Rocket barrages continue
By Hanan Greenberg and Shmulik Haddad
Published: 15.07.05, 21:21
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1. do not worry
Wise Man ,   USA   (07.14.05)
Sharon will respond as harsh as his respond for Natania's attack.
2. Hmm, rockets in kibbutzim, Sderot and Netiv Ha'asara
Rachel BenDavid ,   Peduel   (07.14.05)
The IDF should be finding the people firing these rockets and not spending time keeping Jews out of Gush Katif.
3. Their blood on Sharon's Hands
Yair ,   Israel   (07.14.05)
5. Am Israel chai!
Gerd Schulz ,   Germany   (07.14.05)
Am Israel chai!
6. response to the Israeli atrocity
Human Being ,   Gaza   (07.14.05)
You know as A Palestinian I can say the same thing. But I won't, because this what keep the valiance cycle going. Just remember that as much as the IDF and the politician want to impress their people the Palestinian want to do that too. Both are say we know how to response. Also, look at what is Israel did last week by attacking and killing Palestinian leaders and you expect them not to response to the Israeli atrocity. So, I want to suggest to you that pack and leave and stop target assassination.
7. Suleiman Al-Satari, PA TV, July 8, 2005
Gerd Schulz ,   Germany   (07.14.05)
"Annihilate the Infidels and the Polytheists! Your [i.e. Allah's] enemies are the enemies of the religion! Allah, disperse their gathering and break up their unity, and turn on them, the evil adversities. Allah, count them and kill them to the last one, and don't leave even one." Suleiman Al-Satari, PA TV, July 8, 2005 -------------------------------- Mr. Abbas, are you sleeping? Can you take action? Would you stop the killing? And how was the recent talk with my foreign miniter, Joschka Fischer?
8. you are an atrocity #6
9. And we are still in Gaza - Ma nishtana?
Eli Vardi ,   Israel   (07.14.05)
So let's see, we are still in Gaza and the rockets reach out to us. Leaving Gaza will not make any difference to the situation. They will keep sending them as long as Dahlan and Abu Mazan want them to. Meantime, it's convenient for them to say that they do not have control. We are their excuse. We need to get our people out of there as soon as possible.
10. We need a big military operation against palestinian towns
Eli Vardi ,   Israel   (07.14.05)
11. # 6 time for peace
Raed ,   Nablus   (07.14.05)
Dear, The occupation harming us we suffered a lot from the IDF, but in order for us to see the end of this occupation we should condemn the attacks against the Israeli civilians such the last attack by Islamic jihad where two 16 years girls killed by 18 years boy, this is crime and we should say no to those killers at the same time we say no to Israeli settlements and the IDF atrocity.
12. NACHON TO #2
13. Stop The Ethnic Cleansing: Stop The Kassams
Reservist ,   Israel   (07.14.05)
Give them Gaza and free reign, and this is what we will get. The ONLY way to stop the terror in Gaza is how we did in Judea and Samaria; by going into their cities, destroying their terrorist infrastructure, REMAINING, and continuing to hit at their terrorist infrastructure until ALL terrorists are dead or captured. Ethnically cleansing Jews won't stop terror. It will only bring more, because terror will be rewarded. Only this will stop terror. It's a proven fact.
14. Rockets At Sycamore, Eh?
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ, US   (07.14.05)
Perhaps the "warrior" Sharon will FINALLY do something to protect his people, or do rockets need to FIRST explode on his Sycamore Ranch with his family standing nearby?? Does he now understand that even as the terrorists see huge forces poised to expell ! Jews, that they are even more inclined to terrorize? What is wrong with this suicidal government?
15. a woman killed
jehad ,   gaza   (07.14.05)
The islamic jehad chaises what is called Israel
16.  #15
Raed ,   Nablus   (07.14.05)
Trust me we the Palestinians will put an end to your terror group very soon becoz you are idiots killers against the peace and the hopes of the Palestinian in building democratic state living side by side with Israel, what so called Islamic jihad serving the interests of the settlers and the occupation only,
17. Condolences
Ann C. ,   MO, USA   (07.14.05)
My prayers and sympathy for this poor woman's family. She was someone's daughter. She had a favorite song, and perhaps gave someone else a reason for living. She will be missed.
18. Give Back NETIV HA’ASARA
Zvi Lando ,   Tekoa, Israel   (07.14.05)
There will never be peace as long as Israel holds on to a silly little nothing called NETIV HA’ASARA - I mean, what are jews doing there anyway? Do we have to keep sending our boys to be killed just becuase some right wing crazies want to live in a kibbutz in the desert? I say: give back NETIV HA’ASARA and THEN our Arab brothers will accept us and live with us in PEACE. No wonder Haaretz took off their "talkback" function ......
19. Murder South of Ashkelon
Jim ,   Haifa   (07.14.05)
Now the vicious animals have attacked Netiv Ha'Asara, until recently considered to be "sovereign Israeli territory". Soon "Mothers in Black" or some such collection of traitors will demand that we give this moshav to the "Palestinian State" being created--"just a little land for the sake of peace", they say. Just beyond is Ashkelon, correction: formerly Askelon and Isdud. Meanwhile we will reward them with Gush Katif--a little appetizer before the main course. Have we gone totally mad?! How can the entire people of Israel blindly follow Sharon, the Pied Piper of Shikma, as he destroys all that we have createc--merely to relieve him and his sons from investigations and prosecution.?
20. To Zvi Lando
NYC Girl   (07.14.05)
As an Israeli, you're the one most entitled to voice your opinion. I live in New York and so I don't have to deal with this crap. But thinking that all the Arabs will accept you and live in peace just flies in the face of reality. Why didn't you live in peace prior to 1967? It's one thing to oppose the settlements on ideological grounds, but I think it's important to be realistic about the fact that the terrorists who are firing rockets and turning themelves into human bombs, aren't going to accept anything less than your removal from the Middle East. If you can live with that...fine, so can I.
21. War is Revolution-Give the TroopstheRevolutionary Experience
22. u are right Jim #19 !
Yair ,   Israel   (07.14.05)
23. So does anybody think disengagemant will bring peace ???
Nachm Sanow ,   USA   (07.14.05)
Jews wake up ??? its plain and simple by giving up jewish land you show weekness and inviting greater and harsher terror.
24. to NYC Girl - JUST SATIRE
Zvi Lando ,   Tekoa Israel   (07.14.05)
Calm down... only an idiot would really say what I did, but then, there are TONS of them here! I live in Tekoa for 23 years.... :)
25. Zvi
J K ,   NYC, USA   (07.14.05)
Missed Tekoa my last time in Israel, but maybe I'll visit next time. As for your satire, I get it....if this is the beginning, even the green like wont satisfy Hamas....well, why should this be a surprise? They still want all of Israel...check out their charter
26. Sorry, Zvi
NYC Girl   (07.14.05)
I guess I've read the rantings of so many members of the lunatic fringe that I'd believe almost anything is possible.
27. ok we're waiting and have been for years
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.15.05) July 8 2005, 'From London to Gaza', by David Bedein "In recent weeks, American, British and Israeli intelligence sources have revealed that al-Qaida units now operate in the southern section of Gaza, and are positioned to take over the area that Israel Defense Forces would vacate..." Since 1974, it has been Islamist strategy that when Israel was sufficiently weakened through a combination of diplomacy and violence, the Arab nations would join in the final solution against Israel. PA leader, Abbas was Arafat's partner for over 40 years. Shortly after Oslo, Arafat explained on Jordanian TV the PLO strategy adopted in 1974: "Since we cannot defeat Israel in war, we do this in stages. We take any and every territory we can of Palestine, and establish sovereignty there, and we use it as a springboard to take more. When the time comes, WE CAN GET THE ARAB NATIONS TO JOIN US FOR THE FINAL BLOW AGAINST ISRAEL." Colluding with Egypt, the Palestinian Authority have smuggled in anti-tank missiles and anti-aircraft shoulder fired missiles that can take down commerical jets. Israeli leaders invitation for Egyptian military forces to deploy on Israel's border with Egypt fits in perfectly with the Islamist plan for the destruction of Israel. Egypt is equipped with the latest American weapons and, due to massive U.S. military aid has the largest and most powerful army in the Arab world . Nearly a year ago, U.S. Congressman Tom Lantos in the House International Relations Committee, warned Egypt was building up its military in preparation for a future war with Israel. M.K. Steinitz stated: Egyptian military "has been training for war against Israel for the past 10 years." After the 1967 War, the American Joint Chiefs of Staff report stated ISRAEL CAN ONLY BE DEFENSIBLE IF IT RETAINS JUDEA, SAMARIA, GAZA AND THE GOLAN. israelnationalnews - Jan 10 2005 - Israel Radio's morning newsmagazine reported PA leader, Abbas, appeared the night before and declared before cheering crowds, the "little Jihad had ended, and now the BIG JIHAD IS BEGINNING." The crowd responded, "A Million Shahids Marching to Jerusalem!" Israeli military analysts state that after Israel's exit from Gaza terror will greatly increase. Gaza will become Hamastan - the largest terror base in the Middle East with its own seaport and airport - a major terror threat not just to Israel, but to the entire world. The Road Map Islamic terror state will reduce TINY, over-crowded Israel to a 9 mile wide border at its middle. A TOTALLY INDEFENSIBLE ISRAEL. Through a series of horrifying concessions and suicidal agreements, Israel's leaders have recklessly abandoned the defense of Israel.
29. i agree with #22, that #19 is right
30. good!
Duvdevani   (07.15.05)
Roll out the merkavas, get in there and squash the lot of them
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