'U.S. media support Israel'
By Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 28.06.05, 00:08
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1. propoganda
Sam ,   Tzfat   (06.28.05)
Thank G-D, that shameless idiot is out of his job. He was definately the propoganda minister of the U.S.
2. US National News lacks integrity and is biased
David Landman ,   Natick, USA   (06.28.05)
Most people in the US dont trust or believe nationalk news, from the surveys I have seen. ABC news is banned in my house. Being liberal is OK, but presenting 10% of the facts and making it sound like 90% is slander. Thank goodness Israeli and US policy isnt based on 10% facts but 90% and generally better research.
3. A Comment for #1.
Jay ,   Las Vegas, U.S.A.   (06.28.05)
Dear Sam, Your use of the word "idiot" was rude and inappropriate. Any respect and agreement you presumably would hope to receive with regard to your comments is lost when you (or anyone else) stoops to a low level of language. In addition, your declaration that Mr. Rather was the "propaganda minister" of the U.S. has no basis in fact. As the article states, Americans do not have a monolithic viewpoint.
4. Dan Rather.
MED ,   TX, USA   (06.28.05)
That bald-faced liar was worse than Baghdad Bob and had lost his credibility far before he retired. Compare his interview with Saddam whom he handled with kid's gloves, whereas he wore boxing gloves while he interviewed Pres.Bush.
5. You have a misleading headline to this report
accessol ,   Spelthorne, England   (06.28.05)
The header to your report suggests Rather himself expressed 'support and understanding' for Israel. However, what the article itself says, is that Rather considers that in the USA .. "... generally speaking, there is great support and understanding for Israel". Totally different meaning.
6. US National News lacks integrity and is biased
Johnny Weintraub ,   Sugar Land, Texas US   (06.28.05)
I completely agree with Mr. David Landman (post number 2, above.) Dan Rather was caught red-handed presenting a fake report proportedly from President Bush's military commander , claiming that President Bush was a deserter when President Bush was in the National Guard. I read Yehidot Aharonot (on line) at least several days a week, where I know that the news information is objective and unbiased.
7. rather be elsehere
cliff from montreal ,   Canada   (06.28.05)
Rather shamed the profession he claimed to respect.He made a false claim using a forged document and then had the gall to say it was 'fake but accurate'.Rather is a disgrace.
8. Rather Dumb-Obviously Dan Means...
akiva ,   chicago   (06.28.05)
another media. The one on planet Rather.
9. Dan Rather and Israel
media monopoly ,   USA   (06.28.05)
Dan Rather Is a good man. When he made mistaes he admitted them and apologized. I liked his work very much, and I felt, even with his interview with Saddam, he was a nice and even handed reporter. The media in the USA IS biased because only a FEW people own the oulets- Its called a media monopoly- and what is worse, is that the people that own them have agendas- trying to dictate what the public sees- SO yes, USA media needs a rehaul- absolutely- (euros, africans etc, please help if you can!! the USA isnt free anymore) But why do most of the jews on this board hate DAN RATHER so? is it because he talked to Saddam or like some mentioned, reported on a "fake' Bush document- and the Jews LOVE the fact the USA is in war in the Middle east ( and BUSH loves the war also),so as Israel reaps some benefits and rewards for the USA invading the muslim countries? and we all know from this board jews in general hate muslims.? Thanks in advance for you opinions.
10. #9 Breathe O2 not Methane on Planet
akiva ,   chicago   (06.28.05)
11. anti-Semitism, no. 9
Kristen ,   New York   (06.29.05)
this is a very sick individual and he should take his anti-Semitic ideas and go away
alan ,   South Africa   (06.29.05)
Dan Rather had his own Agendas.He has always had an overinflated opinion of his personal contribution to news reporting.What was his real agenda with the "Fallen Heroes" section of CBS news let alone his other broadcasting indiscretions for which he was obliged to leave his post..Is it really to honour those heroes. Or is it broadcast to show how futile their sacrifice was just as they were in the prime of their lives.To which side is it really helpful ,now we are in the middle of an Assymetric World War.
13. Kristen
I am sorry the truth is "anti-semitic" to you. But tell me where any of the above statements arent true- read this board long enough, and most JEWS talk filth about muslims- and openly. and most posts were negative, if not ALL about DAN RATHER? are you anti-gentile? And the US media is OWNED by a few major outlets- RESEARCH it for yourself- Who knows what race,religion the owners are- perhaps you can tell me.?? thanks in advance
Alan ,   South Africa   (06.29.05)
Sorry number13....The 5 Million Jews in Israel, and the 7 million or so in the rest of the world are being nasty to the hundreds of million Muslims in the world. (I am not 100% sure of the correct figures , sorry,but you get the idea) My dear ,ask Christians anywhere in the Muslim world from Saudi Arabia to Northern Nigeria Indonesia how easy they have it from the Muslim Communities in which they live .Try and open a church somewhere ther e and start preaching about Jesus) Even the Christian population on the West Bank of the river is decreasing - why.If you dont like what you read in this distinguished column go click to the where you will hear more favourable stories from Umm Orla and Umm Barbara
15. thats not the issue Alan
Yes, some muslims are awful to those of other persuasions. I agree. but So are JEWS. Jews have set up a "JEW only" democracy that is causing untold damage to others of different backgrounds- .But of course,many religions and races have been awful to each other-look at the catholics and protestants.
16. rocked by rape
c-didz ,   chitown   (06.30.05)
an excellent song; should dispell both your arguments
17. #9
steven ,   france   (07.21.05)
You seem to be a very "mediatic person but let me get one thing straight,the jewish people do not hate muslims,they hate those that use their religeon,as an excuse to murder innocent civilians.and judging by your unfounded comments ,its Rather you who hates the jews,,and you would prefer that we hate the muslim's so you can hate us even more?Please ,in what way is Israel reaping benifits from,the "USA invasion of muslim countries?Why don't you deal with the USA media monopoly asyou call it ,and leave the jewish people out of it.It seems that whoever and where ever there is a problem,people like you insist on blaming it on the jews;I ask you in all true sincerity WHY?
18. #15
steven ,   france   (07.21.05)
Now that were talking about other religeons ,why do you keep humping about the jews?If all the religeons are guilty of being awful to each other,why go on and on about the jews? My only reasoning can be ;that you are a very anti-semic person no?Have'nt the muslims begun to set up a "MUSLIM ONLY society,in fact they wish for the whole world to become islam loving muslims,but that does still not mean that the jews hate the muslims.Every one can dream NO?
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