3 Qassams fired at Sderot; no injuries
By Shmulik Haddad
Published: 28.07.05, 16:52
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1. sad, what's happened to my country
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (07.28.05)
The govt. says over and over that if the disengagement gets disrupted by terrorism, the IDF will act with full force. Disrupting the disen. is a no-no, a red line. However, continual firing at Israeli citizens in their towns and villages, making normal life impossible, causing death, injury, and trauma, is acceptable and can be allowed to continue for weeks and weeks. When will, at last, Israel rise from the Oslo mud and proclaim its dignity again?
2. its firework
Pal ,   Palestine   (07.28.05)
you make them fire these silly fireworks and call them "rockets"... man these stupid rockets can not harm an ant.. after 5000 rockets israeli women died .. may becasue of a heart attack...
3. to pal
cliff from montreal ,   Canada   (07.28.05)
yeah just little fireworks.ok them, let's aim some in your neck of the woods.maybe your mommy or grandparent won't pop off,maybe they will.Then get back to me.Hey, what's one innocent life to people like you? Oh..I forgot,zero. let's see, Israel fires a rubber bullet in pali terror tory then it's an international uproar, and the UN springs into action,but if a pali terrorist fires a rocket into Israel no one says anything, the un gives them more money ,and it's labeled a 'firework'. You are from a very sick society.Go away and get help, k?
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.28.05)
Israeli leaders allowed Jewish Gaza to be bombarded with THOUSANDS or rockets and mortars. And did nothing. Israel's leaders refused to fight back and defend Jews in Islam's non-stop religious war. Over and over and over again, the Jewish residents have experienced the awesome power and protection of the great G-D of the universe. Many of the Jewish residents have amazing stories to tell of miracles from G-D that saved their lives. Please write a book about these miracles and the great faithfulness of G-D to His children who placed their lives on the line every hour of every day to obey the Eternal G-D - to live on the land that G-D gave as an eternal possession to His Jewish people.
5. They are fighting for there freedom
Ryan ,   Ohio, USA   (07.29.05)
The palestinians are not sick people they are merely fighting for there freedom the only way they can.
6. To 5
So I assume you must feel the same way about the 9/11 hijackers? They were fighting for freedom the only way they could too.
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