Blair seeks new Mideast peace plan
By Reuters
Published: 02.07.05, 10:18
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1. Good luck Tony; trade sanctions is the way to go.
asccessol ,   Spelthorne, England   (07.02.05)
Ref : "Leaders of the Group of Eight nations should produce a new initiative next week .... " "Should" meaning in this context if Bush agrees, which depends a lot on what Condi had to tell him following her tour of the Middle East. And as any normal, sensitive human being would have difficulty in supporting Israel's continuing programme of expansion and entrenchment on the West Bank, there is just a chance that the G8 will be persuaded to start to exert a bit of real pressure on Israel. This could begin with the imposition of sanctions, such as the cancellation of the EU trade agreement with Israel. This agreement was supposed to be a reward for Israel's promises to ease its harsh treatment of the Palestinians in the occupied territories and to work towards a just peace agreement. Israel of course did nothing of the sort and thus is not entitled to continue to benefit from the trade agreement with the EU.
2. Change Blair.
alan ,   South Africa   (07.02.05)
Tony wants to change Europe... Change Africa , Change the Middle East. ... The UK electorate wants to change HIM ...In the General Election just held ,the Labour Candidates all reported that ,on the doorsteps, voters told them that they didnt want Tony. In fact their majority dropped by about 100 (I think) seats.... Accessol ,you dont sound like the type to support Mr Blair
3. Atmosphere of Hope
NYC Girl   (07.02.05)
"Blair said there was a new but fragile atmosphere of hope." He must be living in a parallel universe.
4. Arabs and Muslims, be aware!!
Ahmad Abouali ,   Nablus-West Bank   (07.02.05)
When Blair talks about "solving the Palestinian-Zionist conflict, and has an initiative in his sleeves" Muslims and Arabs must take this as a note of new massacres, invasions, or occuptations to come. When they (the duet: Bush & Blair) about to invade Afghanistan, Blair "launched" and "inititiative", and when they about to Invade Iraq, Balir did the same, and when he held a "consultative" conference on Palestine (i.e photo opp. conference) he support and co-hosted UN Security Council's resolution 1559!! now, what is coming our way??? I wonder, may God have mercy on those Arab/Muslims who are going to die due to this liers "intiatives"!!!!!!
5. Hey Ahmad
Gil ,   London   (07.02.05)
Let's hope its finally Syria's turn this time ;-)
6. If Israel Doesn't Counter the G8.......
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ,US   (07.02.05)
Blair should keep his trap shut because British history with Israel was always brutal and pro Arab. These G-8 "leaders" need to understand through a forceful Israeli initiative that their country is NOT for sale. This is EXACTLY why this current Israeli gov't needs to fall, and real Jewish nationalists need to emerge. Other than this plan of action the nation will be committing national suicide.
7. to asccessol
ozy ,   deep south   (07.02.05)
which btw, rhymes with a**hole, you must be in so much pain with your hatred and ignorance..... no pill could help that.... what you may consider just peace ,is simply the disappearence of the jewish entity... that's at least what the arabs want..... in your dreams!
8. MidEast "Peace"
Rick S. ,   L. A. CA USA   (07.03.05)
Tony Blair is so determined to destroy Israel. Why doesn't he take care of the problems that he has at home with radical Islam getting out of hand, anti-Semitism and desecrations of Jewish cemeteries?
9. to a-hole #1, excuse me, accessol
boomerang ,   upside-down   (07.03.05)
a-hole mate what a load of crud blair is in bushyboys back pocket and you know it. hes not going to do anything stupid. maybe if he kisses bushes tooches really nicely then he'll let him have a bit of a stab (pardon the pun). hes just a dog on a leash mate. good puppy, good puppy! roll on over now now!
10. Israeli government only understands decisive force
Sal Azam ,   Chicago, USA   (07.03.05)
If Blair or Bush can put severe sanctions that will choke off Israel economically. Otherwise nothing will change on the ground. Maale Adumim, Elkana and other places are mushrooming with settlements. No choice for Bush or Blair except severe economic sanctions.
11. to cesspool
cliff from montreal ,   Canada   (07.03.05)
you love to make up stories you and we see right through you.I have no idea why you do what you do, but you make your pitiful side look more and more hopeless..
12. For Rick 8
alan ,   South Africa   (07.03.05)
Its not just Radical Islam ,Rick!. .......About 48% of ordinary good UK Moslems dont even want their kids to go to Government Schools in the UK. They want "Faith Schools". However MOST say emphatically ,that they dont want their kids learning the usual UK curriculum. ... They tell the Government that they havnt come to the UK to share the UK culture. They say their culture is derived from Islam and they are not interested in anything else.... The UK Jews , since they were allowed to return by Cromwell back in 1650s beg the "Establishment " to be allowed to be a part. of British Society. They keep on sending in their applications to the " Club" and keep on being rejected. "NO YIDS WANTED HERE , OLD CHAP"... I dont think the British Jews are eating enough "tea and crumpets" .. To this day, every few nights, the locals , throw over the Tombstones in the Jewish Cemetaries... I believe a lot of assaults on Jews and other Jewhating activities are hushed up. I think that if for example a Jew is assaulted coming back from Synagogue, the crime is booked as "assault " not a racial incident...If a young Jewish lad is assaulted by a gang , it is booked as a "you cant prove who started it, young persons scuffle" ... Nothing is ever done about it. ...The Humanist Generous Planet Saving Leftists have united with the other Jewhaters to make even local British Jews life a misery.Its not just Israel they hate...
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.04.05)
The Jews were deported from European countries over 80 times. During the holocaust, America and Britain refused pleas to bomb he railroad tracks to Auschwitz. America and Britain refused pleas to bomb the crematoriums. America and the nations barred Jews from escaping into their countries. Britain barred Jews from escaping into Palestine. America, Britain, and the nations were complicit in the murder of six million Jews. israelnationalnews, Jan 10 2005 - Israel Radio's morning newsmagazine reported PA leader, Abbas, appeared before cheering crowds the night before and declared the "little jihad had ended, and now THE BIG JIHAD IS BEGINNING." The crowd responded, "A Million Shahids Marching to Jerusalem!" Colluding with Egypt, the Palestinian Authority have smuggled in anti-tank missiles and anti-aircraft shoulder-fired missiles that can take down commercial jets. The Road Map Islamic terror state reduces TINY Israel to a 9 mile wide border at its middle. The U.S. is even demanding little Israel is cut into pieces. Compacting Israel into the world's most over-crowded Jewish ghetto with uttlerly INDEFENSIBLE borders. Ensuring a second holocaust. They call this method of killing Jews the peace process. Hitler called it the final solution.
14. Arabs & Muslims.....
Rick S. ,   L.A. CA USA   (07.05.05)
Ahmad, you got it all wrong. It's YOUR people who blow up innocent people in buses, restaurants, night clubs and markets. It was YOUR people who murdred the Israeli Olymic athletes and it was YOUR people who caused the 9/11 tragedy.
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