'Blair's a hypocrite'
By Diana Bahur-Nir
Published: 10.07.05, 08:46
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61. The real terrorist and problem is Israel
Rod Glover ,   USA   (07.11.05)
Israel continues to terrorize Palestinians and now the US and UK have been struck. Bin Laden's 2nd reaason for striknig the west was their blind support of Israel. Mr. Cohen is either ignorant, a dual loyalist, or unable to make this simple connection. If Iarael returns to the green line there will be peace there and it will eliminate Ben laden's 2nd reason for attacking the West.
62. Post #50 from Kristian
E. Mullins ,   Dallas, USA   (07.12.05)
First of all, I never said I agree with everything McCree said. I did say that at least he was attempting to propagate an opinion rather that slurring someone with name calling--like you did. I also requested that McCree cite some of his sources. (Please re-read the original post. Don't reply if you cannot understand written English or cannot comprehend an entire post.) Second of all, why would you want to use a term used by the serial killer Stalin--are you a Stalinist? I'm sure you must think he was a good man, otherwise, why would you use his words? And third, "Kristian," don't call me a "Jew hater." I'm Jewish and I'm not "self hating." I love myself more than you love yourself (obviously.)
63. The True Irony
James ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.13.05)
There are many, many innocent people in Israel, who are good and true and hold the right things in their hearts and souls. However the rest (and I am using a broad term here) hold a terrible irony in their actions of supporting some of the most decadent acts to come from this very young country. Patriotism or whatever it keeps being worded into holds no grounds when they, above all those that challenge them, are the most wrong, and are in fact the cause of it all, whether they want to admit it or not. The irony is, that after all these years, after oppression in Roman times (and before) all the way through the middle-ages and up to Hitlers psycotic disreguard for human life and even the pathetic (real) anti-semitism in todays world, Israel now portrays the exact things that the world, for over 2000 years, had hated the jewish religion, people and culture for. Its almost like 60 (and more) years ago, they decided to get up and say "Hey, i'm tired of all this prejudice against us, if they think were so bad, lets actually do it". I know thats far reached and dosnt class everyone in Israel like that, but its fairly accurate. The racial profiling (reminisent of the Nazis), along with the wall. The attack on any actual criticism against Israel deemed as "anti-semitism". The horrible waring acts thats rivals the worlds hate for America. Those your up against may be also wrong, but the lesser of two evils who is showing the world (and gaining their sympathy) why they "had" to do it, is gaining support, while you are still deemed the monster. Sometimes you have to suck it in and accept you cant have what you want. Or it will mean death, and too many innocents, on both sides, will die because of it.
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