Blair: Middle East conflict to blame
By Associated Press
Published: 09.07.05, 20:56
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1. Blair the super idiot !
Yair ,   Israel   (07.09.05)
Poverty is the root of terrorism ? So why black african people are not the worst terrorists ? And about the regional conflict...who asks the stupid Blair to go in Irak ?
2. Idiot!!!!
MARK ,   WOBURN USA   (07.09.05)
blair supports the Arabs and gives money to the TERRORISTS (aid to the Palestinians) He is responsible for this and has no right to blame ISRAEL. his country is in Iraq and he is accountable and responsible for this. do not blame the Jews
alan ,   South Africa   (07.09.05)
Tony Blair says terrorisms underlying causes are (1) "deprivation"..SOLUTION.. just give 3 Billion dollars and even more later on . Also allow the leaders to keep the other billions they have already stolen. eg The Arafat Billions ..(2)"lack of Democracy"... SOLUTION.. have so -called elections in which the usual suspects win anyway, as the candidate list is tightly controled by them... (3) solve"the ongoing conflict in the Middle East ie the Israel problem"... SOLUTION...Get the Fascisto-terrorists approbation by politely asking Israel to close itself down, by first doing the "side by side " then the "right inside" now making one happy big state from the river to the sea.... Voila , problem solved. ............ Now that this has been done, deal with every other demand of the fascisto- terrorists from Morocco to Philipines, And by the way, approving their demands in Europe itself.After all, there are 15 or more Million new settlers there already (not counting Tonys missing 500,000 illegals in the UK.) .. The British never learn... the appeasements of the 30s only led to more demands and ultimately World War 2. Did handing over Czechoslovakia or agreeing to the demands of the Fascists of the 30s help?. Even in those days it started with stories about Fascists (like today ) and Jews (like today) and territorial demands (like today) and sadly ended with London bombed (also like today). You see,Tony Blair, terror is always there, often only the perpetrators change ! Giving in wont help..the greedy hand always grasps.
4. it is about time, Mr. Blair!?
Ahmad S. Abouali ,   Nablus, Falasteen   (07.09.05)
Midleastern conflict?you bet your socks it is Tony boy! is it poverty and deprivation? really, you just realized that Mr. Blair? is it those tirants you & uncle Sam installed and kept on the chest of the Arab and Muslim peoples? you are so late and so stupid to realize that after 80 years!! the 20000 dollars question: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT MR. BLAIR???????????????
5. Yair, the super idiot, too!
Ahmad S. Abouali ,   Nablus, Falsteen   (07.09.05)
the regional conflict meant the unjust robbery of Falsteen by the British, and giving it to the Zionists coming from Europe, the atrocities that Israel is comiting against the Arabs with total European blind eyes and deafness. As long as there is Palestinian refugees and land occupied by Zionists, there will alwys be terror and counter terror. mark my word.
6. When everything else fails, blame Israel
Tiferet ,   Dublin, Ireland   (07.09.05)
Could Mr Blair explain us who is to blame for Lockerbie, the first World Trade Center bombing, the Luxor massacre of turists, 9/11, the bombings in Madrid, Baghdad, Bali, Istanbul, Casablanca and so on and so on.
zeev ,   geneva   (07.09.05)
I suppose that Israel and all the countries of the world forgot the famous sentence of Isaiah: PEACE WILL BE THE FRUIT OF JUSTICE (Isaiah 32:17). If you apply this sentence, you are sure to reduce 90% of terrorism acts in Israel and the other countries. What does it mean justice for Israel: - annex West Bank and Gaza - create on demcoratic state with equal rights for all including the right of the settlers and of the refugees to live wherever they like. But I am sure that a small minority of zionists, if any, would agree to read again and again the famous sentence of Isaiah. They prefer reading their zionist ideology.
8. Blair Is Delusional To Put It Mildly
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ,US   (07.09.05)
Blair is incredibly deaf, dumb and blind. After ALL the events of the past (that are ALL traced back to radical Islamic fundamentalim), he has to be demented and deluded to insist that ANYTHING else, other than their desire to bomb us all back to the 6th century, is the problem. These jihadists are laughing their butts off because they think westerners are convinced that money is the answer to everything. Stop thinking like a westerner and start thinking like a radical Muslim. it ain't a pretty mindset to get into, but knowing thy enemy is the first step to eradicating him/her. Has he not been listening to them?? Has he not realized that MANY ! of these terrorists are from educated and middle class and even wealthy families? Is Osama a poverty case? Is his right hand man, the surgeon, povery stricken? Earth to Tony - the Koran COMMANDS its followers to jihad, and to KILL the infidels, whether they are Jews or Christians. Read the Koran and get a grip Tony. Otherwise if you don't know the enemies plans, you can't fight a bogeyman. In case you haven't noticed, appeasement and understanding their GRIEVANCES will get us all killed! It ain't PC to say this but it is the truth. There are many Muslims just as appalled by all this terror as we are. However, too few able willing to stand up to them.
9. Ahmad S. Abouali your typical stupid arab
Yair ,   Israel   (07.09.05)
hey Ahmad ur arab progaganda make us tired. The Arabs started to invade with their armies Eretz Israel in 634 ! U bastards are coming from Arabia ! So shut up ur big mouth ! Palestinians are a invention of the XXth century !
10. FOR 5
alan ,   South Africa   (07.09.05)
Ahmad s Abouali ... You are only a little bit right ....Israel was, as you say, for some " Zionists" coming from Europe BUT it was also for the Jews kicked out of the Arab Countries (same number as Palestinian refugees.,I think) and, dont forget, those there already. ...The Arabs under King Abdullah father of Late King Hussein were given Transjordan(a nice very big juicy piece).Which by the way Arafat tried to steal in Black September 1970.... UN resolutions in 47/8, which you like so much ,gave the Arabs even more between the River and the Sea. But, foolishly they didnt accept that. They thought they could get the lot ,. by fighting...RESULT : NAKHBA. (If you repeat a lie often enough you start to believe it.)
11. Blair Blames Israel
John Levy ,   USA   (07.09.05)
As usual the British Blames Israel. As with Chamberlain in 1938 Blair seeks to blame and sacrifice the Jewish people for the ills of the world.
12. Wow, what a surprise, like blaming Jews ain't a european
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.09.05)
Tony Blair owes an apology to all of the poor people in this world who are struggling to survive - people who would NEVER dream of hurting another human being - who would NEVER dream of murdering innocents. Jan 29 2005, 'Report: Saudis spread hate through U.S. mosques' "89-page report by Freedom House. Saudi Publications on Hate Ideology Fill American Mosques. Saudi government propaganda reflects a TOTALITARIAN IDEOLOGY OF HATRED THAT CAN INCITE TO VIOLENCE. It is being mainstreamed within our borders through the efforts of a foreign government, namely Saudi Arabia. Various Saudi government publications assert IT IS A RELIGIOUS OBLIGATION FOR MUSLIMS TO HATE CHRISTIANS AND JEWS. The documents stress when Muslims are in the lands of the unbelievers, they must BEHAVE AS IF ON A MISSION BEHIND ENEMY LINES. Either there to acquire new knowledge and make money to be later EMPLOYED IN THE JIHAD AGAINST THE INFIDELS." June 11 2005, 'Nigeria's war on Christians' 'ISLAMIC LAW BRINGS DEATH, SUFFERING TO NON-MUSLIMS' "More than 10,000 Christians have been killed since 1999, the year Islamic Sharia law was introduced in Nigeria. Nearly 1,000 homes and churches have been burned down by Muslim radicals - with a wink and a nod from A GOVERNMENT THAT DOESN'T RECOGNIZE THE RIGHTS OF NON-MUSLIMS." Sudan's jihad has left over two million Christians dead, including Animists. Hundreds of thousands of Christians have been taken for slaves by Sudan's Muslims. The Palestinian Authority TEACH THE MURDER OF JEWS AS A RELIGIOUS OBLIGATION through their mosques, media and public education system. Broadcast from Gaza mosque, Oct 13 2000, Dr. Ahmad Abu Halabiya, on Palestinian Authority TV (transcribed by Memri): "Have no mercy on the Jews, no matter where they are, in any country. Fight them, wherever you are. Wherever you meet them, kill them. Wherever you are, kill those Jews and those Americans who are like them..." PA leader, Abbas was Arafat's partner for over 40 years. The peace process was explained by Arafat on Jordanian TV shortly after Oslo. The PLO strategy adopted in 1974: "Since we cannot defeat Israel in war, we do this in stages. We take any and every territory we can of Palestine, and establish sovereignty there, and we use it as a springboard to take more. WHEN THE TIME COMES, WE CAN GET THE ARAB NATIONS TO JOIN US FOR THE FINAL BLOW AGAINST ISRAEL." Colluding with Egypt, the Palestinian Authority have smuggled in anti-tank missiles and anti-aircraft shoulder-fired missiles that can bring down commercial jets. The Road Map Islamic terror state will reduce TINY over-crowded Israel to a 9 mile wide border at its middle - A COMPLETELY INDEFENSIBLE ISRAEL. They call this method of killing Jews the peace process. Hitler called it the final solution.
14. Ahmad
mike ,   usa   (07.09.05)
you said: "As long as there is Palestinian refugees and land occupied by Zionists, there will alwys be terror and counter terror. mark my word." are you talking about gaza and the west bank? or do you also mean tel aviv, haifa, beer sheva, jaffa, etc?
15. Blair is pathetic, the terrorists' best friend
t.l. ,   Israel   (07.09.05)
Ahmed mark my word we the Israelis are the ones who decide whether you see another day or not. We can end you in less than an hour if we really want to. So quit making empty threats. You "Palestinians" are capable of nothing except slaughter civilians, including your own. I know a "Palestinian" in Toronto who owns a grocery store. He's a proud chap with your typical "free Palestine" attitude and yet 99% of the items he sells in the store are Israeli, not "Palestinian". Strange is it not? As for Tony Blair once again he proves to the world the kind of f*cking idiot he really is. The Brits' naive attitude towards Arabs and Islamists and Britain's laughable security apparatus is what allowed this attack to take place. As Yair said, if poverty was really the case for terrorism, Africans would be the world's biggest terrorists today. Ironically it is the more richer countries in the world, the Gulf states, who are funding and perpetrating terrorism and not the Africans. You want to get to the root cause of the problem, Mr. Blair? Close the gates to all the people you let in from 3rd world countries in the Middle East and Africa, close down terrorist front organizations like the Muslim Association of Britain, install police to monitor the sermons in every mosque in the UK (I wouldn't be surprised if the attacks on London were inspired by one of these sermons), and hire some Israelis who actually understand and know how to fight terrorism and not make excuses for it.
16. Translation of Ahmad
Unless we get everything we want, we'll continue to kill and blackmail everyone.
17. Blame the Jews?
Chrisona ,   Chicago.IL   (07.09.05)
Could Blair be hinting that the continuing Palestinian-Israeli conflict caused the London terror attack? If so, he's got it bass-ackwards, completely.
18. to ahmad!
ozy ,   the deep south   (07.09.05)
where's /what's"falasteen"??? never heard of it ,nor could i find it on any map....... arab and moslem terrorism had been around for more then 100 years... you arabs just don't get it---- you're asking what's not yours ,and claim victimhood until the world begins to pitty you or get tried of you. my answer to you is simple- do you want the settle the refugees? great ,the g8 will finance thier relocation anywhere in the arab world ,just not in israel. do you want land" no problem ,the g8 will finance it for you as well ,but not in israel. in 50 years there won't be a"palestinian problem"-- there won't be any palestinians left...
19. To the Pro Israeli and Jew defenders
Come on. Stop being in denial. The root of the conflict anger that inspires the horrid act of terrorism IS THE conflict in the ME. Part of it is that Sharon committed attrocities in Lebanon, and the occupation of Palestine. Yes, the mentality of those who commit terroriism is tragic, but remember the King David hotel ? by jewish terrorist? they had an agenda too.
20. I knew it. Sooner or later they will blame Jews
Paul ,   USA   (07.09.05)
It has always been the case. They blame Jews for everything. Sooner of later they will blame the Jews for the global warming. Anti-Semitism runs very deep in their arterires.
21. Blair is right but correct action is required
Sal Azam ,   Chicago, USA   (07.09.05)
The root cause of international terrorism is the occupation of the Palestinian land by Israel to Pre June 6th 1967 borders. This brutality is going for more then 3 decades and the inaction and inability of the western countries especially United States and Europe has resulted in the creation of terrorism. Bush instead of resolving this issue attacked a country which had no connection to the 9/11 attacks that is country thus creating a similar situation like that of the occupied Palestine though they dont admit it. The White House is known as the occupied territories under the tight control of Pro Israeli elements, President has no control over senate or congress. Foreign policy is in the hands of the hijackers. The solution to the problem is that Bush has to admit his mistake on Iraq, dismantle the pro Israeli illegitimate government of Iraq and pressure Sharon decisively to pull back Pre June 6th 1967 borders and follow the road map. Bush is surrounded by people who are only impressed by decisive force and till it does not happen they will try to persuade him to stick to his guns and not to change his policies. Till the roof collapses on Bushs head Bush should not change is the mantra. So sitting like a dummy in the White House waiting for another attack on United States. The solution is in the problem. Ending Iraqi occupation and Israeli occupation. Or get beaten. The good thing is at least Tony Blair is admitting his mistakes and is realizing the root of the problem while Bush is busy in launching failed operations in Iraq till he is attacked in United States.
Sorry he had to learn the hard way. that the Jews have got to stop abusing Palestinians. Because the conflict will meet you at home. Like a cancerous disease spreading, and the core is the Jews mistreating, stealing land and getting so much WELFARE.
23. Yes, 21
jews are no more important then anyone- we have to treat them like everyone and not be intimidated by their anti-semtism harrassment charges and their suing people. ARABS are equals as we all are. Only Jews dont seem to think so and they pulled all of us people into their mess.
24. To 19
Really? This is all because the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Is Morroco's occupation/ land theft (and lets not forget building of a wall) of the western sahara/ spanish sahara because of Israel? Is the conflict in Algeria that has killed close to 100,000 all because of Israel? Was the Libyan invasion of Chad because of Israel? Was the Egyptian conflicts with Sudan and Libya because of Israel? Is the barrier that Saudi arabia is building around yemen because Israel? But hey the 'palestinians't got to be included aswell. Your stating that anger over the treatment of 'palestinians'. So please explain me why their isn't any anger over when Kuwait threw out it's 'palestinian' population? And lets not forget how 'well' they treated them in the first place. Or about horrid treatment in the camps throughout the arab world? Why is the mass discrimination throughout the entire arab world acceptable? This causes no anger? Not being allowed even resident alien status. Not even allowed certain jobs? Forced into camps? (yea, try to pin that one on Israel, you can't cause Israel didn't put them in their) Then you try to play the game of Sabra and Sheitila. Guess what? Quit it. It's a garbage example. Why don't you also mention the atrocities of damour, chekka, and many more. The fact that this horrid act by the phalangists was revenge for the previous acts of what arafat has thrown upon lebanon. And lets look at the king david hotel. It was the center of military operations for the british army. If thats terrorism then so is all the attacks that the terror groups do on the IDF. At least the irgun had the dencency to make a phone call. The fact is that this conflict has more to do with the arab nations acting like babies and resorting to terrorism because they simply do not get what they want. Where were the arab and muslim nations when the muslims were being slaughtered in the balkans? Ahh yes counting bills from oil profits while US forces went in and saved those populations. Why is their no rage over this? Why is their never a fatwa here? Why is it ignord?
25. Blair the New Chamberlain
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (07.09.05)
Well done Prime Minister Blair! 3 Billion Bucks of the taxpayer's money and you have appeased the Arabs and blamed the Jews for the iniquities of the world. The only real thing that you have achieved is turning our sympathy to anger and even outrage. The UK and the G8 have followed Spain in bowing down to the Arabs just as Neville Chamberlain with Hitler. The only difference is that the Arabs will not be able to murder 6 million Jews. Israel, not the USA, not the EU not anyone else, will see to that. If poverty is the root of terror then why were the horrific terror attacks, 9/11, Bali, Madrid, Moscow and Beslan, not carried out by Africans dying of starvation, HIV-Aids and general cruelty and depravation? The Palestinians are beneficiaries of the 2005 "Munich Agreement" at Gleneagles of US$3 billion and they will squander it and give it to Hamas, Jihad and the like to be used to fund the murder of Israelis and some might even fall into the hands of Osama bin Laden. If they are indeed suffering under the yoke of poverty, why don't the pot-bellied Arab Sheiks help them? They have vast resources extorted from the rest of the world in the purchase of oil. Once again, Britain has proved itself no friend to Israel and has stabbed Israel in the back.
26. to Alan SA
The greedy hand always grasps? thats rich coming from you, the Israeli defender- the HIGHEST recipient of US foreign aid and the land of the people that KEEP ON SUING for the 'holocaust' though WE all sufferred... the money pit of immigrants that keep on asking for more $$$ from the USA. Perhaps you are the GREEDY hand and you were talking about yourself??? or are you so racist, you want to see the ARAbs get strangled out- on poverty alone? like South Africa did to its blacks.
27. jupppiii
i am just laughing .... well done Mr. Blair , late but never too late
28. alan 10
Emad ,   Egypt - Switzerland   (07.09.05)
what you are trying to tell us ? there is no stolen land from the Palistinians ? there is no occupation ? Israel is not a rasict state ? ... i don't understand you how you see the future of the Palistinians ? or those has no right to have future ? you think because the old zionist could buy El Sharif Husain which you didn't know his name it means the arabs has to pay for this the rest of their life ? how you are thinkig and who washed your brain .. your parents in law ? Justice will be soon or later you want or not and .... the history say this no body has the right to occuay some one els ... the one who stay behind and support those who occupy the others is a rasict ... are you ? if yes so no wounder (south Africa) and if no why you support them so strong ? or you have a double faces or what ? the support for the Jews and for Israel is going down and down ... their political account is allmost empty ... now take it or leave it ... i will not comment on your posts any more ... so up to you .... smile
29. poverty?
Dahvid ,   hell   (07.09.05)
It has been established that many terrorists come from very rich famlies or are highly educated. It seems like either Blair is being blackmailed, or has some economic interests in perpetuating the conflict, is using doublespeakto hidehis true intentions, or is just an obtuse imbecile. Israel receives aid, but in return gives back to civilization just look at all the nobel prizes, inventions, etc. Israel is being forced to accept aid...the USA doesn't give money for without a reason, there is something in it for the USA.
30. to 28
"what you are trying to tell us ? " Your a terror supporter "there is no stolen land from the Palistinians ?" Yes because this territory was originally promised to the Jews. The fact was that the already partitioned territory of the mandate was over 70% owned by the british. When they gave up the mandate it goes by default to the ones it was promised to originally. And lets not forget article 24 of the 'palestinian' national charter "there is no occupation ?" Yes of Jewish land "Israel is not a rasict state ?" THis is just a short list of arabs who are serving (or have served) in Israel's parlament. Now please name all the non-arabs and non-muslims who have served in arab gov't Also please explain why it's ok for arabs to live everywhere in the mideast yet not jews? Why is the inherently racists ideals of Pan-arabism so acceptable? One PURE race. " ... i don't understand you how you see the future of the Palistinians ? or those has no right to have future ?" I should be asking the same exact questions.
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