‘Israel to respond harshly’
By Diana Bahur-Nir
Published: 12.07.05, 21:31
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1. Islamic Jehad - your time
Eli Vardi ,   Israel   (07.12.05)
I just hope that we go after the Islamic Jehad murderers and deal the a hard blow. The problem is that the moderate Arabs will feel obligated to defend them publically. Islamic Jehad have refused to join the Palestinian Parliament, so they should be outside as they are as big a danger to the Palestinians as to us. They also kill and terrorise in the name of Islam, which is not helping the Muslims image worldwide. No wonder there is Islamophobia. Will Abu Abbas rise to the challenge? Will he assert himself? Or will he still try to appease the terrorists and condemn his people to more unnecessary suffering before the penny drops. With destroyers like those roaming the country he will never inspire his people to build the State..
2. No Credibility Whatsoever
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.12.05)
Respond harshly ? what ,against the settlers ? What a joke Sharon has become ,he's only harsh on his lunch and the terrorists are rewarded with prison release and more land. Terrorism pays ,thanks to Sharon.
3. Right- by ethnically cleansing Jews & bombing empty building
Reservist ,   Israel   (07.12.05)
4. Eli
mamoum ,   Nablus   (07.12.05)
Thank for your remarks and your insight. Most important for your unique brand on this site who just dispatch hate messages. The answers to your questions is that there is no will on either side.
5. Put The RoadMap in the garbage!!!
Tyrone ,   Toronto   (07.12.05)
I think its time for Israelis to stop day dreaming. The roadmap is a fantasy, and has nothing to do with reality on the ground. This is what happens when you are not tough on terror...London, and now Netanya...get real people, and get tough!!!!!!
6. Reply to MAmoum #4
Andy ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (07.12.05)
You are wrong, There is plenty of will on both sides, amongst the vast majority of civilians. More over the Israeli leadership is taking a huge risk breaking the status quo by withdrawing from Gaza. Israeli extremists have been arrested by Israeli authorities. But the Palestinian leadership has done nothing to fight terror and end violence, but merely negotiated a temporary ceasefire. Jihad haven't even agreed to that and the PA has gone along with them, tolerating their continued plotting and bombing. Today's bomb was one of many attempted. You may feel better saying we're all as bad as each other but in fact your leadership, as usual, is to blame.
7. oooooh! Sharon making "threats" again.... oooohhh
amir   (07.13.05)
OOOHHH the terrorists are so scared... Sharon and Mofaz, the 2 idiot losers who are ordering Tzahal to run away in shame from Gaza are issuing threats.... we know where these threats are going... NOWHERE
8. Tyrone to much testerone.....
Eli Vardi ,   Israel   (07.13.05)
If only it was that simple. It's a common misunderstanding by people brought up on John Wayne movies,( remember him?) that all it needs is the Good Guys in the white shirts to ride into town. It really isn't that simple. Arafat encouraged the different factions and groups to flourish so that they would be too busy fighting themselves to challenge him. Divide and conquer. Now each group has their own power base and supporters, be it Hisbolla or Iran, or whoever. You have to remember that the Palestinian society is still based on loyalty to the Hamulla, the tribe, and that takes presidence. They have a society that has to move from a tribal system to modern day society. It ain't easy. Look at Saudi Arabia, they have a controlling Family ( tribe/hamilla). So does Jordan, just that King Hussein was a genius in uniting his people and understanding the local politics. He's sorely missed by Israeli's and Jordanians alike. Someone in the Palestinian Camp has to stand up and start banging heads. Meantime Abu Abbas is ducking and twisting to try and survive. Where are the Palestinians with the vision to see a new Country with unlimited opportunities. Someone has to come up from the masses, not the ruling class like Abbas and Dahlan.
9. Reoccupation is not the solution
Saleh ,   Jerusalem   (07.13.05)
A Sane Israeli leadership would rather be firm in breaking the cycle of violence through withdrawal from the occupied Palestinian areas instead of the endless mess of occupation and reoccupation.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.13.05)
PLO terrorists waged barbaric jihad against Lebanon's Christians. Click on Photo Gallery - 20,000 Christians handicapped by PLO atrocities. PLO terrorists were not punished for their mass maimings and murders of Christians. They were rewarded - implanted into Israel as "peace" partners guaranteeing eternal terror and religious war against the infidel Jews. The PLO/Palestinian Authority is a terrorist organization. Every single one of the PA's security services are involved in terrorist attacks against Israel. Foreign Minister Shalom says the Palestinian Authority should "do what it is supposed to do and fight terrorism." TERRORISTS DO NO FIGHT TERRORISM! Shalom: "It's wrong for Europe to meet with Hamas...Such meetings hurt the War on Terror." THERE IS NO WAR ON TERROR! If there were, the terrorists would not be getting a terror state in Israel and European officials would not be meeting regularly with Hamas terrorists! Will the day come when countries around the world make agreements with Islamist terrorists? Finance them, arm them, train them, give the terrorists huge chunks of their countries? THEY ARE DOING IT IN ISRAEL!!! Don't think it won't happen in other countries!!! Gaza is to be transformed into Hamastan - the largest terror base in the Middle East with its own seaport and airport - a major threat not only to Israel's Jews, but the entire world.
12. There Will NOT be a Harsh Response
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ, US   (07.13.05)
Bullcrap. There will be NO harsh response. Just wait and see. Sharon's immediate response was inexplicably closing Jewish ! Gaza into a caged military zone, AND taking over Tulkaram. Big deal. I can just hear the jihadists quaking in their boots. Instead of leveling the village from whence this monster spawned, Sharon asked the morally beleagured IDF to enter Tulkaram on foot and risk their own lives in the process. What a guy he is. First he demoralizes them by sending them in as "expellers", and then he leads them into a vipers nest. Apparently, bombing from the sky is too harsh a response because Abbas/Mazen or Bush will get upset. What a sick leadership!
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