'Blair's a hypocrite'
By Diana Bahur-Nir
Published: 10.07.05, 08:46
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1. understatement
israeli   (07.10.05)
worse then a simple hypocrite but supporters and harbinger of terrorists. That 3 bill. to the cause is proof enough. Now hear this, do you think we will ever hear who those that actually committed the suicide bombings are? What if they end up to be mostly British arab citizens do you think for a moment that will ever be publicised? I doubt it. Same old same old, easier to go and blame the Jews for everything, not your own policy of appeasement and pandering to terrorists let alone give 'sanctuary' for those fleeing even the egyptian justice system. You grew your fruits in your own backyard now reap the harvest.
2. Finally Israel Fights back
Joe Levy ,   USA   (07.10.05)
Well It's about time israel started to fight back against European and World leaders who preach anti Israeli and anti Jewish speech. I was begininng to think some Israeli leaders were working for the Europeans and the US rather than for israel by their endless concessions.
3. Europe and Israel
Raykie ,   Israel   (07.10.05)
Europe has always taken a parental attitude to Israel, helping, criticising, teaching, abandoning when we need them. The thing that they could never do was allow us to grow up. Our situation now is a result of successive governments trying to please varying demands made on us and a constant glare of publicity since the inception of the country. Since long before the intifadas and Sharon all middle Eastern reporters have always gathered in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv since they have always been the most multi cultural cities and the most open to entertaining the reporters, so naturally whatever goes on here has been reported back as the only news in the middle east. At the same time we are the most criticised country in the world and the most publicised country. We are not the only country with disputed territory or refugee problems but if you ask the man in the street in England or anywhere in the continent he will not be able to mention any others, I am sure. As someone mentioned in Crossfire, on CNN, news from Israel is the sexiest in the world (I prefer to get my sex more directly and not from news but that is my own peculiarity.) Raykie
4. Before Israel, US & UK had no problems with Arabs & Moslems
Roger ,   Harlem, NY   (07.10.05)
Even during British mandate in Palestine, Palestinians revolted against British troops only after British intentions became crystal clear that Britain was determined to create a Jewish state in Palestine.
5. Blair the anti-semitic tradition and Sharon the coward
Yair ,   Israel   (07.10.05)
We see again that Jews are to blame for everything as usual in the sick Mind of the Europeans and what a shame that the old and tired Sharon doesn' t answer to the British attack. It is true that it's easier to jail jewish teenagers who are against the pullout....
6. Winston Churchill Said It Best
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (07.10.05)
"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last."
7. Not a Surprise
Joe ,   USA   (07.10.05)
You knew they would blame the Jews. It's not the Jews fault that England has been overrun by Arabs. They got what they deserved.
8. Nobody lhas the right to speak about justice !?
zeev ,   geneva, switzerland   (07.10.05)
The reaction of the Isreali diplomats is not a surprise. Whoever speaks about justice in relation with the Middle-East is considered anti-semitic. anti-israeli, anti-jewish..... Now Blair is experiencing this paranoiac zionist attitude. Dear Jewish brothers, wake up, liberate yourselves from the zionist yoke. don't remain slaves of this ideolgy which destroyed our moral values. If you like to struggle against terrorism, the best way is to promote justice. The best way to reach peace, is to promite justice. PEACE WILL BE THE FRUIT OF JUSTICE (Isaiah 32:17.
9. To the idiot Roger from Harlem
Dan ,   Belgium   (07.10.05)
Think again before to talk sick man. Just an exemple : Bin Laden himself was an ally of USA against the Soviets in Afghanistan...It was at the end of the 70's and until the 80's. So Israel did exist already and Bin Laden worked with the CIA....stupid !
10. to #8
well done Zeev words of wisdom.
11. To poor Zeev
Yair ,   Israel   (07.10.05)
what a beautiful speech (ironic) but u are not our brother anymore because u choose the side of our ennemies. U are the friend of Amalec. I think u don' t understand the situation here...u live in Geneva...not too hard ur life overthere ?
12. Anti-semitism
Sarah ,   Israel   (07.10.05)
Wow! this is new, Europeans blaming the jews for their problems. Heard it before.
13. Justice
Peace loving Moslem ,   US   (07.10.05)
I am so sorry for all victum of terror where ever they are but the truth is what Mr Blair has said, the Middle East conflict..I mean the Israelis actions against Palestinian is the real cause whether you like it or not.. and it is nothing to do with is the Israeli government sponsored terror against Palestinians people, their homes, land, trees, every thing..Please wake up and take a serious look and you will see the reality which Mr Blair and many leaders have seen and known for years..Only then terror will be minimized.
14. He's not hypocrite
Gutman ,   Beersheva   (07.10.05)
When our "diplomat" says: "They really believe we are responsible for all[sic] their problems" he can't go on and say it's hypocrisy, because they believe it, they are not pretending it. The fact that we are no lesser victims of terror than Europeans are is not helping, because they think we are "creating" the problem and it's for us to be pressured into solving a conflict they don't want to continue with sharing its heavy price. As our diplomat says: "It's a widespread approach". As for us we can find comfort in this approach with the fact that we are not less interested than "they" are in "solving" the conflict. And I think we may be appreciative that "they" want it solved with our state in secure borders, even if without Gaza, Ariel, holy Hebron and East Jerusalem in our hands. That the "Europeans have not yet woken up to the dangers of radical Islam" is a myth. But they are not significantly more apt to liquidate terror on soft targets than we, the woken up ones, are. They would not make Britain or Europe Islam-free, sure not more than we'll make Israel Islam-free. May I wish the admirable British people all the best in getting back to their normal, which I know is excellent. And I really wish we are not their problem.
15. Who are the hypocrites?
accessol ,   Spelthorne, England   (07.10.05)
No reasononable and intelligent person (which admitedly excludes 90% of the contributors to Talkback) can possibly deny that Israel's occupation of Palestine is a direct cause of Muslim frustration with and hatred for the blinkered political and religiostic leadership of State of Israel. Thus Israels' absurd pavlovian reaction to Tony Blair's comments by yet again rolling out those worn-out and discredited canards (1) British favouritism for the Palestinians during the mandate, (2) the Shoah justifies anything Israel does in the name of security and (3) the world and especially the British are anti-semitic per se, will hopefully be treated by the British government with the contempt it deserves. We have heard that discordant chorus of the whining settler lobby so many times before that it has become just another background noise like the nightime howling of cats on heat.
16. Tony Blair...
Uri   (07.10.05)
He's just like his wife Cherie, who recently said that "Suicide Bombers blow themselves up out of frustration over the occupation" (although she failed to explain how people riding on the bus to work, or children eating at a Sbarro's pizzeria had anything to do with 'occupation') Blair had to appease Britain's vast Muslim and hard-left population... he appeases virtually everyone... And to #8 - There are less than 2,000 Jews in Geneva, and i strongly doubt that you're one of them.... Although, I don't think I would be wrong to assume that you are one of Geneva's 100,000+ Muslims, judging from your pattern of speech (very easy to distinguish, as literally all anti-Israel fanatics/Muslims speak in the same totalitarian, one-sided fashion)
17. Remember the twin towers in 1993
Moti ,   Herzeliya   (07.10.05)
There is no linkage whatsoever between the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Muslim terror attackts around the world. One should remember, that in 1993 was the first abominable attempt by Muslim radicals to blow up the twin towers in New York while at that time, peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians took place and the peace atmosphere was very optimistic. This proves beyond any doubt that the Israeli-Palestinian conflic has nothing to do with the Muslim terrorism around the world. Their only aim is to impose their own way of living around the free world and the free world should fight against thses barbaric organizations.
18. To #13
No, the reason is Blair's involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq, that's what the terrorists said, they didn't even mention Israel. BTW, the Palestinians are hated all over the Arabian world, you shold see what rediculous laws they have against them. So don't say bullshit as if anyone care about them. The only thing the Arabs care about is using the Palestinians blood to fight Israel. Because the Arabs have no chance against us in a real war. If they wish us to help them, they better cool themselves down or otherwise we'd just won't care what wil happen to them. We have way more intel. in the Arab world than the Brits can ever wish to have, if they want us to share it with them they better shut it.
19. Slightly overreacting?
Jenny ,   Manchester   (07.10.05)
Why is it that Israel believes that when someone says "Mideast conflict" it ONLY refers to Israel and the Palestinians? Guilty conscience perhaps? Blair mentioned the situaiton in the whole of the Middle East as a possible contributing factor. NOT the only factor. Sharon's being wise to keep out of it. Never thought I hear myself say that. Oh and note to editors: “Blair’s comments are an attempt to calm things down,” said one source, “to tell British Muslims, ‘it’s not you, it’s the mid-east conflict.’ He’s apparently hoping for quiet in England, and trying not to kick the community when it’s down.”
20. To Zeev from switzerland
Guy ,   Isreal   (07.10.05)
its funny how you speak about justice like u realy mean it. You live in a country( switzerland), that provide heaven for dictators and corrapt leaders .sending to the opressed people free aspirin through the "Red Cross". talk about justice.
21. Blair is not blaming Israel
Gil ,   London/Tel Aviv   (07.10.05)
Wow what a huge fuss over nothing.... Blair is not blaming Israel for bombs going off in London... Blair is blaming that conflict... there's two sides to the conflict both Israeli and Palestinian and both are victims. I think he is trying to say "if we can find solutions to that conflict then we will have a less chance of fanatical moslems blowing up trains".... I am not trying to apologise for Blair. Yes, Europe should wake up. Yes, they have their own misconceptions. But i don't think that this is one of them.
22. Blair.....
Kristian ,   Sweden   (07.10.05)
Like all European polititians Mr Blair is petrified of his Muslim communities. All over Europe Muslims are becoming violent . Mr Blair keeps saying, Islam is a religion of PEACE and TOLERANCE. He loves repeating the mantra, I guess he is trying to convince himself. How much more hypocrite can you get than Mrs Blair, Ken Livingstone, Jack Straw to name but a few in Britain who today denounce the blasting of public transport in London, but not so long ago were supporting the same evil deeds under the saying...." When people have no hopes, we understand why they blow up innocent people". Am I happy London got a taste of real ISLAM, no. But do I hope British people and European search heir concience and have more understanding of the suffering of the Israelis, yes. Appeasing Islam is not the answer, only hypocrites defend that vile religion.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.10.05)
PLO terrorists waged bloody, barbaric jihad against Lebanon's Christians. Click on Photo Gallery - PLO atrocities left 20,000 Christians handicapped. As a reward for the mass maiming and murdering of Lebanon's Christians, the PLO were implanted into Israel through Oslo Accords. Israel's Jews were FORCED to take Islamist terrorists for "peace" partners. This evil, hate-filled act is forever recorded in heaven. Jan 29 2005, 'Report: Saudis spread hate through U.S. mosques' "89-page report by Freedom House. Saudi Publications on Hate Ideology Fill American Mosques. Saudi government propaganda reflects a TOTALITARIAN IDEOLOGY OF HATRED THAT CAN INCITE TO VIOLENCE. It is being mainstreamed within our borders through the efforts of a foreign government, namely Saudi Arabia. Various Saudi government publications assert IT IS A RELIGIOUS OBLIGATION FOR MUSLIMS TO HATE CHRISTIANS AND JEWS. The documents stress when Muslims are in the lands of the unbelievers, they must BEHAVE AS IF ON A MISSION BEHIND ENEMY LINES. Either there to acquire new knowledge and make money to be later EMPLOYED IN THE JIHAD AGAINST THE INFIDELS." June 11 2005, 'Nigeria's war on Christians' 'ISLAMIC LAW BRINGS DEATH, SUFFERING TO NON-MUSLIMS' "More than 10,000 Christians have been killed since 1999, the year Islamic Sharia law was introduced in Nigeria. Nearly 1,000 homes and churches have been burned down by Muslim radicals - with a wink and a nod from A GOVERNMENT THAT DOESN'T RECOGNIZE THE RIGHTS OF NON-MUSLIMS." Sudan's jihad has left over two million Christians dead, including Animists. Hundreds of thousands of Christians have been taken for slaves by Sudan's Muslims. The Palestinian Authority TEACH THE MURDER OF JEWS AS A RELIGIOUS OBLIGATION through their mosques, media and public education system. Broadcast from Gaza mosque, Oct 13 2000, Dr. Ahmad Abu Halabiya, on Palestinian Authority TV (transcribed by Memri): "Have no mercy on the Jews, no matter where they are, in any country. Fight them, wherever you are. Wherever you meet them, kill them. Wherever you are, kill those Jews and those Americans who are like them..." PA leader, Abbas was Arafat's partner for over 40 years. The peace process was explained by Arafat on Jordanian TV shortly after Oslo. The PLO strategy adopted in 1974: "Since we cannot defeat Israel in war, we do this in stages. We take any and every territory we can of Palestine, and establish sovereignty there, and we use it as a springboard to take more. WHEN THE TIME COMES, WE CAN GET THE ARAB NATIONS TO JOIN US FOR THE FINAL BLOW AGAINST ISRAEL." Colluding with Egypt, the Palestinian Authority have smuggled in anti-tank missiles and anti-aircraft shoulder-fired missiles that can bring down commercial jets. The Road Map Islamic terror state will reduce TINY over-crowded Israel to a 9 mile wide border at its middle - A COMPLETELY INDEFENSIBLE ISRAEL. They call this method of killing Jews the peace process. Hitler called it the final solution.
24. 'Blair's a hypocrite'
Humberto Oliveira ,   Lisbon   (07.10.05)
Should we expect any better? It’s not hypocrisy, it’s just plain dangerous. Blair took the initiative of justifying the attacks. He himself told the world that there are reasons. As Zapatero did before in the 3/11. And if there are reasons, the tactic is justified. Amazing how they want to be the first ones to justify terror. As for the scapegoat, should we really be surprised? Appeasement in the end will became a sell out. A process as old as the Jewish Civilization. The oldest hate but nowadays recycled through the light of political correctness. Blair and the likes keep giving hope to the ones who employ terror as a tactic to a mean. Fools, not hypocrites. H.
alan ,   south africa   (07.10.05)
Please ,lets not be naive.... In MODERN UK ENGLISH useage... "The Middle East...." refers to Israel and whatever Arab story Israel is involved with at that particular point in time.(ie The Middle Eastern conflict is the conflict caused by Israel, if you see what I mean).... However, IRAQ is IRAQ , IRAN is IRAN, PAKISTAN ,AFHANISTAN the same! but "MIDDLE EASTERN " in BBC and Whitehall and Tonyblair speak means ISRAEL period.... You see in UK they have political correct vocabulary. ... Thats why the first report of the terror last week was described as a "POWER SURGE" ... nobody could possibly want to commit terror in London! ... For example ,They dont call a spade a spade, they call it a "working persons soil re-arrangement implement"
26. #15
I normally would not reply to a senseless fanatic, but your remark was simply too contradictory, and incongruous to overlook. It is unimaginably preposterous to observe someone boasting of their "reasonableness" and "intelligence" whilst contemporaneously spelling those same words - that depicted your alleged brilliance - with diabolical error. In addition, I'd earnestly like to deduce on how you can grasp the meaning of "Muslim frustration" from Spelthorne, England - An affluent, almost exclusively white suburb of London..... Oh, but I'm certain that BBC/The Guardian,, and 'Socialist Worker' conventions have made you quite the expert on this "vast Muslim suffering." Just something I thought I'd point out. The remainder of your comments were, as usual, undeserving of my erudite responses. (^_~)
27. Israel, U.S and Great Britain are responsible for terrorism
Sal Azam ,   Chicago, USA   (07.10.05)
Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands to Pre June 6th 1967 borders. U.S, British occupation of Iraq both factors are responsible for international terrorism and retaliation. United States, Spain, England and now back to United States. President Bush is getting "lucky" and will be beaten again till he either realizes his mistake or forced out of his office before his term ends. Sharon is preparing for the fake messiah through the messianic settlers. Bush has failed in Iraq, Sharon will fail in Israel and Blair might withdraw his troops much earlier if not he will face more consequences. The price for friendship with Bush and trusting a curveball.
28. Winston Churchill Said It Best
ziad ,   USA   (07.10.05)
maybe Churchil was looking in the future and saw how the western world had appeased the Zionists who have unlimitted appetite for stealing Paleatinian and Arab land . think about it.
alan ,   South Africa   (07.10.05)
European Parliament President Fontells says "Your conflict is starting to work its way over to the EU" .... Tell him that the conflict that is "working its way over to the EU" started when Millions of people from Third World countries (mostly failed states) were allowed to arrive in the EU without any thought for what future those very EU countries envisoned for these now many many millions of people !... They were seen just as voting fodder for EU politicians of different Political Parties. They still are . Look how they are herded to the Polling Stations to vote in different European countries elections! If they want the Welfare Girocheque to keep coming they must vote for the Deputy who supports such a welfare programme !! These new immigrants are herded together in overcrowded HLM s, Crumbling Drugged out Tower Blocks in areas where even the Pit -bull Terrier Dogs are only comfortable to walk in groups...OK, some of the younger generation get an"education" for a few years.. but it is a largely rotten education in some rubbish school where the girls are mothers at 13 and the boys feel that crime is the only way to go BECAUSE they are not wanted by the existing Establishment that let them in, in the first instance. How many Black and "olive skinned "people wear a suit at Waterloo Station in the morning, Mr Blair?? UK is 4th richest country in the world.. for whom? They should not be bitter about Israel ,but by the EU country that has nothing to offer them.... Tony Blair and J.B. Fontells says the "Middle East " conflict is the "deep root".. Hitler said "Die Juden sind unserer ungluck" (Jews are our misfortune).It makes me want to sick to hear now that "The Middle East " is unserer ungluck.
30. Without a doubt Mid-East conflict the breader of all terror!
Abdullah ,   Kuwait City, Kuwait   (07.10.05)
Can anyone deny with evidence why the middle east conflict is not the mother of all terror acts regarding terrorists from middle east seeing Europe as the reason why the state of Israel was established in 1948! Hell even the Israelis almost always consider them selves as westeners! in this statement I am in no way justifying anything that the terrorists are doing, yet it is hard for me to ignore the fact that the middle east conflict has nothing to do with terrorism today!
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