Car explodes in West Bank
By Efrat Weiss
Published: 12.07.05, 18:51
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1. Watch Your Language - It Fuels the Murderous Terror
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ, US   (07.12.05)
Stop using the pejorative term "settlement", and stop saying West Bank. Words do matter and they help fuel the terror outrages, whether one likes it or not. The true terms are Israeli towns and Judea & Samaria. No wonder the Arabs have such a field day killing the "Jews". So many of us are lacking in self pride and pride of our historical legacy. If Judea & Samaria are "settlements", then surely Tel Aviv, Haifa etc are. Judea & Samaria are the heartland of historical and biblical Israel! While the Arabs have no claim-moral or legal- to our historical rights, many Jews lead them to believe they do. For Shame!
2. Ynews is blamed for being fair
Ahmad ,   Ramallah, Palestine   (07.12.05)
I really wonder what shame the previous reader is talking about. IS it a shame to use right words. Come on, what we should concentrate on is saying that both the bible and Holly Quran tells us to say the truth and be fair, and not the other things since also Quran considers Haifa, Tel Aviv and other places in Historic Palestine as Palsetine of today and future for ever, but we are now dealing with fair deals inview of the current situation to help stop the blood shed. Thanks
3. Do you mean the settlements in the territories?
Eli Vardi ,   Israel   (07.12.05)
We who live in Israel call them settlements. That's the terminology used by the majority of people who live here, in Israel. Except, of course, we use our own language, called Hebrew. Settlements are small communities in the area over the Green line which borders legitimate Israel. If you need any more points explained to you, or any other person not living here, then I'll be pleased to assist. :-)
4. Capitulation To Terror ONLY Brings More Terror
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (07.12.05)
I sure am glad that Sharon wants to ethnically cleanse Jews. It's bringing peace in our time, you know.
5. To Adina Kutinicki
Wise Man ,   USA   (07.12.05)
It is matter of time honey I am sure you know that.
6. Ahmad from Ramallah
Zvi Lando ,   Tekoa   (07.12.05)
Excuse me Ahmad, but what Palestine is mentioned in the Quran? On the other hand, my "settlement", Tekoa, was spoken about, among others, in the book of Amos (who lived here), read the last part when he prophesises how the Jews will return to Tekoa, and build their houses, plant there land, and will never be uprooted again. Your Quran not only doesn't mention Palestine (which is obvious since there never was such a land or country) - it doesn't even mention Jerusalem..... Go back and readm you've got a lot to learn...
7. Hey Eli Vardi - Who Died & Made you King
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ, US   (07.12.05)
Eli, you are a wise ass. I know exactly what terms are used in Israel among the left and their fellow travelers. My children are there, I have hundreds ! of relatives, and enough investments in Israel. I just might be making aliyah too, so don't be so possessive over terminology. And don't lecture me about "Israeli" terminology. For your info - Israel belongs to ALL Jews, not just to the likes of people like you.
8. Adina Ha Lo Adina
Eli Vardi ,   Israel   (07.12.05)
Slight mistake there. Israel belongs to its' citizens, not theoretical Zionists who make their money and come to Israel when they can be sure that they will be isolated from the reality here. I also have investments here. It's called my life. I've also invested my childrens life here too. I wonder where your family live? In the territories where they have built a villa and live just like in the States? Where they are subsidized by lower taxes, water rates and where others risk their lives to protect them? Or are they living in an apartment of 400 sq feet, earning an Israeli salary trying to pay the mortgage and give their kids an education? Come on, most of the American settlers wouldn't have come here if they had to live in an apartment in Afula or Beit Shean. They're not like the first settlers who built Israel to be a Light amongst the Nations.........
9. Reply on Zvi
ahmad ,   Ramallah, Palestine   (07.12.05)
Hello Zvi, If we wanna get into biblic and Quranic talks we will never get to an end. However, i do confirm to you that our Quraan do mention Palestine and Jeresulem. It is the verse talking about "Isra' & Me'rag" i translate, the trip of profit mohammed from Mecca to Jerusalem, and then to the Heavens to meet all the previous profits. Don't urge with me about my Quraan because i know much better about what is in it, and i won't urge with you about your Torah since i confess that i dont know much about it. The solutions suggested to end the problems in our area are not stemmed from neither your holly book or my holly book. It is now politics and should be dealt with it that way. If we wanna consider religious answers, we will not reach any end since we both claim that we own the whole same thing and we have our religous references. Hope you do believe in peace and ending blood shed through having two independent states for two people Thanks
10. Ahmed boy.
You re confirming the words of Zvi, the Quran does not talk about "Palestine" and for sure can t talk about Tel Aviv, built by the Jews in the XX century....I just cant imagine how in the world there s still anybody who believe in what an arab or a moslem says. Anyway you persuaded me that you know very well the real personality and intentions of your PROFIT Muhammad :-D
11. Hahaha!
Tal ,   Paris, France   (07.13.05)
Never ends,is it? Aren´t there more importans issues to solve than plunging into semantics? I can hardly see the arabs will be satisfied if they get an independant state, after a while when the administration have taken all the money to Switzerland and left the palestinians to chaos and clan-wars they´ll turn once more on Israel blaming the Israelis for their despair. Let´s just face it, the arabs will never ever rise and be able to build a modern prosperous society, too much fanatizm and medevial values are dominating their lives. Too the arabs who do something with their lives,studying, taking part of the modern society, building a future I can only say- The best of luck and may you for all our sake bring more of your people with you.
12. leadership
josph ,   Califonia   (07.13.05)
Its funny how everyone always tends to points fingers after these attacks... lets look at the facts, do the Palestinians want Israel period. obviously not, to even think that they will compromise is a total fantasy... however the only way the Jews will have stability in Israel (and all over the world) is if we reclaim our right to the land for ideological reasons, and not some Zionist apologetic holocaust reason (Because any one who knows the real history, know how much blood the Zionist left has on there hands). If we believe in our right to land, and there is no compromise to terror. The Palestinians will know that we mean business and we a here to stay. If that happens I am willing to place a bet on a lot of money that there will be peace and prosperity on BOTH sides of the fence.
13. Vardi, what are settlements?
Bernard Moskowitz ,   Cincinnati,USA   (07.13.05)
Eli, This evening on Fox News, they called Netanya a "settlement" You see, once you and leftists like you call cities in Yehuda and Shomron settlements, Tel Aviv, Haifa and Netanya are next. It's already starting.
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