another opportunity they abandon it for the greed. So, wakeup and leave us ………..
17. Re:12
Kramer   (06.27.05)
It looks that U do not read the history. U are-unfortunately- cheated by the bias media over here. All occupations in the history had gone for ever. If Isreal does not return the land (1967 land ) to Palestinian, they will never ever enjoy living over there.Just remember my words when U get older....
18. Greedy Arabs Already Have Several States
T. A. Adams ,   Oklahoma City, USA   (06.27.05)
These so-called "Palestinians" who are nothing more than land-grabbing heathens already have several states and they make up 98% of the Middle East. These intentionally displaced terrorists need to haul themselves back to Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, or wherever else they came from and leave Israel to the people GOD GAVE IT TO. Their choice is to do it now of their own accord, or do it later by the hand of God.
19. Bush was talking last week and said that the "palestinians"
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA USA   (06.27.05)
shoud have a state of their own side by side with Iraq. I agree with that 100%, all the "palestinians" should live next to iraq, they can cross train their suicide bombers. Yes, bush screwed up and said Iraq instead of Israel, but it sounded so rational.
20. TO #15 Terror Pays dividends
Nablus1   (06.27.05)
The state of Israel was founded and created on terror, Palestinians are different than the rest of the arabs in the sense that they are confronting a vicious beast called israel and we are not going any where because this is our Ancestor land and it seems that God had put the burden on the palestinian shoulders to clean up the mess, but be sure we are not going anywhere we are staying firm in our land and we will overcome hatred and racism Til then
21. #9
Liar- thats all I can say. Arabs and Jews lived peacefully together up UNTIL Israel was created in 1948 and a mass immigration of Jews took place, along with racist laws priveleging Jews only.
22. Judism is a religion not a nation
Jawad ,   Los Angeles   (06.28.05)
Do you think Palestinian who are living in Jordan there by choise or they were driven back in 1948 .Palestinian home is Palestine and judism is a relision not a Nation they should live in there countries all over the world just as Christians and Moslems
23. Greedy white Americans
Jawad ,   Los Angeles   (06.28.05)
So by this logic I think the Native Indias deserve 2 to there states such Oklahoma and Texes. and as far as I remember the white Americans were the land Grabbing Heathens. So if your house is mad out of Glass do not throw rocks on others
24. Country, just a joke?
Alan ,   Canada   (06.28.05)
If you haven't met or heard of the great Palestinian comic, meet Goffaq Yussef.... =========================== 10 Reasons To Love Palestine by Goffaq Yussef Golly gee, I am SOOOO proud to be Palestinian Arab from the West Bank. Let me tell you the reasons why I have such warm, fuzzy feelings about my people and culture: 1. There is no such thing as Mothers Day. No worry about cards, gifts, and expensive meals. There is no honor in being a woman in our culture, so there is no reason to devote a day to her. We do, however, get to enjoy watching our fathers beat our mothers senseless for the slightest real or imagined infraction. Also, if Dad suspects that Mom spoke to a strange man in the street, he gets to kill her to preserve the family honor! 2. Weapons. Every child, from the time he can grasp an object, is trained to feel comfortable with a rifle or pistol in his hand. And every Palestinian has a weapon: a gun, a rocket launcher, a pound of C-4. What good are hands if they aren't used to kill? 3. Hate. Boy, we love to hate. Hate is the very basis and foundation of our culture. From the time a child is old enough to understand language, we teach him to hate. Hate Jews, hate the West, hate his fellow man, and most of all, hate himself. We have no love songs, we do not preach love, the word love does not appear anywhere in our society. Hate is the fuel that runs our motors. 4. Death. The moment a Palestinian Arab child is born, his parents begin to plan his death. How will he die? Will he be struck by an Israeli bullet while being used as a human shield by Palestinian gunmen? Will he get shot while throwing rocks at Jewish soldiers? Will he be packed with explosives and sent to blow himself up, killing others? Or will he merely be one of the many Palestinians murdered by other Palestinians in the normal course of daily life in the death-culture of the Palestinian Arabs? Who knows? That's part of the thrill. 5. Unemployment. Palestinians used to have jobs, working in Israel. But then, our leaders had a brilliant idea: suicide bombings! For their own protection, Israel had to close its borders, preventing Palestinians from going to their jobs, so they could sit around unemployed and blame the Jews for it. What great fun to be your own worst enemy!
25. Country, joke? continue
Alan ,   Canada   (06.28.05)
6. Martyrdom. Who in their right mind wants to be a martyr? Among normal people, a martyr complex is considered immature and obnoxious, if not downright crazy. With us, it's the central syndrome of our society! Hey, look at me, I'm gonna kill myself and become admired! And then, when we do kill ourselves, instead of being considered pathetic, we DO get admired! It's a whole complete cycle of sickness! American kids collect baseball cards; Palestinian kids collect martyr cards (really! no joke!). 7. A feeling of entitlement. When Israel came into being, we declared war. We lost. We fought again. We lost. We fought again. We lost. Israel had the right to kill us all (we sure would kill all of them if we got the chance). Instead, they allow us to live on land they conquered. But we can't leave that alone. We have to claim entitlement to live on land that we lost in 6 wars. Since when does the loser of a war get to claim the land he fought over? They don't. But we do. Not only that, but we happily kill our kids over it! Hey, what's more important -- a chunk of dirt, or some worthless kid who isn't going to amount to anything anyway? 8. Uselessness. The Jews have won more Nobel Prizes than all other ethnic groups combined. Their contributions to science, art, literature and the humanities is far out of proportion to their population. What have Palestinians produced? Nothing! Not a thing. We don't do anything productive. We're too busy rioting and killing and chanting and screaming and calling for everyone's death. And we blame the Jews for it, as though the Jews stop us from being productive. 9. Friends. The Palestinian people sure know how to pick 'em. Saadam Hussein. The Taliban. Adolf Hitler. You name a psychopath, and we embrace him. And look who our supporters are! The American Nazi Party. The KKK. Just check their websites and see how they stand in solidarity with us. When you support the Palestinian "cause," you're in real good company. Bring your white sheet! 10. Freedom. The biggest laugh in the world is when people call us "freedom fighters" or they say we're fighting for our freedom. Take a look at all 22 Arab countries. Do you see any freedom there? Well, that's what our country will be like if we ever get one. It will be a dictatorship run by armed, masked thugs who will kill anyone who dissents. Just like we are now. Freedom???? LOLOLOLOL The word doesn't even exist in our language. Hey, just like George Orwell said: "Freedom is slavery. Long live big brother!" Remember: Israel is bad! LOLOL -- It's existence keeps reminding us what a bunch of losers we are.
26. greedy people
cliff from montreal ,   Canada   (06.28.05)
arabs control the media.Arabs occupy 99% of the middle east and they want it all!The want to steal the holy land of the Jews like the European did to the north American Indian.Yes they are a greedy bunch indeed! They live in glass houses with mirrors facing inwards so they think they can laugh at the people outside when all they are doing is laughing at their own reflections.They fool themselves, but not us!We see through them.
27. greedy white americans
USA   (06.28.05)
true, the white american has and IS doing alot of damage- BUSH and his neocons and AIPAC alliance is sickening. Bush and his jewish friends PRETEND not be racist against muslims, but just read this board and most jews say the most disgusting things about ARABS- and they think its politically correct to do so!! THEFT of PALESTINE is Indefensible. and, yes, the native americans in the USA were genocided and it is a part of USA history that is shameful.- and something that should not be repeated ANYWHERE on this planet again. ________got it zionists?
28. You deserve a gulag on the Arctic Circle
akiva ,   chicago   (06.28.05)
When the war with the civilized is over, this will be your home.
29. @ Jawad #23
Pieter ,   the Netherlands   (06.29.05)
Congratulations! I am convinced that you will become the most respected citizen of the USA. Positive and intelligent people like you are an acquisition for every society, of course! Having a little fun in your new homeland, Jawad?
30. to USA
cliff from montreal ,   Canada   (06.29.05)
You said"THEFT of PALESTINE is Indefensible." I say..Right, return that occupied land to the Jews, the true inhabitants of the hholy-land.The palis are the cheaters and stealers here.Got it Jew haters?
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