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Dershowitz in plagiarism spat
By Associated Press
Published: 17.07.05, 11:33
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1. Darshowitz is a hypocrite
Sal Azam ,   Chicago, USA   (07.17.05)
Mr. Darshowitz is a hypocrite zionist. In my opinion both means the same. He is a pro Iraq war Pro Israeli pro illegal settlement zionist and a corrupt person. He uses his education and qualification to lie and mislead.
2. Mr. Azam is a clown. And a "munafiq".
Uzziel   (07.17.05)
He is a rabid jew hater who never misses an opportunity to ashame himself with stupid conspiration theories. At least Dershowitz is a Law school professor and he always give enough evidence and groundwork to what he writes. Should Mr. Azam go back to the school or visit for a lenghty period, a mental institution specialised in helping brainwashed people?
3. hypocrite...more
joe Hadeed ,   Washington   (07.17.05)
Alan Dershowitz is not only hypocrite but he would sell his mother for a buck , he and his buddy Lawyers will destroy America ...they milked this COW called America way toooo much .
4. Dershowitz i attacked only because he supports Israel
Yair ,   Israel   (07.17.05)
5. "Norman Finkelstein"....
Uri   (07.17.05)
Norman Finkelstein is a rabid anti-Israel zealot and a failed academic who has written that he "can't imagine why Israel's apologists would be offended by a comparison with the Gestapo." Finkelstein has made a career of attacking prominent Jews who support Israel or justice for Holocaust victims. He tends to use the same attack words -"plagiarist," "fraud," "hoax," "fake," "liar," and extortionist.- against those he seeks to discredit because of their support for Israel or Holocaust survivors . Mr. Finkelstein's book "The Holocaust Industry" was devastated by a New York Times reviewer who called it "indecent," "juvenile," "stupid," "reckless," "ruthless," "irrational," and "insidious." How about the University of California Publishers change their name to "Kill the JEWS Publishing House" and "Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History" Could be more accurately changed to "Beyond Chutzpah: How the Jews lie, and how we can finish them off for good." Sal, you should really know about a subject before opening your mouth - Alan Dershowitz is strongly opposed to the Iraq war, and calls for Israel's Settlements to be dismantled.. In fact, many in the Republican aisle consider him to be a loony Liberal.
6. Of course "Joe" HADEED
Uzziel   (07.17.05)
And you are an American patriot and "taxpayer" who is only preoccupied with the state of the public finances. Yet unable to condemn the 9/11 bombings.... A true American patriot this HADEED.
7. Azam/Hadeed - 5th Columnists
Park ,   Hong Kong   (07.17.05)
Why does the USA allow these sleeper cell members to remain? America beware!!! Arab/Muslim Culture and Violence - Same old thing! The problem is with their cultural narrative. It is quite simply backwards and stuck in the middle ages, dreaming of what once was. They still seem only to know mindless violence. Violence against Christians, Jews, Hindus, Budhists, animists, other Muslims (Sunni vs Shia, religious vs secular, family vs family, clan vs clan, tribe vs tribe, nation vs nation), etc. Various conflicts and terror attacks in the Middle East, Africa, Indian Subcontinent, Central Asia, SE Asia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, North America, Latin America, etc. (Do I need to list out all of the individual countries?) Violence against their own families, clans and women in general. Slaughtering their own daughters, sisters, etc for reasons of honor. Ordering of gang rape for reasons of honor. Jailing of their wives for reasons of honor, etc. Refusal to acknowlede rape unless there are four witnesses and then jailing the victim for adultery. Stoning of homosexuals and adulterers. Forced female genital mutilation. Vendettas lasting decades, etc. Beheadings, defiling of bodies, suicide bombing and other various orgies of violence. Women, children, elderly, invalids, mentally impaired (victims and perpetrators). Hospitals, schools, houses of nothing sacred? What is wrong with these people? Is it a feeling of impotence that drives them to commit these acts? Is it the sexual repression (which is why women need to coverup)? The Arab/Muslim world needs to be a bit more honest and introspective and stop looking to blame everyone and everything else, but themselves, for their problems. The Arab and Muslim world only need buy itself a mirror and take a good long clear look into themselves, their cultures and their societies. The truth shall set them free...
8. educate your self better than this
Human Being ,   Gaza   (07.18.05)
Stupid park ... If any person doesn’t agree with you, you call them unpatriotic or object to USA financial help to Israel you call them what ever ......... stupid That what general McCarty used to do to his opponents (McCarthyism era). Stop these accusations. You seemed to me you want what you want to know not what facts are. Your analysis is not true. You need to know that any person striped of their identity, his home taken away or driven under poverty line would do these things. Place your self in any person whose home, identification, and …. Was taken away from him what do you accept? The Jews in Europe did not set and get killed, they resisted Hitler and they were called terrorists. So, educate your self better than this.
9. To: #8 Human Being? Umm... Don't think so.
vitaly ,   usa   (07.18.05)
The only people that called Jewish resistance to Hitler terrorism were the Nazi's and their supporters. The support that I'm talking about included the Arab world. Yes, the Arabs supported Hitler during WW2. By the way, the only "Human Beings" that are in Gaza are slated for evacuation in August! Also if I recall correctly isn't true that 600,000 Jews were driven out of their homes from Arab countries? Weren't Arab nations ethnically cleansed of Jews during the 40's, 50's and 60's ? Oh I'm sorry, you must have forgotten! That's ok! That's what I'm here for!Have a nice day!
10. For Park7
Sal Azam ,   Chicago, USA   (07.18.05)
Park you are writing someone who is full of hatred and totally out of touch with the topic. We are talking about Darshowitz and not about anyones culture. Please stick to the topic. No 8 is right about you.
11. Joan Peters book is a lot better then Dershowitz's
Zionist ,   World   (07.18.05)
It should be mandatory reading for all haters of Israel.
12. Denial - Human B. (Shahid?)
Park ,   Hong Kong   (07.18.05)
Dear Human B. Shahid (and crazy Sal), I stand by my words of warning for the US. There are Arabs/Muslims who have/are coming to the US (amounst other countries) with other than the most innocent of intentions. Do I really need to start listing examples for you? As to your reference to my being stupid, perhaps you were projecting onto me your (or your peoples') own personal shortcomings. It would appear as though you are the one in need of education..."general McCarty". I think you were referring to Joeseph McCarthy, he was not a general, but a Senator crusading against communism/ists. There was a famous WWII general who fought (mostly) in the pacific (WWII was a fight against fascists and their supporters [including Arabs/Muslims]). His name was General Douglas MacArthur. You are the first person who ever referred to Jewish resistance agaist the Nazis as terrorism. Could you please provide some information on the terrorist acts carried out by these anti-Nazi Jewish terrorists. Please include instances of attacks specifically targeting women, children and the elderly (and please don't omit the suicide/homicide attacks). Does your ignorance know no bounds! I'm sorry if you're offended by my words regarding Arab/Muslim culture and violence, but they are true! As I mentioned, you should really buy yourself a mirror and take a good long clear look into it, NOT so much for the benefit of non-Arabs/Muslims, but for the benefit of yourself and the larger Arab/Muslim world. Arab/Muslim denial helps no one!
13. Crazy Sal: Jihadist/5th Columnist
Park ,   Hong Kong   (07.18.05)
Crazy Sal, I've read many of your posts and am well aware of your malvolent intentions and viewpoints. It is quite ironic and also humorous for someone of your ilk to accuse me of being full of hatred. As for your complaining of me being off topic, you are the last being that should be making that accusation. Questions for you: -What are you doing in the US; what are you're intentions there? -Are US federal authorities aware of your actions/intent? -Why are you not in an Arab state which would be more in tune with your twisted viewpoints? -Should there be any concern for the welfare of the female family members in your household (ie. honor crimes, etc)? -Why are you posting on an Israeli website as opposed to a Jihadi one?
14. park is funny ...
joe Hadeed ,   washington   (07.19.05)
you crack me up need to focus ...why is an Arab or A jew lives in America ???? how old are you anyway ?
15. To Human Being, Gaza
Joel Schaffer ,   Belleair Bluffs, FL   (07.21.05)
Not that it matters but it was Senator Joe McCarthy who was responsible for McCarthy-ism not General Douglas Macarthur. If you want to be taken seriously please do a better job at mud slinging. Your opinion is as valid as the rest of ours but you lose the impact when your facts are so flawed. The McCarthy hearings were about Communism in America. The Jews in Europe did not resist Hitler. They were rounded up, stripped of not just their homes but of every single material possession then sent to slave labor camps to work or systematically put to death. Hitler & German greed was the reason. Who else at the time had the money to fund a war against the free world but the hard working German & European Jews. They were rich & it was easy to get the "lowest common denominator" to rise up & steal the fruits of Jewish labor in a mob rules fashion. No matter what, Israel cannot be accused of the same. In no way, shape or form. Israel did not strip the Palestinians of their physical, material possession nor did they force the Palestinians into slave labor camps to work or systematically put to death. The Palestinians rejected the UN decision in 1948 to create both Israel & Palestine. The Palestinians can thank themselves for the exact situation that they are in. They did this all on their own, of their own devices. We are always hearing about the return to the 1967 borders. Who forced the Palestinians & other Arab countries to invade Israel in 1967 and again on other occasions? On their highest holiday no less......during Yom Kippur, when all the Jews are praying that's when the Palestinians attack. How brave you freedom fighters are....... Is it our fault that Israel won? Every time? Something about being G-d's chosen people..... Try to remember the first ever Muslim...........was a Jew. Most importantly, get your facts straight. Then be taken seriously.
16. #7 Islam
Nablus 1   (07.21.05)
I am not religious but I can give you facts about the religion which you are attacking, if it was that horrible of a religion then why is it the fastest growing religion in the world and Moslems comprise 25% of the world population????????
17. 'Terrorists'
alan ,   nsw, australia   (07.21.05)
Let's all stick to the facts: 1. As your previous talkback noted, during the 50's to 70's hundreds of thousands of Jews were driven out of middle eastern countries that had been their home for centuries. 2. They were welcomed and resettled by Israel. 3. When Arab peoples have been displaced - from Iraq, Iran, Israel, etc, they were not welcomed or resettled by other Arab countries. 4. It suits the militant muslims to keep Palestinians in refugee camps or poor conditions in Gaza and the West Bank, to keep the anti-zionist breeding grounds fertile and continue the anti-semitic lies. 5. When Jews resisted Hitler in Europe, they did not target civilians - they fought against the military. Just like other 'freedom' fighters did over the centuries. There can be no comparison with terrorist ('suicide') bombers who deliberately and randomly kill and maim innocent civilans: only muslim extremists have adopted such inhumane tactics. 6. Unless countries such as Saudi Arabia change their non-democratic, feudal and greedy ruling classes, the common Arab peoples will always be unfairly treated and therefore discontent. 7. When exremist muslims learn to love their own children more than they hate other people, then reconciliation can begin. and lots more still ........
18. Why Palestinians Left Their Homes?
Human Being ,   Gaza   (07.21.05)
I know who is Joseph R. McCarthy, a United States Senator from Wisconsin; I called him general because he was so aggressive in his fight against communism. About the Palestinians fleeing Palestine in 1948 was not by choice it was by the Israeli Haganah and the Jewish Gangs. Remember that the Zionist movement had the intention to cleanse Palestine in the late 19 centuries. So, don’t tell me I am not a ware of history. Please accept the web site as an educational resource to all of you who try to ignore part of the history. You may change the future but you will never be able to change the past!!! Please read these sites and comment on them to prove that you are such opened mind and educated. Good luck …..
19. TO #18, You need education and not proganda
Kobi ,   USA/FRANCE/ISRAEL   (07.23.05)
1. The Israeli's only encouraged Arabs(not Palestinians)or perhaps better said Arabic speakers in limited and isolated circumstances. 2. By and large it was the Arabs countries(created by Europe, like Arab nationalism which was adopted from,modified European nationalism)who demanded the Arabs(the majority being recent arrivals from other areas Lebanon, Syria etc...) who were told to vacate their homes /tents, dunams of land in roder to make way for the invasion of the pan arba army to strangle and destroy Israel. Yes an Arab invasion. 3. Since you like Education and facts Mr. Gaza then you shall concede that Arabs in Palestine(a word comensurate with nation of sons of Israel) didn't want to be called 'Palestians' until the 1960's, spefically in 1964 with the founding of the well known terorist organization the PLO., because Jews here were called Palestinians. Question: The Palestine Post. Was it an Arab or Jewish Paper? Answer: Jewish it is now called The Jerusalem Post. 4. You v'e grown up with deliberately distorted history. So, as a person that has been indoctrinated since birth, bombarded by lies and HATE in text books, nursery songs, television, music it is diifcult to leave the cave and have an open mind accept facts. 5. But your muderous leaders(including of your own people not just Jews and Americans) even admitted that the Propaganda of Arabic speakers in Land og ISrael as "Palestinian" was only for propagandist purposes against State of Israel and they assured the created Arab countries that they are no different ethnically, culturally etc...
20. Other facts
Kobi ,   USA FRANCE ISRAEL   (07.23.05)
Try looking at the "Great " mosque of Gaza city which is a stolen and occupied synagogue. Until recently there was a menorah and a verse from the book of Genesis,"The angle that redeemd me from all Evil" inscribed in Hebrew on a pillar in that former synagogue now mosque. Also in Gaza (south western Israel) was a mosiac on floor of King David. Why did the Arabs sand them off? Because they wish to do the same with every other piece of Jewish history and artifact distort and destroy and rewrite history.
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