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Won the battle, lost the war
By Alex Fishman
Published: 27.06.05, 23:13
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1. A question to Mr. Sharon
Vladimir Minkov ,   Skokie, IL USA   (06.28.05)
I fully agree with the points of view in this article. And I have a question for Sharon. Mr. Sharon, could you tell us, the Jews in Israel and Diaspora, about your strategy for creating a unified Jewish nation after you shattered it in pieces in the course of your ill-conceived disengagement process? If you do not have an answer, may we conclude that the major purpose of your disengagement exercise was to get a personal satisfaction from a military victory over Eretz Israel? Thank you.
2. oops, apology to Ynet, thought you meant opposite
amir   (06.28.05)
My apologies to the usually leftist Ynet.. I thought you meant Sharon won the war but you meant that Sharon's forces actually lost the war. Sorry.
3. Avi Beiber understood the German "I was following orders"
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA USA   (06.28.05)
and did not follow orders. The disengagement is nothing more than the attempt to steal Jewish land from Jews and their will not be enough Jewish soldiers to carry out this theft. The murderous attacks continue proving there will be no peace with terrorist scum. No land to murderers, not now, not ever.
4. MISTER SHARON You dont have right to make this hitnatkout
martin darmon ,   montmorency-israel   (07.07.05)
after 38 years jewish presence there in in gaza and samarie .. all because you have lied to the people you dont have right to give our jewish lands heritage to bladdy palestinians autority especially after 4 years antifada2 very hard for israelis people with murderers and wounded seriously .. Sharon and all OLMERT-Livni-Mofaz -shetreet-Livnat etc from likoud are becomes Traitors to their ideology and I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY Likoud approaching dangerous idea of maarakh -meretz policys very dangerous for medina israel for make concessions unrealisable because Israel needs defendable borders and dont have to give back lands jews .. Mr sharon you merit to down with this government worst of medina israel !! I hope elohim will be there for destabilized you and your stupids ministers bogedim gedolim .. we will come in gaza-samarie for blocking you and tells our admiration to our brothers heroes of yecha especially goush katif and samaria than boged sharon want gives back to our ennemy !! I DONT trust on palestinians all are terrorists , they dont need homeland because - they are a virtual people arabic and dont have to take out our jewish lands heritage ..than belongs only to Jewish ISRAELI PEOPLE . We will fight against this stupid chalom achav than are "5 th colum "for defending allways the palestinians thesis as Pérés-Beilin-maarakh-MERETZ- Shinoui and now likoud sharon tendancy becomes crazy for adopt legtist policy too dangerous for medina israel !! PEOPLE OF GOUSH katif and samaria we are with you "supporting you and will be with you nextly for sharon and his stupid plan break down !!! Am israel Hai
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