Soldier wounded in anti-fence riots
By Efrat Weiss
Published: 01.07.05, 20:13
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1. He should have shot them
Reservist ,   Israel   (07.01.05)
Stones have been the direct cause of 2deaths so far in the Arabs' latest (disasterous) war of attrition against us.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.01.05)
Weeks ago at the security fence, a precious IDF soldier had his eye destroyed by a hate-filled rock thrower. Arabs are allowed to repeatedly engage in hate-filled violent rock throwing at Jews at the Temple Mount. Throwing rocks - mocking Israel's G-D at Judaism's HOLIEST site. The site designated by G-D to the Jews for His WORSHIP AND PRAYER only, has been turned into a place of violence by the Muslims. There are NEVER any consequences for their violent behavior. How many more serious injuries??? When will Israel's leaders start to protect Jews?
3. Anti-fence riots
NYC Girl   (07.01.05)
While I'm certainly no right-winger, I have to say that I'm infuriated by the double standard that exists in the media. Why are the settlers labelled "far-right extremists" while the anti-fence rioters are "activists?" They're just as extreme and violent in their left-wing orientation as some of the settlers are at the other end of the spectrum.
4. Similar past incidents were started by IDF undercover agents
accessol ,   Spelthorne, England   (07.01.05)
As reported in Haaretz on 29th April and confirmed by 'Lieuenant Colonel Tzahi' there was a peaceful anti wall demo at the same place, Bilin, on 28/4/05. No one was throwing any stones , this according to all witnessess (the IDF claimed that there were already some) when 2 undercover Israeli soldiers dressed as Palestinians started throwing stones. There were many witnesses in the press and when one of the Palestinians asked the two agents who they were as no one knew them they 'came out' and arrested him. I have a photo of this arrest. The IDF then used the stone throwing as an excuse to start shooting tear gas, rubber bullets and normal bullets at the demonstrators. Thus unless Efrat Weiss actually witnessed today's events this report probably emanates from the army in which case I would not take it as evidence of what actually happened. The IDF reports are usually shown to be inaccurate when there are any independent witnessess around.
5. Good 1 #4 Seymour (aka accessol)
What a silly little plonker you are! Perhaps the magavniks should sit on their hands and let the demonstrators do what they want (just like you Brits did on Bloody Sunday). Has any single paratrooper been prosecuted for that crime (one of many mind you)? I think the answer to that question is a resouding NO. Three cheers for a-hole, sorry, accessol (seymour alexander) and his holier than thou t-shirt (with jam and tea stains on it)
6. cesspool is lying as usual
cliff from montreal ,   Canada   (07.02.05)
ah cesspool making up the lies as facts.typical of this creep!
7. # 2
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.03.05)
Linda your concern is appreciated, but tell me, how can we prevent the pals from throwing rocks & stones at us & our soldiers????
8. Answering Birdi
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.04.05)
The intent of rock-throwers is to maim and murder. Human life is precious! As soon as rock-throwers are spotted the proper means to stop their violent physical assaults must be taken such as water cannons, etc. Rock throwers should NEVER be allowed to get close enough where they can harm innocents. G-D designated the Temple Mount to Jews for His WORSHIP AND PRAYER ONLY. The Muslims have turned this HOLY place into a place of violence-Muslims have repeatedly engaged in violent, hate-filled rock throwing at Jews. Obviously, people who repeatedly engage in violence on the Temple Mount should not be allowed on the Temple Mount. Protecting citizens is the first priority of a government. In this respect, Israel completely fails its citizens.
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