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Should we bomb Iran?
By Alon Pinkas
Published: 04.07.05, 23:56
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1. Iran is an irrational state so VERY dangerous !
F-David ,   Israel   (07.05.05)
We have to act for the security of Israel right now ! We must do everything to stop iran' s nuclear capabilities !!! Iranians show us that they still believe in the global islamic revolution ''sauce'' Khomeiny. Have we to wait that those crazy people who support the Islamic Djihad, the Hamas, the Hezbollah and a part of the Fatah can obtain nuclear bomb ??? Israel bought special F-16 I multi-role fighter for what ??? To let them in the hangars ? The iranian people is incurable and are fanatics ! Stop Iran now !!!
2. yes
edward ,   las vegas   (07.05.05)
that would really help keep your people safe. great question
3. Bush can't serve Israel on this one
Jake ,   NJ   (07.05.05)
As much as Bush and his administration would like to invade Iran to make Israel feel more secure, it is very difficult for him and the media to pull this one on the American public. The American people don’t have the stomach for another war, on behalf of Israel, in the mideast and the threat to US security, WMD, democracy, freedom, way of life,… baloney will not do the trick this time.
4. Should we bomb Iran?
Mr. Bassir ,   Forida, USA   (07.05.05)
For your and your readers information, MODERN DAY IRANIANS do not hate ISRAEL and ISRAELIS. It is the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC and their cronies (the BASIJ, PASDARAN, ANSAR ISLAM and the TUGS who at a wink are ready to come to street and beat people up) who do.
5. The way of the srong...
Ahmad ,   Palestine   (07.05.05)
unfortunatlly this is the way of the strong as always, you are either with us or against us so if the strong said this is bad all the world should accept this claim. History proves that the strong will evantually get weak and everyone is remeberd for the actions he or she makes. We are all going to be judged by GOD so prepare for this day....
6. Iran can't use the bomb & the Iranian people are ok
daniel ,   amsterdam   (07.05.05)
Unfortunatly it's not a realistic option to nuke Israel because of the presence of all those Palestinians who will then also die. Moreover, Lebanon & Jordan will be contaminated with radiation. So you can forget about nuking Israel out of existance (yeah I know, life is tough). What Iran can do is step up their terror campaign. Once protected by a nuclear umbrella Iran will be free to commit any act of terror anywhere in the world without worrying about sanctions or military counterstrikes. Getting the bomb will give Iran freedom to operate and everybody will suffer as a consequence. However there is some hope. The Iranian people are sick and tired of the Ayatollah's and Mullah's. They want freedom, french fries and miniskirts. As Mr Bassir noted, they don't hate America or Israel. Read this interview with the grandson of Khomeini: http://www.vanityfair.com/commentary/content/articles/050627roco03 Now the question is if a people suffering under a ruthless dictatorship can free themselves. I'm not very optimistic about that. Then again Iranians have done it before and they know that under an Islamic dictatorship the future is very depressing.
7. Israel is not stupid that much
Ahmad Abouali ,   Nablus   (07.05.05)
We all know that israeli is stupid in it's aggressive policies, however, a deep reading into the regional politics, israel will not (the US will stop her too) attack for many considerations (including the logistical complications that writer mentioned) such as: 1- the USA and Iran (via Sistani and the various Shiite groups whom are in the governing seat in Baghdad) are in an alliance against the Baathist and Sunni groups, incl. Al Qaeda group. Any attack will collapse the alliance, and truly kick the Americans out, for sure. 2- An Attack will open the Zionist "paradise's" to hell via Hizbullah's 12,000 rockets, and attacks on major israeli towns, rendering hundreds dead and thousands others wounded. 3-Will destabalize the security of many American "funded" Arab states such as Jordan and Egypt. 4-it will strengthen the political hands of the "extermists" in the region. Finally, Israel had done many stupid mistakes that made her pay dearly, such as its attack on Lebanon in 1982, and replaced the Arafat lead PLO (that willing to make a deal) with Hizbullah who, in trun, gave the Israelis a good run for their crimes in Lebanon.
8. to the pro-genocide Daniel from Amsterdam
F-david ,   Israel   (07.05.05)
So you dare to write :''Unfortunatly it's not a realistic option to nuke Israel'' The Talmud writes '' Who bless Israel will be blessed and who curse Israel will be cursed'' Daniel i really think the second option is for you ! And u are also a stupid guy because only a small part of the iranian people is tired of the Mullah regime. The Iranians choose always the bad option because they are afraid about modernity and they hate women liberation. About the threat for Israel and the possible radiations on Arab countries...As i said Iran is an irrational country and i remember u bastard that Iranians are Persians and not Arabs (and there are a lot of conflct with Arabs for exemple about the Persian gulf ) and even if they support arab terrorist gangs they can ''betray'' them because if they are a nuclear power they will feel they are untouchable ! This sick gouvernment and its sick people really believe ,in their majority, in their horrible ideology ! This is a threath also for Europe because Iranians have intercontinental missiles (Shihab class) that can reach Europe and the Iranian regime has already used terror in Europe against Kurds leaders and also against the French about a financial issue for Nuclear ! So start to to think Daniel (if it is ur name) and go to Hell !
9. To F-David
Libyan Guy ,   Italy   (07.05.05)
I believe that the behavior of Israel in the middle east is the reason for which some countries want to have the nuke, Libya who denounced its program of WMD, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iran, as we don’t understand why Israel can have these weapons and not others ? why Israel is not subject to international monitors and inspections like many other countries ? Israel is no special case or I’m mistaken ??? I think that Israel enjoys much and needs to be controlled more for its WMD program, specially these days when its ministers are threatened by crazy fanatics, that one day might come to push the buttons and blow up all the whole region !!! or you yet believe that Israeli such a democratic country ???
10. Democracy and nuclear Power
Sylvain ,   Tel, Aviv   (07.05.05)
The key issue with Iran is not so much as should we bomb Iran or Not.. Of course Israel 's protection is my first concern and in this respect, unconditionally, Nuclear Iranian installations should be disabled , from the air or from within...However, the problem is far bigger that that.. Any country who is not a real democracy is NOT ready and should NOT be authorized by the international community to have anything else than a limited army. May be Iran should not be bombed but its government removed and the nuclear installation indeed disabled. ANY country who is ready to go to war for hatred of a race, a religious belief, or in the Name of " god " should be definately considered as a traitor to the international communitiy. Politicians don't have the guts to use the right words. As for Israel, I believe there are not so many countries in the world who have been under constant attack from the date they were born.. Israel would NEVER use nuke power, and we know that... however we are not sure that countries like Iran, former Irak and all similar dictatorship in this area would not use their nuclear arsenal... This should be enough to differentiate the two perspectives...
11. Is Israel so stupid ?
sylvain   (07.05.05)
In reply to the writer from Nablus about the 12.000 rockets.... remember my friend the old saying... The wise does not talk about his Power...he simply uses it .... Instead of promoting hatred, the people of " palestine" should have cleaned up their own country long ago, and kicked out the bunch of corrupt people who has been living on expenses instead of educating and feeding you... Remember my friend that the earth in Palestine is the same as the one in Israel : you can grow a lot of things... but you need courage and determination to do something positive. It looks so far as the only determination known by the palestinian people is to build up plans to eradicate de Jews...
12. Sylvia, Syliva, Sylvia!!!
Ahmad Abouali ,   Nablus   (07.05.05)
Sometimes using power can be devistating to the "wise" you proposing. Israel, since its erection, been talking and using its power and (indeed) killing and hurting millions of Arabs, however the end result is more hatred and violence. In 1982 israel attacked Lebanon to get rid of the PLO, instead, it created Hizbullah who managed to chase the IDF to the borders and beyond, and are, indeed, the terror counter to the Israeli terror. Indeed, I thank Sharon for that (lol) How can we clean our country and the master of corruption is stilling everywhere, the Occupaiton and the colonies? how can I get rid of the corrupt poeple while the same people were brought to us by the occupation? you want us to grow food? well, give us back our land that you stole from us by force, only then we can grow beautiful things like those of California. One more thing: if you want us to clean and grow things, then get the hell out off our homeland, and let us be FREE.
13. Double standards
Ahmad ,   Palestine   (07.05.05)
Why should Israel own nuclear weapons while other nations can't, what qaurantees that Israel won't nuke any surronding country. Keeping the shameful history of Israel in mind it is very possible???
14. Ahmad # 12
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.05.05)
You dont need "us" to leave your "land" so that you can cultivate your land to grow produce. "where there is a will,there is a way"
15. One World, Under G-d, With Liberty ...
Jay ,   Las Vegas, U.S.A.   (07.06.05)
The only way that a harmonious future may occur is through the implementation of a world-wide union of nations. Although it has been evident since the earliest development of nuclear weaponry, it is now undeniably clear that Nationalism, in a nuclear age,is incompatible with human survival.
16. Should we bomb Iran
Cadavre   (07.06.05)
One more question needs to be asked. What will happen if we bomb Iran. Short story would be near a half billion rightfully angered muslims will give their lives and completely anialate Israel as we know it. The US army in Iraq - annialated. Look at what the Iraqi resistance is doing to the most powerful army on the planet - skinny. shoeless, thirsty Iraqis have the US amry hiding in the green zone and in the airport, Iraq is already lost. Time to fold . Israel cannot retailate with nukes unless she wants to live in a radiation cloud. The oild cannot be nuked for obvious reasons. Talkin about Iran is a waste of time. Now is the time to ask all parties in Iraq how the US should accomplish withdrawal. We will have to provide safe haven for the "puppets" (they were living in the US before this anyway. The US will have to pay reapritions and clean the residue of war including DU mines. The US will have to rebuild Iraq. All US companies will have to leave. Attack Iran - and it's all over. Time to fold. To for common sense.
17. Birdie - there are no monsters under the bed.
Cadaver   (07.06.05)
Where is your Jewish common sense. The Jews in Israel are not the same ethnicity as the Jews of David's time. The Rabbi Jesus looked more like Sadat. And Moses probably looked like Hali Slasssi and not Charlton Heston. Jews are not a race - Tom Lantos of California looks nothing like Sami Davis Jr. The problem is that notions of dominion through providence - like the supremacy of being chosen or the land of David belonging to a possible child of a convert that learned Hebrew does not give you claim. It is a mythology. All we own is our little bit of time - everything else belongs to the big bang. No monsters under bed and any notion of a dominion providence is mthology - like virgin birth and rsing from the dead - stories for fearful children - we are adults now and should set those notions aside.
18. STOP THE ZIONISTS !!!!!!!!
James ,   US   (07.06.05)
David why don't you get all your fellow countrymen together and go fight them yourselves instead of force feeding your rhetoric to the world. The GOD of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Yeshua is about to answer you and your 'nation' and I don't believe you are going to be able to pracice your deception much longer.
19. Not as bad as you think
ME ,   Tampa USA   (07.06.05)
I work with Iranians everyday. It's not their people that you want to attack. The Iranian people are ready for a revolution to ban the government. Just a matter of time. It's the government that hates Israelis and Americans. I studied in Iran and there were several Jews and Muslims I went to school and had no problem. We need to learn the difference between want the government wants, and what the people want. Surely as Americans we would be FULLY aware of that situation.
20. To david
Jern ,   VA USA   (07.06.05)
Fight your own wars. You speak of fanatics yet you are one yourself. You resort to shouting and cursing to resolve arguements. when it comes down to it, isreal is nothing but a state run by power hungry men who use relgion and propoganda to justify their actions. And being a democrazy is not as good as you might think. What ever the reasons those that rule are rich. We're a republic not a true democracy where all have say.
21. To F-David
Some person ,   Somewhere   (07.06.05)
Only fools and despots would have the gall and enmity to judge an entire nation of people, and portray them as some disease upon the earth It's not so much a nation's people that create a problem, but it's government.. No government can ever truly represent its people. But I agree that Israel's government is a danger to the world. I'd love nothing more than to see Ariel Sharon and his lackies punished for their crimes. The state of Israel dissolved, and all that land returned to the Palestinians. Nothing can atone for what the Israeli government has done to those people.
22. how about EVERYONE in the middle east give up the nuclear op
laywinder ,   pa. u.s.a.   (07.06.05)
I find it rather ironic that the only country that HAS nuclear weapons, is crying about one that wants them. Maybe if you folks wern't so kill happy, there could actually be peace in that corner of the world. Tell ya what! Why don't you give up your nukes, and start letting in U.N. inspectors, and then maybe Iran wont feel so threatened!
23. Should we BOMB IRAN!
Greenton ,   London>England   (07.07.05)
Firstly,it is Israel that in breach of several UN resolutions! secondly,which FREE world do you mean? Israel was created by christain churches using jews as frontage! When the time comes these anglo-saxon/europeans will DITCH YOU with second thought!
24. bomb iran?
hp ,   texas, usa   (07.17.05)
Why does everyone feel it is as simple as bomb iran? Have you all ever heard of the S-300 or ss-n-26 missiles? No longer do we simply bomb allies of russia off hand. The iranis can and will shoot down an unacceptable number of aircraft. Including so-called stealth and awacs.
25. bombing iran
irani ,   iran   (05.25.06)
No one can bomb iran, we will have the bomb, if we don't already, sorry folks, but US and ISRAEL no longer enjoy their aggressive monopoly, the table has started to turn, .......
26. IRAN
Pat ,   Houston , USA   (07.09.08)
Yes bomb the dumb bastards ,,,,the world would be a better for it.....And yes we will bomb them ..We are the US of A and want have Iran taunting us 0r any one else.....We have balls unlike other countrys especially Iran cowards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How about that rag head...........
27. You're all nutters...
Jimmy Tulip ,   UK   (09.25.09)
Bomb Iran for what? I guess we're still recovering from all the damage the Iraqis did with their vast amounts of weapons of mass destruction...oh yeah, they didn't have any, US intelligence LIED, and dragged a bunch of innocent soldiers so that they can be wiped out by pissed off militants...All so Bush and his cronies can make a profit selling weapons, supplies etc. to the US Military (Haliburton, Blackwater etc.)
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