'A barbaric pagan ceremony'
Efrat Weiss and Diana Bahur-Nir
Published: 26.07.05, 21:36
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1. Judaism is pagan
Sean ,   South Africa   (07.26.05)
All religions are based on pagan mythology. And as a JewWitch I say, "an it harm none, do what thou wilt." Silly, uneducated rabbi''s you know nothing about magic or prayer and your God will suck your essence dry
3. Jews are a stupid people
David ,   United States   (07.26.05)
Sinat Chinam. Virtually every country in the world dislikes Israel and Jews in general. Faced with this fearsome opposition, we divide into factions and let the world laugh as we destroy eachother. That has been the overwhelming failure of the Jewish people throughout our long and otherwise proud history. Hopefully someday soon we will learn.
5. Ritual
Ed ,   Pittsburgh, USA   (07.26.05)
....just a little fearful this might actually work I think.....
7. Prayer at thought crime
Yael Goldman ,   Philadelphia, USA   (07.26.05)
No it is incitement to murder besides the fact that it makes all us Jews the laughingstock of the entire world, that it communicates to the entire world that Judaism is not a higher religion but a folk religion
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.26.05)
Your article states incitement has reached alarming new levels. 20 people is most certainly not alarming new levels!!! THESE 20 PEOPLE DO NOT REPRESENT THE JEWISH RELIGIOUS COMMUNITY. NEITHER DO THEY REPRESENT THE JEWISH RESIDENTS OF JUDEA, SAMARIA AND GAZA. THIS IS NOT JUDAISM! THIS IS NOT IN THE BIBLE! Peace Now, Openheimer: "We're not talking about a few bad apples, but an entire field of extremists who are willing to kill to stop the disengagement" What an evil statement! 20 people do something very wierd and Peace Now uses this as an excuse to demonize and to slander and to falsely accuse innocent Jews! It is profoundly evil for Peace Now or anyone else to claim people are willing to kill to stop the disengagement.
9. It's a CURSE,NOT an order to physicaly kill
israel ,   nyc, usa   (07.27.05)
The way you are reporting, you make it sound like they order'd the people to kill sharon-That is WRONG, al they did was curse him, now if sharon and the leftys dont believe in the curses, so then what does it bother them?!
10. Lefties, You Are In No Moral Position To Judge
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ, US   (07.27.05)
This ritual is not any more barbaric than a police commander saying he will f--k all the opponents of expulsion, and wants them beaten in their lower extremities. Whatever "prayer" stops Sharon is okay in my book. I certainly am in no position to ask anything from God. I leave that to those who are leading more spiritual lives. I am only interested in results.
11. the only truth
Eyal ,   Brazil   (07.27.05)
the only truth is that no matter who is right or not, if right or left wing, if extremists or not... is that we the Jews are destroying something we took years to build for thousands of years we were separated all over the world in the diaspora but even so we survived and besides all the problems and all perseguitions we suffered we survived as ONE people... the Jewish people... we are now starting to suffer a diaspora inside our own comunities not only in Israel but i feel it even here in Brazil, we are starting to hate each other, to curse each other... we are destroying an entire history we were always proud to tell, that we were always one, that TOGETHER we always won the enemies, that TOGETHER we survived we are simply destroying ourselves destroying the main essence of "being a Jew" maybe the problem now is not to discuss what with Aza... maybe the biggest problem of all now is to discuss "what are we doing with ourselves?" thats a really sad situation i never on my life expected to pass by
Chaim Yankel   (07.27.05)
13. who cares? hocus pocus...
yoffie ,   US   (07.27.05)
Since do these leftists believe in God, let alone kabalistic curses. That said, I hope sharon does drop dead real soon-from natural causes of course- and eliminate the threat of the resettlement and civil war which is all too real..
14. sounds like....
Duvdevani   (07.27.05)
.....a bunch of mambo jumbo to me curses? Gimme a break. Thats more than a little juvenile.
15. This is a curse on the Jewish People
daniel ,   amsterdam   (07.27.05)
Those who curse Ariel Sharon to die just like Rabin are cursing the Jewish people. They are effectivly saying that staying in Gaza is more important than the existance of the state of Israel. If Sharon is murdered God help us all. This means they are willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING to remain in Gaza. My suggestion would be to arrest these people and lock them up in the Children's museum of Yad Vashem where they can contemplate what would become of them without the state that has given them a chance to live.
16. Kempler video
David ,   Jerusalem   (07.27.05)
The leader of the curse group is a 99% chance a shabak agent like Avishai Raviv. A few weeks ago we had the "Mohamed is a pig". They have a playbook and they go back. Just read the headlines from 1995 and you will know exacly what will be in tomorrows headline. btw, the 10 video of the Rabin "fake murder" is now online at This Kempler video has not been on Israeli TV for over 9 1/2 years. You can accually see he misakes.
17. Beneath contempt
Micha Sloman ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.27.05)
This ritual has nothing to do with Judaism. It is pure paganism. It is an anathema to traditional Jewish belief. Those men involved in this evil practice may have been ordained as Rabbis but they no longer deserve the title. They are a total disgrace to our people. They dishonor Judaism and the Jewish people. Such people are beneath contempt.
18. Linda is right on
George ,   San Juan, PR   (07.27.05)
you go girl!
19. Pulsa diNura
Mikhail ,   California, USA   (02.13.06)
If we really meant what we say in these comments, would we not simply effect a counter-"curse"? Suggestion: "Great and Heavenly Father, may your Will be done and may Ariel Sharon live out the days You have appointed to his life, all to the greater glory of Your Holy Name." Not necessary of course but other approaches might require a review of the meaning of the word "blasphemy". This is much easier (safer, too).
20. Micha Sloman doesn't know anything
Brian Kronschnabel ,   Bakersfield, CA   (08.09.06)
If you knew anything of the Qaballah, and not that Hollywood fad BS, you would know that High Magick has been used by Rabbis for thousands of years. This particular curse calls on the "Angel of Death" and it has been recorded that the curse has killed the most unworthy, whether it be caster or victim. So get your head out of you're ass and do some research! It isn't Paganism, because it calls on God and the Angels. Paganism is nature worship, so start reading books, and stop being a religious fundamentalist. You are ridiculing a world-wide recognized religion, and the oldest recorded religion. It is the exact same thing that has been done to the Jewish people for 5,000 years, and now you are inflicting it on another people. There is a special place in Hell for people like YOU!
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