Violence erupts at Gay Pride Parade
By Doron Sheffer and Efrat Weiss
Published: 30.06.05, 23:51
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1. Can't say they weren't warned
Yehudit ,   Yerushalayim   (06.30.05)
There won't be one at all next year.
2. How Would this be in Mecca?
You have no respect. Don't be suprised when people strike back
3. Stabbing at the Gay Pride Parade
NYC Girl   (06.30.05)
This is an absolute disgrace. While the ultra-Orthodox have a right not to accept homosexuality, nobody has a right to attack another human being because of his sexual orientation. That maniac is lucky he didn't do that in New York. He would have been charged with a hate crime and he'd be facing a very long prison sentence. Maybe now these religious fanatics will understand why so many Israelis feel such antipathy toward them. He should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
4. How many...?
Maccabee ,   Yerushalayim   (06.30.05)
How many in Jerusalem have now been saved from the plague because of the righteous act of this Pinhas?
5. Hey! You got THAT right!!
Yehudit ,   Yerushalayim   (06.30.05)
"...a direct result of the incitement...." We warned everyone that THIS PARADE would INCITE the religious sensibilities of the residents of Jerusalem but no! You had to force it on us and even go and bring in queers from all over the country to make your point. Well, someone made a "point" with YOU, didn't he? Good for him!!
6. Kol Hakavod!
yingele ,   Jerusalem   (06.30.05)
Uri and R Porush, Kol hakavod! Ashreichem - you truly are the best. Mitsad Habusha. Rachmana Litslan.
7. Why do they have to make two parades?
No where around the world there are two parades in the same state. They can make a parade in Tel Aviv, it's acceptable there, but in Jerusalem there are many religious people that the provocative way the homosexuals dress and act in that parade hurt them. They should have some tolerance to others if they want to be respected by the Israeli community.
8. Religious extremist are THE disgrace
Anthony ,   Belgium   (06.30.05)
How dare Jewish people speak like this? You are as bad as Hamas and other nutcases, sorry extremists. Jews have suffered so many discriminations and should certainly not impose any, especially in their own state. We spend so much effort rightfully defending the State of Israel in the rest of the World, and you are making this so much more difficult for us, especially being that small of a minority. Shame on you. You're a disgrace to the Jewish people in its vast majority
9. NYC Girl...
Yehudit ,   Yerushalayim   (06.30.05)
That's why you are where you are and why we are here. Our Declaration of Independence says this is a JEWISH State and homosexuality is AGAINST JEWISH Law. Got it?
10. OUR rights are denied!
Maccabee ,   Yerushalayim   (06.30.05)
Religious Jews are denied their rights to pray on the Temple Mount because it offends Muslim sensitivities, yet the homos were allowed to parade against Jewish religious sensitivies. You can't have it all one way. This is the ONE place in the world where religious Jews are supposed to be guaranteed their rights---Holy Jerusalem---yet you deny them to us. Well, not anymore. We're mad as h#ll and we're not gonna take it anymore!!
11. As religion slowly fades . . .
Don Herman ,   USA   (06.30.05)
And people realize its role in advancing violence of all sorts, the world will finally begin to see real peace. Just another example of the ignorance of religious extremists.
12. Here they come again
Jordi Gomis ,   Catalunya, Spain?   (06.30.05)
Waaaa...those are the democrats asking for a referendum on the pull out? Congratulations, you ultra-orthodox, for showing us how u matches quite a lot with the thinking of guys like Mussolini, Franco and god, how u have the face to aks the israeli society to help u out? U are nothing else but a bunch of fascists who would feel much better living in iran rather than in erez israel...shame on all of you "democrats"...who will be next? the ones walking around jerusalem with no kipa?
13. To #1
T.C. ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.30.05)
Just because you're shocked by someone's behavior can't justify stabbing him... especially if you invoke some religious motives. You can't justify to kill someone because he's just disturbing you otherwise you're a fascist. Unfortunately this is a word very used lately in Israel but not by the right people: the settlers already showed their true face and that they will stop at nothing to foil the disengagement plan, not even a crime (remember Rabin?) and apparently the ultra orthodoxic people share similar thought: The end seems to justify the mean unfortunately. This is very disturbing that a minority is able to make so much noise and influence so many things in this country. By the way it's a good idea to make a gay pride in Yerushalaim, this can teach orthodoxic people to be more tolerant, sorry: I mean less extremist !
14. Hate speech contradicts policy...
Evan ,   Canton, OH US   (06.30.05)
From 'conditions of use'... Yedioth Internet encourages freedom of speech and the conduct of productive dialogue on the Website, with your and other users’ active participation. However, in order to enable a civil and responsible discussion and to prevent abuse of your possibilities for expressing yourself on the Website, Yedioth Internet may review such contents prior to publication. Such reviews shall only be carried out in order to attempt to prevent the publication of hate speech, threats, vulgarity and contents which are prima facie illegal, with no need to use professional legal discretion. Were the hate comments approved prior to publication? If so, this is an outrage!
15. here's a point
sui generis ,   America   (06.30.05)
They didn't 'bring in the queers". They were already there. Some of those "queers" are in your military, your police, your lawyers, professors, and judicial benches. Some of those "queers" are the brothers, sisters, children, and even parents of your countrymen, and if you think you get to judge with violence you will be nothing more than a bigoted criminal in action as well as word.
16. Religion? or disgusting prejudice?
David Purrdac ,   California   (06.30.05)
Do you really believe that a particular minority should be killed on the streets? If so, how do you differ from Nazis? How do you determine which minorities we are supposed to go out and kill on our streets? If it's acceptable to kill homosexuals in Jerusalem, is it acceptable to kill Jews in Mecca, New York, or San Francisco?
17. Arabs are the enemy not the Gays!
Daisy ,   USA   (06.30.05)
18. Arabs would have lynched and ate the gays body organs.
Daisy ,   USA   (06.30.05)
19. Won't be too long before we see Jewish Taleban in Israel!
Abdullah ,   Kuwait City, Kuwait   (06.30.05)
No matter how much we do not accept homosexual lifestyle around us, we must accept that they have a right to live and behave the way they wish, but what is going on in Israel today shows us all how the religous fanatics are speading around the world and being in charge of how people should live and behave! They did control Afghanistan, and now Iraq, Iran, Saudi, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, and now Israel! Congratulations my fellow cousins :)
20. Disgraceful action by extremists
Cj ,   UK   (06.30.05)
What a disgrace against the gay community. Be tolerant of society, remember it makes a diverse community to make the world go around. In this day I cant believe at this sort of action - remember it was not only jews in the concentration camps but many gays as well.
21. Religious youngster
Sammer ,   Jerusalem   (07.01.05)
we don't want to see those little perverts in our wholy city Jerusalem. but its the goverment fault that let those perverts celebrate in jerusalem again is not the Religious youngster's fault. he has the full right to protect his city and his family.
22. How about a Heterosexual Parade?
akiva ,   chicago   (07.01.05)
In your neighborhead? What would you say then?
23. Maybe?
YNT ,   NYC   (07.01.05)
Perhaps there should be an abortion pride parade in a infertility clinic? And if any of the infertile women are offended, it's because those infertile women have no tolerance, for there is no such thing as a place not being the proper place for a pride parade.
24. its all arafats fault!!!!!!!!end......
aa ,   aa   (07.01.05)
25. when Isaelis try to be American
B.E. ,   Beit Shemesh, Israel   (07.01.05)
You can see more and more in our Holy Land that its people want it to be just like America, or what they think that is. It almost always becomes a perversion of what is being imitated. Just look at fashion that Israelis have adopted from looking at American magazines and media or the Israeli interperetation. "Fashion" becomes pornography. Gay pride (parade) stared in San Francisco, America... Why do we want so badly to live here and make it like America? It can never be. I dont condone violence and as a religious person resent being grouped and titled as someone that does. Hate and violence is an awful thing all around. I may not agree with a persons lifestyle choice but its not my business., But that's very American. Israelis dont think like Americans, religious or not. And deep down MOST religious people dont HATE gays or non religious people the way that Non- Religious (Lapidnics) HATE the religious. Its all ignorance! May those who were injured have a refuah sheleima (fast recovery) min HaShemayim.
Moshe ,   Tel Aviv   (07.01.05)
I am sorry, disturbed and disgusted that such people have the right to identify themselves and be identified as religious after committing an act of indignity and disrespect for people's lives, and physical and emotional integrity. All over the country, you see the Anti Pull-out people shouting Jews don't kick out Jews. Now I can only wonder, is it ok for Jews to stab Jews? Well, the answer I guess is the old boomerang effect: what goes around, comes around. Disgrace won't come from others, rather from ourselves as a nation that needs to learn what love and acceptance is all about. Good luck to us all Jews. We still have a lot to learn from the past!
27. The Pro-Gay Backlash in Israel is Already Here
Dennis Ybarra ,   San Francisco, USA   (07.01.05)
Just take a look at the Yedioth Ahronoth editorials by straights after the courts decided anew that democratic rights trump every other consideration and the gays have the right to assembly in Jerusalem as much as the Haredim. This violence at a gay pride parade, the first of its kind in decades worldwide (a few days ago one million gays and straights celebrated gay pride here in San Francisco without violence and our mayor got the biggest cheers!) Israeli democratic values triumph again and the religious are exposed for the hypocrites and hatemongers they are. Thanks for pushing all those straights on the fence into our camp. We will prevail!
28. Modern Pinchas !
Jew Jew   (07.01.05)
He & his ofspring will be given a reward from god
29. Tax paying straight person at the Parade
Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem   (07.01.05)
I was at the Parade and it was amazing. It was wonderful to see all of Jerusalems tax paying working, army serving, population come out and celebrate religious, cultural, sexual tolerance. Opposite were a few unproductive, non-tax paying, non-army serving bigots, whos best contribution to Jerusalem culture is to our Jails sex life. You be the judge of who you would prefer to march in your streets.
30. I was afraid there would not be a parade
Jerusalem Youngster2 ,   Jerusalem   (07.01.05)
I was afriad that there would not be a parade next year. Now I know that there will be a parade next year, a huge one. Be prepared! Thousands of GLBT will be coming to Israel. If there was any chance that it won't happen, now we are sure it will come to pass. We told you so. Intolerance just breeds more will for tolerance.
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