Terrorists kill Israeli couple in Gaza
By Hanan Greenberg and Ronny Sofer
Published: 24.07.05, 10:37
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1. Give them guns???
Oreet ,   Israel   (07.24.05)
But Condoleeza thinks we should give the PA more weapons so they can fight terror --- who is she kidding? Does she still buy that nonsense -- tonight we saw again what the Arabs will use their weapons for -- the more weapons they have, the more Israelis will be killed.
2. Ok, Sharon - Do what you said...
More Israelis are murdered - Do what you promised and go into Gaza and crack down on terrorists, since Mr. Abbas is not doing anything about it. It is the duty of a Democracy to protect its citizen's right to life - Please uphold this criterion and stop potential murderers.
3. Let's not screw up the Ceasefire-Give us a break
4. Addendum to Post Number 2 (above)
Johnny Weintraub ,   Sugar Land, Texas US   (07.24.05)
The previous posts states "since Mr. Abbas is not doing anything about it." The news bulletin identifies the terrorists as belonging to Al Aksa Martyr's Brigades. Isn't that part of FATAH which is headed by Mahmoud Abbas? How can Abbas blame this killing on HAMAS? My conclusion is that Mr. Abbas does not want to do anything about it (that is my most generous observation.)
5. more guns?
curious ,   US   (07.24.05)
Oreet, where did Rice recommend giving them more guns?
6. ?
. ,   .   (07.24.05)
what were they doing in gaza??? just wondering
7. Sharon will not retaliate. You can bet on it
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ, US   (07.24.05)
Don't hold your collective breath. Sharon WILL NOT retaliate for these terror murders. The army is given strict orders to hold fire. Insane but true. These murders play right into his gameplan. He wants the "settlers" (aren't we all settlers?) to realize how dangerous and untenable it is to live there, and to prove to the rest of the world that he is doing the right thing. However, he doesn't explain how appeasing the terrorists will stop the Tel Aviv bombers etc etc. In addition, he wouldn't dare retaliate with his master Rice in town. Anyone who thinks Israel is independent has rocks in their heads. Nothing is done militarily without US input.
8. WHo is she kidding
She isnt pro Israel rice . you are right who are we joking.we can't trust them.
9. Pay Back
Avi ,   Israel   (07.24.05)
I think whats happening is the price Israelis should pay for there actions againest civilian Palestinians in west bank and gaza
10. Settlers?
C'est moi ,   Canada   (07.24.05)
Just want to remind you all that you are settlers. Wake up! We are not a race. We are a religion. We are all settlers in Palestine just like the whites in S.A. Stop speaking about arabs because the former defence minister Benyamin (Fouad) Eletzer is an Arab. This racist centricity is to be your demise. Peace to all and I hope it will happen.
11. We condemn this attack
Salameh ,   Gaza   (07.24.05)
We, the Palestinians of Gaza, condemn this attack against civilians, though they are illegal occupiers of our land, but their gouverment has decided to quit the occupied land in Gaza, so no more firing should be originated from the liberated lands. Gaza Strip should be a good example of how we can co-exist with our neighbours, so we all can raise our children in peace.
12. Settlers?
Raykie ,   Israel   (07.24.05)
#10. All who are not native to the land are settlers by your definition. I presume that you are not Amerind and that you yourself are a settler in Canada, while I am a Jew and native to Israel.
13. Where are Sharon's troups?
Mazal ,   Israel   (07.24.05)
Putting 20.000 arm forces to fight socalled "violent" anti-pullout demonstrators who sing songs of love for the Land and for those some 20.000 arm forces, but when it comes to fighting the enemy there is no-one there and our people get sacrificed on the altar of politics and in the meantime we gather enormous troups to block jews from getting home. Where is our right to security?
14. ?
Jeff ,   Canada   (07.24.05)
to post 6? What are you dong in the place where you are?
15. #6
dot   (07.24.05)
The couple went to visit a family in Gush Katif, and were on their home to Jerusalem when they got shot.
16. u call this a truce?
Lisa   (07.24.05)
the definition for Truce in the Merrian-Webster Dictionary is as follows: a suspension of fighting especially of considerable duration by agreement of opposing forces unless we are totally blind, deaf and dumb, we can not ignor the fact that there is no true, the war continues
17. To C'est Moi
NYC Girl   (07.24.05)
Benyamin Eliezer is not an Arab, he's an Iraqi Jew, of which there are many in Israel. In fact, he's just one of the hundreds of thousands of Jews who were forced to flee Arab countries because their lives were at risk. And you really ought to talk about the real racists...those Arabs whose goal it is to expunge Israel from the Middle East.
18. How many more...
Dani ,   Israel, Tel Aviv   (07.24.05)
Complete the wall, invade Gaza, occupy Damscus, Bomb Teheran... We have to do whatever we need to in order to secure the life of Israeli citizens. We should NOT bow for international pressure!!! Bombs are going of all over the world and still the UK, The Netherlands, France and many more and sitting on their hands desperatly searching for a "diplomatic solution". How many more must die before the world will take charge over radical moslims who operate freely from Dmascus, Teheran and numerous other countries.
19. to 10 - on "race"
Shai ,   Israel   (07.24.05)
Jews never claimed to be a race unto itself. That was claimed for them most notably by Nazis and a few crackpot racial theorists in the late 1800's. But the evidence even in ancient times shows this is not the case - we have the blood of Moab in our Davidic line of royalty, some of our greatest rabbis were non-Semitic converts, two of the four "mothers" who married Jacob were probably not Semitic (Bilha and Zilpa), the Torah speaks of a population of unaffiliated Egyptians who left with the Jews at the time of the Exodus (the erev rav) and even today you can see on the faces of Jewish Israelis the evidence of a dozen diasporas, from Finland to Ethiopia. We don't look alike. So your insistence that we have a "racist centricity" is a figment of your imagination. It's simply not true, and ever since ancient times, hasn't been true. We are a nationality and a religion, and both were founded in this Land. Not only were they founded here, but if you know anything about how the religion is structured, you'll know that it cannot be complete without this Land, as many of the halachot are only valid here. Jews belong to this Land, this Land belongs to Jews, as much or more than any Land belongs to anybody, irrespective of whether you believe G-d gave it to us. Benyamin Ben Eliezer is a Jew who was born in an Arab country. That doesn't make him an Arab any more than being an Arab born in Israel makes him a Jew, and it doesn't in any way dilute his heritage and right to be here. Besides being Arab isn't what makes you indigenous to the land I live in, which is apparently the point you are trying to advance in calling us "settlers in Palestine just like the whites in S.A.". Speaking in terms of the same time frame Jews refer to, Arabs (the proto-Beduin Nabateans) are indigenous to this area south of Beer Sheva, not in the areas of Judea, Sumeria and Gaza (and elsewhere in Israel) where they want a state. Interesting that you mention South Africa. The Boors were there for 4 centuries before white rule ended and that was never enough for people to say they had a right to be there. Yet, most (not all) Palestinian families who have reliable claims to be here from "ancient days" arrived in the 1830's to the early 1900's, not even 2 centuries. Why do those very few with substantiated earlier roots accrue to the benefit of all Arabs against the earlier substantiated roots of the Jewish Nation? I don't know, "c'est moi" - maybe you can enlighten us. Yes, even 2 centuries is a long time by most of our standards, but what makes these Arabs more indigenous then than the Boors in South Africa, such as you speak of their belonging here with such certainty, like night follows day? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And what erases the Jews' connections with this land, despite 2 millenia elsewhere, when Zion and Jerusalem feature in our daily prayers, our Torah and our holidays? Even Islam and Christianity recognized the connection. Christianity even incorporated the diaspora into their theology, saying that the Jews absence from Zion was proof they were no longer "chosen". But they never said it wasn't the land of the Jews, and their re-establishment here still bothers the "Orthodox" churches because it screws up their theological view.
20. To 10 - part 2
Shai ,   Israel   (07.24.05)
And the Pals know all this. So they try to infer that they are descendents of the "real" Jews (not Khuzar Jews, which they call Jews who came from Europe, based on the journalist Arthur Koestler's unsubstantiated ruminations), of Caananites, of Philistines and others. I find this puzzling. If they are descendants of Jews, why doesn't their continued existence here secure the rights of Jews to this place, rather than of Dar el Islam? Because they converted to Islam, it suddenly becomes Arab and Arabs get to decide everything unilaterally? Islam gets to speak for the Jews because the ones living here converted? That's kind of like the Mormons with their retroactive conversions, BTAT. If they are Caananites, then why assert an Arab identity as proof of their indiginousness and of their ancient existence here when the Caananites (and Philistines) were by all reliable archeological evidence not Semitic tribes as Arabs are? In reply, Pals insist they intermarried with these non-Semitic tribes and overwhelmed their identity and language. Overlooking the "convenience" of the explanation, how is it possible that these tribes remained in Israel through centuries of Jewish rule, disappeared according to our records, yet kept their identities until the seventh century CE (when Islam conquered the Middle East) only to suddenly disappear in a wave of Arabs? The Muslims were known to be a literate nation at that time - why were there no records of "Caananites" or "Philistines" amongst their captives? And even if it were so, how would the few Arabs who intermarried with these non-Semitic tribes able to innoculate the rest of Palestinians from the accusation that they are less "indigenous" than the Jews, when only a few of them could have possibly intermarried with them? The only workable conclusion is that the Jews are the indigenous inhabitants of this area, irrespective of the others who conquered our lands and settled it during our time in the Diaspora, and we are returning to liberate our lands. We've been battered by many nations during our travels, and even when we were here, and for many years were not sovereing here, but we've never given up our connection to this place. It is as much of us as our religion and nationality is part of us. Nevertheless, anybody who genuinely wishes to let us live in peace with us has no reason to fear for their lives.
21. to NYC GIRL
PAUL ,   PARIS FRANCE   (07.24.05)
sorry if my english is not the quality of my french...i'm OK with you about Eliezer,his nickname is Fouad,as thousands of jews in north-africa have names as Ibrahim,youssef,younes... And when you write"those arabs whose goal is to expurge Israel from the middle east" ,Iknow this situation when my family must leave the country where our ancestors were living before Hijra and conquest of north africa by muslims. we lost all ,houses,ground,money in banks,to save our lives, may be as palestinians in 1947,but we don't spend our life(as them) to cry and to ask for help,and to want return!!!part of us go in France,others in Israel,some in Canada,US and so..and we WORK, and step by step our situation is better-with nobody to help us-NOBODY.43 years after 1961 all the personns of my family have good job(teachers,doctors,chemists,lawyers,ingeneers etc etc)and during all these years what do palestinians?waiting every month the help of UNRWA? listenning the promess of their worst ennemies Arabs counries,they have been sacrified by their own "brothers"by corrupted's a big pity to see how arafat was unable for peace and how his wife Souha thief the money of children palestinian for herself and for built his palace in Carthage or his shopping at Paris...Arabs in all the world must open their eyes and face the reality.Friendly
22. Visited their children, # 6!
Gerd Schulz ,   Germany   (07.24.05)
Imagine this crime!
23. #15
Ali ,   Gaza   (07.24.05)
They went to the wrong place and they were killed in the wrong time !!!!
24. To Paul In Paris
NYC Girl   (07.24.05)
What you're saying is absolutely true. My husband's family left Iraq and immigrated to Israel and were forced to leave behind all of their possessions, but also the way of life they had known for many generations. In fact, my husband's grandmother lived in Israel for most of her adult life, but still only spoke Arabic because the culture was so deeply ingrained in her. It was very difficult in Israel at the time, but they worked hard and succeeded as you describe your family as having done. The Palestinians should have turned their back on that murderous Arafat and his greedy wife a long time ago. If they had, they and everybody else would have been much better off today.
25. #11
steven ,   france   (07.24.05)
Its great that you only now condemn the murder of innocent civillians,and that the gaza strip should be a good example of co-existence,So now you should all go and tell the Hamas ,El aqsa and all the rest of your "political parties" that their murdering campaignes must now end.You have the Guts to say it on the net ,but you will only convince the world ,when we see the people of gaza in the streets ,doing exactly what you did when you protested against Israeli intervention,in the terratories,So i think your intentions are true,but now we need to see your actions.SALAM ET SHALOM
26. #15
steven ,   paris   (07.24.05)
That is your answer to the death of these innocent people? May you never be in the wrong place at the wrong time;and if you do ,may G-Dhave mercy on your sole.It's because of your kind of reasoning ,that hatred and the killings continue.
27. Ali, Gaza, # 23
Gerd Schulz ,   Germany   (07.24.05)
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