Right-wing 'bomb' in Jerusalem
By Efrat Weiss
Published: 12.07.05, 09:32
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1. Boys will be boys
accessol ,   Spelthorne, England   (07.11.05)
You gotta hand it to these kids, these patriotic youngsters, these blue eyed little angels, these chaluztim, these brave, courageous, wonderful, Jewish, Zionist, chosen, magnificent Israeli children. Ain't they something! (as Israelis will believe any old pap as long as it is in paraise of them let me state that the above is meant to be sarcastic).
2. What's next?
T.C ,   Tel aviv   (07.11.05)
It's starting to be too much... every day that passed show us that far right people will use any mean at their disposal to foil the pullout especially illegal ones. They first tried to play it the democratic way but finally they remove their masks and show their true face!
3. Fake bomb (-;
Yosef H. ,   Israel   (07.11.05)
Let's be serious! Who gains the most from this and would they have any problem getting this into the bus station? Raviv was much more creative.
4. Where is Avishai Raviv?
Avi ,   Jerusalem   (07.11.05)
Obviously, it was the shabbak trying to give opponents of the ethnic cleansing a bad name.
5. Yawn
Ann C. ,   MO, USA   (07.11.05)
Arik, your friends who planted this fake bomb, you know...the same ones who did the oil/nails thingy, your friends need to find out from Raviv how to be more clever. This was way too obvious.
6. No one is ever to blame...
Josh ,   Herzliya   (07.12.05)
Everything is a conspiracy! There could never be an immoral Jew against Disengagement! Its the Israeli Government! Hmmmm...sounds a lot like the Palestinians line.
7. Fools
Shane   (07.12.05)
The actions of these stupid people are reprehensible, its not that they dont have a case when it comes to arguing against the disengagement, but the stupid tactics some are using such as this fake bomb. This fake bomb is and their other tactics seems to be a lite version of the enemy's tactics, and do these idiots believe people will be supportive of them, when they block the roads and try to physically abuse either soldiers or other civilians, they only make people like myself, once sympathetic to them, become less concerned or receptive to their arguments, and become further disgusted by their actions, behaviour and opinions.
8. Who can bring a gas tank into the station?
Hadar ,   Hebron, Israel   (07.12.05)
Who can bring a gas tank into the station? If you had some brains you'd realise that this can only be a provocation to discredit the opponents to the deportation of Jews from their homes. NO ONE if he is not part of some security service can bring propane tanks through the most guarded entrances in Israel which include also metal detectors!!!! It looks like a "champagne" bottle...
9. Someone messed up - and should be fired
Rachel BenDavid ,   Peduel   (07.12.05)
How is it that they can find out who sends suicide bombers and they can do "targeted assasinations", but they can't figure out how to prevent this? Either it is a plant, or someone is messing up big time! For those of you who don't believe that this is a plant, why aren't they firing the incompetent people in charge of stopping this?? Why isn't there a public outcry?
10. Just the beginig
now we see all together the birth of new terrorists and this shows us how the presure over the humanbeens can creat terrorists ... this one who put the bomb before he was not a terrorist but maybe he was a good citizen but when he felt that he will be thrown out from his hous and his land (in his eyes) he became wild and later maybe terrorist .... ladies and gentlemen this is what's happend to the Palistinians ... the same theater but with another actors ...
11. Too obvious - shabak is losing its touch
Toby Klein Greenwald ,   Efrat, Israel   (07.12.05)
Duh...who, indeed, could get something that large into the bus station. Only someone with security clearance - not a teenager in an orange shirt. When will you be publishing something about the multi million dollar security contract that Omri Sharon has reportedly obtained?
12. Shades of Rabin and Raviv
Eliezer ,   Jerusalem   (07.12.05)
When Yitzhak Rabin's popularity was sinking, the government did some "provocation" to brand the right as crazies. It looks to me like the government is at it again. The central bus station is so heavily guarded that it is impossible to do anything there, unless, the government plans it. Come on Sharon, don't pull schtick with a country that invented schtick!
13. Shabakh work?
Claudio ,   Italy   (07.12.05)
Would it be possible for a journalist photograph the bomb if it was a real bomb and non a Shabakh provocation?
14. right wing terror
eli-j ,   jerusalem   (07.12.05)
We seem to forget even within the ranks of the shabak there r right wingers. Those who might sympathise with these egotistical extreemists. As it is written in the the enemy will come from within. All rabbi's should stand against this terror and teach their followers the difference between demonstrations and terror......Before it is too late. remembering that even the shabbat must be broken to save a life , and to save a life is to save the world. And to keep a jewish perspective
15. they call this news
barbara ,   fresno, CA   (07.12.05)
You would think that Ynet would have had a story of the shabak team who's job it is to make the orange shirts look bad. Oh. I forgot, that story would be censored.
16. Only the government could have got it in the bus station
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.12.05)
17. To Linda
Noa ,   Tel Aviv   (07.12.05)
Do you really think the gov't would plant a fake bomb? It's time to take your head out of the sand. There's no question that this was planted by anti-disengagement people. But then again, if I remember correctly (if I'm wrong, I apologize) you actually thought that the gov't dressed up like the ultra-religious and threw the spikes and oil on the highway a couple of weeks ago.....
18. noa - ever hear of avishai raviv
barbara ,   fresno, ca   (07.12.05)
Noa, maybe it was the right wing that pretended that avishai raviv was a shabaknik. maybe the fake right wing military organization that the tv filmed was real. or maybe the government is really out to get certain people.
19. Barbara
Noa ,   Tel Aviv   (07.12.05)
So now every anti-disengagement illegal activity is really the government? Yes, I've heard of raviv. Have you heard of Ben Gvir or Federman? Or do you think that Jewish extremists don't exist and it is all a government plot? I will concede that everything is possible, however, it is just as likely that the ultra right wing planted this fake bomb as a government plant.
20. How Would Anyone Get a 25 Propane Tank Thru Security?
Shabak needs to get more creative. This is sophomoric. The security in the station are either the biggest idiots, or they are letting shtinkers to pull kids tricks and blame the blood libels on the right.
21. #17-You haven't heard of a provocateur?
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