Students nabbed, al-Qaeda chiefs hunted
By Guy Benyovits
Published: 09.07.05, 23:27
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1. Criminal attack
Chrisona ,   Chicago.IL   (07.09.05)
A concerted international police effort will eventually shut down these criminal attacks. The biggest challenge is persuading all governments to cooperate fully. However, political statements scapegoating Israel, as it continues to struggle with terrorism, are unjust and counterproductive.
2. The real culprits will not be apprehendid
Sal Azam ,   Chicago, USA   (07.09.05)
Only some escape goats and the government in UK knows how to fabricate evidence and to blame someone for something that they never did. Sorry Mr. Blair but this is the reality until you do the investigation with patience and not by pressuring the security agenices.
3. What ?! Arabs did that ?!!
Frank ,   Belgium   (07.09.05)
what a surprise ! .........................
4. to # 2
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.09.05)
Sal you seem to know who "did it" so why dont you tell Scotland Yard,( the British Police)
alan ,   south africa   (07.09.05)
I see on TV ,that the whole of London and UK has been just focusing on the Terror attacks... All sorts of debates and all sorts of analysis round the clock!... The Brits cant believe that these criminal terrorist types who have been often given Benefit Payments and in some cases even Immunity from being sent back to face the music in other countries where they have already commited terror crimes, could do such a thing... The terrorists must be happy that they caused such disarray.... UK has 60 Million population... Israel only 6 Million.... So far in this Intifada Israel lost about 1000 people. In UK so far about 50-75. In Israel by now the wreckages would be removed and the life would continue... The Terrorists would not have the satisfaction to see that they caused such a turmoil... Such a UK response as what we are seeing on TV and in UK newspapers can only encourage more terror in the UK...... That Mr Blair is now even suggesting........that the Palestine/Israel conflict is a factor is most ill advised and even mischievous.It could even encourage more terror in UK. ..Not a wise response at all Maybe he has had too much work this week to consider his responses properly.
6. Palestinians Paid Off
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.10.05)
The 3 billion is a bribe to pay off the Palestinians. This style attack, barbaric murder and mayhem was invented by the Palestinians ,perfected by them and exported by them to all corners of the globe. So what does Tony Baloney and the G idiots do ? Pay off the Pal's for a job well done !,
7. Don't blame the Israelis for this.
MED ,   USA   (07.10.05)
Israeli-Palestinian conflict aside, it is always the Palestinian Arabs that are involved in suicide attacks. We don't hear any Israeli strapping a bomb belt and blowing up anything. UK needs to blame itself for its liberal policies where Islamists are concerned. Why couldn't they deport the culprits to the nations that demanded their extradition? How about the four Guantanamo Bay terrorists that were released on request from Britain, just to be set free into their own society?
8. sal can't know
cliff from montreal ,   Canada   (07.10.05)
sal is on his meds and cannot distinguish between reality and his fantasy of Jew hate..
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