Gaza mosque welcomes London attacks
By Roee Nahimas
Published: 12.07.05, 09:57
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1. Take care when reading anything supplied by Reuven Erlich
accessol ,   Spelthorne, England   (07.12.05)
Don't take this report as necessarilly reliable or correct. It comes from the right-wing propaganda organisation ITC run by Lt Col (Ret) Reuven Erlich one of whose earlier slurs, claimed that the charity Interpal was a front for Hamas, which claim led to the Board of Deputies of British Jews getting sued for libel in England. Haaretz reported (25/03/04): "the Board of Deputies admitted it made a mistake in its description of Interpal and clarified that the description that appeared on the site was imprecise "according to the terms used in Britain."
2. Take care when reading anything fron Accessol
Eli Vardi ,   Israel   (07.12.05)
Once again half truths from our friend in the UK. Interpal were supporting the Hamas, proven. It's true that they are not owned or run by Hama, neither were they a front for Hamas. Semantics and half truths go a long way with Seymour,(accessol). What a sad, depressing life you must have...........
alan ,   South Africa   (07.12.05)
I am prepared to bet my last pair of underpants that Orla Guerin and Barbara Plett wont report this item on the BBC.... I do wonder if they managed to catch a few pieces of candy when they were thrown into the crowds.
4. Intelligence!
Observer   (07.12.05)
Do people expect the Israeli intelligence to say things that can improve the reputation of the Palestinian? I do not think so! On the contrary one of the prime tasks of this organisation is to damage the reputation of the Palestinians on the international arena to justify and continue the unlawful occupation of Palestine.
5. Palestinians cheer London bombing
Hilda ,   USA   (07.12.05)
Why am I not surprised!! Still Pres, Bush continues to give mixed messages. One side of his mouth says You are either for us or against us and the other side of his mouth says--Reward the enemy. Give them $9 Billion for a reward as well as Gaza and a contiguous Palestinian State. Knock down your security wall Israel. sic We don't care if you are hit by terrorists.
6. cheap propaganda
Ali ,   Gaza   (07.12.05)
Ynet claims that it won't publish anything that involves incitement what is more inciting than this article that is based on lies and distortion. It is another link in a campaign of ultra right wing cheap propaganda and incitement against the Palestinians.
7. You're right !
Eli Vardi ,   Israel   (07.12.05)
Reference Observer. I'd forgotten about the lessons that that the Palestinian authority is giving it's school children on co-existance. On how to build a State. On how to stop corruption, how keeping your word,even to an infidel, is important. I hadn't paid attention to how the PA is preventing Fanatical religious leaders from turning their children into Shehadim. Showing them that with Palestine they have a chance to be a " light amongst the Nations". I missed the day that they withdrew the ficticious Protocols of Zion from book shops and school libraries. I even missed the corrected PA geography school books that show Israel as existing, and offer hope to theirc own people to emulate Israels growth. I missed it because there are too many corrupted power mongers who want to keep the Palestinians in Gaza in the Middle Ages, and feeding them on Hate means they can blame someone else for their problems. See how the Israeli Arabs here are prospering in relation to the majority of Arabs live in their own countries. We still have a long way to go to get a 100% egalitarion society, but we will get there. These citizens of Israel (1.5m) got on with their lives and live as well as most Israelis. They would be living a lot better if the Palestinians weren't promoting distrust and hatred between our peoples. How many Hamulot ( tribes) own Gaza? Was it 5 ruling families, with all the rest as peasants?
8. hamas
Michael ,   Israel   (07.12.05)
they are just like al qaida,same agenda just like most muslims want israel and the western world distroyed and are looking for reasons to commit attacks. you are poor? establish a democracy and set the govt money to the people instead of the rulers and dont blame israel and the US for everything wrong in your lives.
9. google problem
accessol ,   Spelthorne, England   (07.12.05)
Funny, I cannot find one article by these terrorism specialists itic concerning racist sermons by settler rabbi's, nothing about hatred-fermenting diatribes from the country's religious and political leaders, nothing about calls for transfer, nothing about the apartheid wall, nothing about that sainted Rabbi Kahane, nothing about that newly married celebrity Yigal Amir, nothing about Baruch Goldstein and the regular mourners praying at his graveside..... Maybe I will have better luck with Yahoo.
10. To # 6
Eli Vardi ,   Israel   (07.12.05)
Actually Ynet isn't a right wing publication, you should see what they are saying ! Listen, they have the tapes, it was broadcast. Did you hear the sermon broadcast? The right wingers did the translation, but it was broadcast. Maybe no-one was listening? It all comes back to the mass of peace loving poor people who want to get on with their lives, and improve their lives, being manipulated by power mongers. Whether it's the religious leaders , teachers or politicians, the deeper the crisis the more the common people are dependent on them. It's all about power, and control by a ruling minority who take all the goodies. Why do the general Muslim public always run to the defense of their Fanatics. Can't a Preacher, Mullah or Priest be criticized? Can't a practising Muslim stand up and say " Enough, this is NOT the way of Islam ! " Stand up and be counted !
11. to #6
ozy ,   the deep south   (07.12.05)
sure it is "cheap "propoganda, only when it doesn't serve the "poor palestinians" self- interests... i think we need to bomb the mosque to smitherins.... and to SEYMOR--- what ,the prozac hasn't kicked in yet?
alan ,   South Africa   (07.12.05)
Since I have been participating in Y-Net Talkback , I have been struck by the contributions of those opposing ,in one way or another ,the very existance of Israel...They are absolutely oblivious to the facts on the ground... They have a mystical belief and hope that their lies and wrong interpretations of reality will somehow help them realize their main dream ie. Israel dissapearing into thin air. Everything that they say and do is true and right , and everything that their opponent eg Israel does is crooked and wrong.. Everything is a "plot" and a "lie" .. They even cherish more wider hopes eg They say Bush must go.. but the US Voters return him with a landslide... They said the same for Blair.He is still the UK prime Minister They believe they can even manipulate World events . . On the sidelines the usual Jewhaters stand and cheer them on.. now these poor but dangerous Jewhating souls have reinvented themselves as plain "Anti--Zionists"... not against Jews, mark you...They are the more pathetic of the species , ranging from the "tame" apologetic Jews to the more rabid of the Jewhating Graffiti-writing ,Tombstone- smashing species. They will never change ... I dont even believe (as I have written before here ) that even the Grave will make them "clever". Whoever they are, they live in hope that their day is coming . They feel the day is nigh... They forget that Israel too is getting stronger by the day . Also the "world" is begining to realise that the Jihadi Bell tolls for everyone, not just Israel.. Thank You.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.12.05) July 8 2005, 'From London to Gaza', by David Bedein "In recent weeks, American, British and Israeli intelligence sources have revealed that al-Qaida units now operate in the southern section of Gaza, and are positioned to take over the area that Israel Defense Forces would vacate..." Since 1974, it has been Islamist strategy that when Israel was sufficiently weakened through a combination of diplomacy and violence, the Arab nations would join in the final solution against Israel. PA leader, Abbas was Arafat's partner for over 40 years. Shortly after Oslo, Arafat explained on Jordanian TV the PLO strategy adopted in 1974: "Since we cannot defeat Israel in war, we do this in stages. We take any and every territory we can of Palestine, and establish sovereignty there, and we use it as a springboard to take more. When the time comes, WE CAN GET THE ARAB NATIONS TO JOIN US FOR THE FINAL BLOW AGAINST ISRAEL." Colluding with Egypt, the Palestinian Authority have smuggled in anti-tank missiles and anti-aircraft shoulder fired missiles that can take down commerical jets. Israeli leaders invitation for Egyptian military forces to deploy on Israel's border with Egypt fits in perfectly with the Islamist plan for the destruction of Israel. Egypt is equipped with the latest American weapons and, due to massive U.S. military aid has the largest and most powerful army in the Arab world . Nearly a year ago, U.S. Congressman Tom Lantos in the House International Relations Committee, warned Egypt was building up its military in preparation for a future war with Israel. M.K. Steinitz stated: Egyptian military "has been training for war against Israel for the past 10 years." After the 1967 War, the American Joint Chiefs of Staff report stated ISRAEL CAN ONLY BE DEFENSIBLE IF IT RETAINS JUDEA, SAMARIA, GAZA AND THE GOLAN. israelnationalnews - Jan 10 2005 - Israel Radio's morning newsmagazine reported PA leader, Abbas, appeared the night before and declared before cheering crowds, the "little Jihad had ended, and now the BIG JIHAD IS BEGINNING." The crowd responded, "A Million Shahids Marching to Jerusalem!" Israeli military analysts state that after Israel's exit from Gaza terror will greatly increase. Gaza will become Hamastan - the largest terror base in the Middle East with its own seaport and airport - a major terror threat not just to Israel, but the entire world. The Road Map Islamic terror state will reduce TINY, over-crowded Israel to a 9 mile wide border at its middle. A TOTALLY INDEFENSIBLE ISRAEL. Through a series of horrifying concessions and suicidal agreements, Israel's leaders have completely abandoned the defense of Israel.
14. Even if it's true, so what?
Stephen ,   Raleigh   (07.12.05)
What with Rowan Williams and Red Ken falling over themselves prostrating before terrorist supporters and sympathizers, it's hard to see how appropriately radical Londoners themselves aren't cheering as well.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.12.05)
The following is part of an article from israelnationalnews, July 10 2005, 'Letter from Katif: The Expulsion Has Started!' "Do you know, dear brothers, that the expulsion has already begun? Do you know that the media refuse to broadcast pictures and information that could cause the cancellation of the expulsion? Do you know that policemen are beating Gush Katif Jews who are bound with handcuffs? Did you know that even girls have been and are being cruelly beaten by policemen? Did you know that policemen are equipped with metal knuckles and other cruel accessories in order to hit us? Did you know that policemen are freely fabricating arrest reports in order to cover up for their acts, leaving innocent citizens to stand trial for crimes they did not commit? Did you know that all of this is backed up by the authorities, in full knowledge of the injustice that is being caused to innocent people? In another five weeks, they will knock on our doors – but we know now very clearly that the “evacuation” will not be done gently. We will be beaten until we bleed, and then dragged cruelly from our homes." Gaza's Jews built everything on sand on land that NEVER belonged to Arabs. Being a Jew is considered unacceptable. Judaism is considered unacceptable. Israel, using its military for Islam, will VERY VIOLENTLY ethnically cleanse Jews, - to seize Jewish land and assets for Muslims. The Jewish land and assets to be given as a reward and approval for the THOUSANDS of Jews maimed and murdered by the Islamists. Is the alarming violence planned against Jews in the ethnic Jew cleansing and the use of metal knuckles to beat Jews considered acceptable by Jews in Israel and the diaspora? Is it acceptable to the world's non-Jews? To beat Jews with metal knuckles and other barbaric pain techniques JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE JEWS. STOP YOUR EVIL JEW-HATE! STOP YOUR EVIL ETHNIC JEW CLEANSING!
16. To Seymour Alexander (9)
"Funny, I cannot find one article by these terrorism specialists itic concerning racist sermons by settler rabbi's," Considering that recently most of the rabbi's have recently released a set of rules specifying non-violence, your not likely to find much anyways a lot of Israel's population doesn't even go to synagogue regurlarly. "nothing about hatred-fermenting diatribes from the country's religious and political leaders," Really which ones? I know of the Arabs parties but I haven't the Jewish ones. Could be, but not common. "nothing about calls for transfer," Yet inviting Hamas and other terror groups sworn to Israel's destruction is perfectly acceptable. Hypocrite " nothing about the apartheid wall," You mean that it's so aparthied that arabs will be living on both sides. Oh you mean the PA enforced arya.. I mean arab apartheid. Where they will have an ethinically pure state. And calls for no Jews allowed are celeberated by the likes of you. " nothing about that sainted Rabbi Kahane," You mean the one thats been outlawed from the knesset and officially been deemed a terrorists party by the Institute of counter terrorism, aswell as the Israeli gov't. Oh wait thats right Israel has declared them terrorists. But people like Hamas are getting inivitations to run the PA. Hypocrite " nothing about that newly married celebrity Yigal Amir," He has had his marriage recognized that is all. This is something that is afforded to all prisoners. Unless you value rabin more than another life? " nothing about Baruch Goldstein and the regular mourners praying at his graveside..... " You mean the small minority. Unlike in the PA where suicide bombers have sports teams named after them. Hamas is celebrated as a wonderous orginization. and the head of terrorism in Jenin is now the sergeant of the PA police. "Maybe I will have better luck with Yahoo. " Maybe you should stay with Google and actually open your eyes.
17. More 2 Come
Reality Check ,   USA   (07.12.05)
PLO Airways transporting 'militants' from Gaza airport to your city soon. Of course they will be sharing $9 billion 'aid' so they will abandon islamist ideas. Europe is weak and appeasing, inviting more Londons 2 come. Perhaps some leftist euros will come 2 understand them before they are murdered by them.
18. Shame!
Muhammad Said ,   Gaza city   (07.12.05)
Palestinians entirely reject such terror against London. But it's obvious that Youdiouth Ahranout is always pleased when there's something bad said by a small-minded extermist Palestinian. Even in the Palestinian society such kind of poisoning preaches are disdained. But comparing to the extermist ideologists in Israel, it's nothing. Besides, it's useless making a relation between the global terror and the Palestinian attacks against the occupation.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.12.05)
Islam regards all non-Muslim countries as the house of war to be conquered for Islam. The nine billion dollars from G8 leaders to the PA and the Quartet's planned Islamic terror state in Israel is a big step forward in the conquest of ALL Israel and one giant leap forward in global jihad. The following are excerpts from sermon by Sheik Ibrahim Mudeiris, May 13 2005 on Palestinian Authority TV (transcribed by Memri TV monitor): "Allah has tormented us with the people most hostile to the believers - the Jews. Israel is a cancer spreading through the body of the Islamic nation..the Jews are a virus resembling AIDS, from which the entire world suffers. You will find that the Jews were behind all the civil strife in this world. The Jews are behind the suffering of the nations. We have ruled the world before, and by Allah, the day will come when we will rule the entire world again. The day will come when we will rule America. The day will come when we will rule Britain and the entire world - except for the Jews. The Jews will not enjoy a life of tranquility under our rule...The day will come when everything will be relieved of the Jews..THE STONES AND TREES WILL WANT THE MUSLIMS TO FINISH OFF EVERY JEW." Gaza is to be transformed into Hamastan - the largest terror base in the Middle East with its own airport and seaport - a major threat to Israel and the entire world. THERE IS NO WAR ON TERROR.
20. Muhammed - Gaza
Eli Vardi ,   Israel   (07.12.05)
You did it again ! For most of the first paragraph we were with you ! At last, someone from Gaza who understands. What extermist ideologists in Israel ? No Rabbi's broadcast to our people to kill Arabs ! No incitement to kill all Muslims . You are dreaming it or believing nonsense propaganda, because it doesn't exist ! Where is the Arab equivalent of this website? Then you say, that there is no comparison between World Terror and Palestinian attacks against the occupation ! The Terrorist are attacking against the European occupation of Europe ! They want to take over and control Europe. We are withdrawing from Gaza. What the heck are you talking about, we're finally making progress and the fanatics don't like that. They want the bombs and atacks to continue. The last thing they want is a peaceful prosperous Gaza with full human rights for its' citizens. That means that they loose control. You guys are going to be in a mess as the various factions struggle for control, unlees the PA and Dachlan are willing to be strong and hold back the murderers. I wish you a long and properous life, Muhammed. I hope there are enough sane peopole in Gaza to turn it into the Hong Kong of the Middle East. Here's your big chance, don't blow it.
21. Gaza/London
Yerucham Teitelbaum ,   Metzad, Israel   (07.12.05)
Maybe Blair should offer 1/2 of London for a Palestinian state.
22. London Attacks
BJE ,   Gaza, Palestine - UK   (07.12.05)
London attacks have been condemned strongly by the Arab and Muslim community in Britain. Last Sunday, almost one million demonstors marched to honor the souls of those who were killed by the savage attacks. The Muslim community was one of the major organizers of these demonstrations. As rightly noted by Mohammed Said, your obvious attempt is to project Hamas as Al-Qaeda branch in Gaza. Or to poison the public awareness by letting them think that there are Palestinian 'terrorists' in UK. You, Israel, know more than anyone else that Hamas is not and will not be Al-Qaeda. Hamas, is a Palestinian organization which was forced to existence because of the savage and illegal Israeli occupation of the Palestinain lands for more than 37 years. Hamas was created with the help of Israel to counter the national movement of Fatah and the PLO. Israeli officials have pointed out this fact repeatedly. Hamas has political ambition in Palestine like any other Palestinian political party. Overall, it is a national movement and its realm was, is and will stay in Palestine. Saying that, I must note that most Palestinians have long condemned Hams's or other militar groups' attacks against Israeli civilians. We believe that attacking civilians is morally wrong and is in contradiction with our Islamic values. However, when a cycle of blood starts, people hardly stick to their values.. They become unable to decide what is good and what is wrong.. what is moral and what is not... Violence breeds violence. And if you want to count the number of Palestinian civilians who were murdered by Israel (intentionally or unintentionally!!!), then you have a long way to go... If you do not care about Palestinian civilians killed by IDF, then do not expect the families of those who you killed to care about your civilians... A note of hope: there can always be a chance for both sides to stop, step back and contemplate their wrong doings. One more thing, it's widely known that whenever there is a struggle between the strong and the weak; it is always the 'strong' (Israel) who determines the FORM of the struggle.. Nelson Mandela said this in his Biography.. It makes absolute sense to me..
23. Islamic Jehad- Netanya Mall
Eli Vardi ,   Israel   (07.12.05)
Here are your " small minded Palestinians" who kill families out to enjoy their time in Shopping Malls. Here are your brave soldiers of Jehad. They kill in the name of Islam, is that OK with you? They want the world to attack the Moslems so that they can rouse their people and show persecution. Do you remember before the intifada when Jordanian and Lebanese and Palestinian registered cars roamed around Israel freely? This is what the terrorists want. To build a wall of fear between two people that were beginning to work together. Stop the incitement, form a peace camp. It's a deadly waste of your peoples talent just to become Killers ! You could do so much.......
24. Remember The PA's Celebrating Of Your Pain
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ, US   (07.12.05)
Listen up, all you Euro "elites" - The Islamists want you dead, just like they want the Jews/Israelis dead. You guys and gals need to understand that you are the new "Israelis" whether you want to join the club or not. Their goals are crystal clear. An Islamic caliphate that spans the globe. This entails the forced Arabization of the entire continent. Sounds fantastic, perhaps. Nevertheless, while their preference is to first wipe out as many Jews as possible, they are more than willing to incinerate all you Euros (hence the London attacks) at each and evey opportunity. While Israelis realize that they can die while going to work, going to school, riding buses, eating at cafes etc, most (not all) direct their outrage at the Islamic murderers. If any British feel compelled to "understand" or "sympathize" with the Islamists "grievances", remember how they crowed when your citizens were blown to smithereens. Israel IS the canary in the mine, and what starts with the Jews, doesn't end with the Jews.
25. Gaza mosques welcomes London attacks.
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.12.05)
Adina tells it like it is.Bravo. The more Jews & Jewish supporters killed the more the palestinians will celebrate.
26. to Eli Vardi and #1
moi ,   Tel Aviv   (07.12.05)
Our English "friend" has been spelling his name wrong should be "asshole, Spelthorne, England" ::::::::::))))))))))))))))
John ,   Bermuda   (07.12.05)
Whenever there is a talback by accessol we get several isreal lobby postings from eli vardi, ozy,linda rivera, adina kutnicki indeed very strange very very strange. Folowing is a guide how to recognise such a postingwith permission from accessol: How to recognise an Israel Lobby posting Response #3 above fulfills 6 out of the 7 recommended key requirements for an 'official' Israel-lobby posting : 1/ Write in Woman's name - Yes 2/ Mention Islamic terror - Yes 3/ Remember the Holocaust - Yes 4/ Link with the Bible - No 5/ Stress Israel's Security - Yes 6/ Use capital letters randomly - Yes They left out the bible but I guess that was in order to fulfil the last guideline : 7/ Keep it short. watch out for these postings.
28. Bermuda Triangle
alan ,   South Africa   (07.12.05)
John,my mate:thanks for clarifying and simplifying how to recognise an" Israel Lobby Posting".. Would you please now do a Palestine Lobby Checklist..Here are some ideas. 1 Names of Jewish Women blown up (start with the two blown up in Nahariya tonite) 2 Site of latest Islamic Terror Incident eg London, Madrid Nairobi Cairo 3 Denial that Holocaust ever Happened (refer to the well thumbed Abbu Mazen PH..D denial thesis which he wrote while at Russian Uni) . Also deny that Jews were kicked out of Arab Countries or hanged in Baghdad Damascus or Cairo . 4 Link with suitable Koranic Quotations mentioning "Jerusalem" 5 Stress Palestinian Innocence and Israeli brutality. 6 Write in rambling English and use a "we wuz robbed " theme. Im only using your basic checklist but Im sure you could let us have a better one. PS Ive tried not to use too many Cpiital Letters
29. I'm offended - John Bermuda
Eli Vardi ,   Israel   (07.12.05)
I'm typing this slowly so that you'll understand easier.......... 1. You don't read my postings properly. 2. I haven't mentioned any of the subjects you listed. 3. I don't belong to any Israeli lobby, I just live here and tell it how it is. 4. How come you rank me with the right wingers when they insult me for being a lefty? Please John. I ask you to read more carefully next time. Try and concentrate and you'll understand. P.S. Thanks for the name check anyway :-)
30.  Remember The PA's Celebrating Of Your Pain
Sue ,   San Diego, USA   (07.13.05)
Agree with you Adina. Extremists/Fanatics all have the same goal, and if the Euro's don't wake up and realize they must defend themselves they will be overrun. I'm tired of hearing "i just want to live in peace" from the Europeans. Yes, the USA will do the dirty job all alone of wiping these fanatics out if necessary., but we will remember those who stood with us, and those who did not. As an American I am outraged at those who won't defend their family, their homes, their country, or their freedom. 911 taught us a lesson - we forgot the faces of our fathers and what this nation on was founded on. Thanks to 911 we live for today - for the good we can do for others, and the love we can share. Come try to take my family or my home and you will be stopped. A life of democracy free from the tyranny of these fanatics is worth fighting for any day and every day, with every breath I have. The fanatics are counting in the cries of the imbeciles to win the day, to make us back off, but it's not going to work. And yes, this is the hill I choose to die on, the one for freedom and liberty without tyranny and homocide bombers.
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