‘Israeli terror is worse’
By Roee Nahmias
Published: 29.07.05, 19:04
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1. Shulamit Aloni should leave Israel, never return.
Leave Israel & never come back. You are clearly all alone in your opinion.
2. Electioneering
Sean ,   South Africa   (07.29.05)
Not having lived in South Africa you cannot compare the situations. You know nothing about Apartheid-era racism. And while Israel has treated the palestinians badly I do not believe this warrants suicide atttacks. Our people endured the holocaust without turning themselves into human bombs against the Nazi's. Are they are so much weaker in spirit? What makes them celebrate when a suicide bomb blows up in Israel killing Jews? The Jews didn't even celebrate Hitler's death and these people ... They teach their children to hate in school. As the former education minister perhaps you can enlighten us as to what the israeli school system teach its children - that we must hate the Arabs? I don't think so. And you know that! Your behaviour as a public figure is most disgraceful.
3. couldn't find a better picture of her ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (07.29.05)
Shae look's like the bride of dead yasser ha satan. Thanks for ruining my lunch !
4. Aloni, A Deluded Old Shrew
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ, US   (07.29.05)
Aloni, the tired old hag that she is, needs to urgently read Dr. Kenneth Levin's book, "The Oslo Syndrome;Delusions of A People Under Siege". To say that she is delusional is being overly generous. She truly thinks that the Arab nazi hoardes will spare her pathetic life if she bows down like a dhimmi. Won't happen. In any event, the fact that she EVER held the post of Education minister (wiping out a whole generation of Jewish children's love of zionism) proves that the country must rid itself of the left's hegemony. As inciteful as Arafat was and Abbas is to generations of Jew haters, Aloni has been guilty of inciting against her own people. No wonder she is a "favorite" on many of the antizionist/antisemitic websites. For that, she should be shunned like a pariah, and should die alone in her misery.
5. I fully agree with you, Ms. Shulamit Aloni
Jacob Katriel ,   Haifa   (07.29.05)
6. kol hakavod
Michael ,   Haifa   (07.29.05)
Shulamit Aloni is not alone, but is the only political figure in Israel who has the guts to speak the raw truth.
7. too late
Osama ,   Jerusalem, Palestine   (07.29.05)
this is the case with you israelians, you only figure out the truth when you become formers, slomet aloni and others all said the same about israel, Israel is the real terrorist here
8. There you go!
Ramzi Sfeir ,   Bethlehem, Palestine   (07.29.05)
Ms. Shlomit aloni, No doubt, when you were minister of education, the level of hate went down to ZERO! you are a True human being! Seeing people like you on the israeli side is the best ray of hope this world can offer to a palestinian! Don't late the people who insult you here WIN! we all know that they are REALLY a minority! They expect everyone to think like them, they claim that they are democratic! Many of them mention loads of names without knowing anything! Abbas is a Hate Teacher? hehehe the funniest thing i've ever heared! Now the toughest thing the guy who said this can be asked is to proove it! thats when he will insult me and drift away from the subject...LIKE ALWAYS! Long Live Shlomit Aloni!
9. What's wrong with Israel?
This woman was head of the Education for the country..... I think there's something really wrong when 12 year-olds wearing orange are arrested... but Israeli leftists who aid Islamic Jihad, and defame the name of Israel, and Jews throughout the world, are being funded by Israeli Taxpayers. Shulamit should be charged with incitement, and should have her Israeli citizenship revoked - for defamation of the Jewish people.
10. I agree with Shulamit Aloni
Sal Azam ,   Chicago, USA   (07.29.05)
Religious messianic Judaism combined with Zionism is lethal and self destructive for Israel. Israel is preparing to fight the whole world for the sake of stolen land and wants to blackmail the world indefinitely with its "samson option" and nukes. It is going to back fire on Israel and its government if it remain on the path of deceit, deception, defiance and confrontation.
11. To 5 & 6
NYC Girl   (07.29.05)
I'm a liberal and at one time in my life I was very anti-American, but I don't understand how you can agree with the unmitigated insanity of an extremist like Shulamit Aloni. If America had ever been under the existential threat that Israel is, I know I could have gotten over my anti-Americanism in a big hurry.
12. mad and bad
Alex ,   London, UK   (07.29.05)
why does anybody bother interviewing her, like she's got something important to say? Aloni, go to hell.
13. Former Education Minister Shulamit Aloni
Isac ,   Boca Raton   (07.29.05)
I have to admit to one thing. I can't get angry ! She sounds very much like the American politician Dick Durbin who called the U.S. hadling of captured terrorists worse than the Nazis and the Soviet Gulags. I would strongly suggest, that since Shulamit Aloni does despise so much Israel, that she moves a.s.a.p. to the Gaza Strip in order to enjoy her newly won democratic lifestyle, where she can freely demonstrate and express her views without being insulted, spitted at, stoned, maimed, beaten or executed. Now that would be nice for a change, wouldn't it?
14. Finally
C'est Moi ,   Canada   (07.29.05) took someone this long to understand that the victims are the Palestinians and not the Israelis. Stop whining and stop biting the hand that feeds you (the U.S.) and bow when the pentagon asks you to....understood?
15. bitter old lady - she's free to be wrong
mike ,   usa   (07.29.05)
israeli oppression is WAY better than palestinian "freedom".
16. shulamit aloni for prime minister.all the respect to you
aa ,   aa   (07.29.05)
17. forget aloni
ozy ,   the deep south   (07.29.05)
who cares? the only one who might care what she thinks are the arabs.... self-hate must be so painfull... ans to-- 5,6,6--- forget you all as well. you can join her in your beloved gaza.... and if you don't like it-- drink the water of gaza !
18. The Truth Hurts
Palestine   (07.29.05)
Is it becuase she is telling the truth & some justice maybe in order?
19. Truth Hurts
Palestine   (07.29.05)
not surprising how easly the hatered comes out towards the Palestinians from the ZIONISTS when another human being says the truth
20. Finally...
Sam ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (07.29.05)
It's me.... Well isn't that typical of a Quebecer!! The only Canadian group that has ever worn masks, thrown stones and committed acts of terrorism; of course you are in the Palestinian camp!! Canadians say NO to separation; Quebec says let's vote again... Canada says again NO, Quebec says lets do it unilaterally; Quebec says NO this time and right wingers like you get your hair up!! Understood????? NO, no one understands you, it doesn't make any sense!! Come over here and see what it is... You have no idea who are victims and who are perpetrators... there are both on both sides!! This is not a simple issue; it is going to takes years of finesse to get it right. Israel wants to protect itself; the Palestinians want to be autonomous... We'll figure it out over here!! We don't need your bleeding BS!! If you want to come and be helpful, regardless of your allegiance, you are welcome!! But don't stand over there casting aspersions.... understood???
21. Shulamit
Palestine   (07.29.05)
22. Aloni,
Palestine   (07.29.05)
I thought so called Isreal is a Democracy?
23. Aloni
Palestine   (07.29.05)
It is only a matter of time for the Palestinian freedom.
24. Couldnt have said it better myself!! Truth Hurts ISRAEL!!!
Klaus ,   Punta Arenas, Chile   (07.29.05)
I spent 8 months in the west bank and have thoroughly seen, experienced and read exactly what aloni has said. I take my hat off for her truthful comments.....I know the truth hurts...but thats what it is....the truth that few israelis get to see. Shalom
25. To #14
Cindy ,   Miami, USA   (07.29.05)
I don't think you have it yet? I wouldn't want any other country or government coming in and dictating what ours does, so what gives our country the right to dictate how any other country should take care of its affairs. Who do you think WE are that WE are so great.
26. to mike #15
george younis ,   lebanon   (07.29.05)
your prejudice against palestinians is unbelievable and your mien is very mean is it from the fact that you are married to a ' palestinian" or from some freaky religious believes. you need some intrispection.
27. And Just Wait....
Sam ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (07.29.05)
Tomorrow, Aloni will claim she was misquoted by Kul al-Arab... Don't you people understand how the politics work?? We are all just tools in a function of manipulation and propaganda... Why do we let hate and anger interfere with the possibility of living peaceful and productive lives? There is not a person on the 'other side' you can't sit down and have a coffee and a laugh with, if you just put your preconceptions and biases aside. Believe me, I grew up in Canada and had many Palestinian friends I consider very close to me. We talked and often disagreed about the issues here but we talked, and laughed and honoured each other for both our differences and similarities!! I am still in contact with many of them!! Come on, all of you... let's get together and make this work!! We can eliminate the right wing influence which exists on both sides and make our interactions beneficial to all!!
28. Quisling
Madzionist ,   USA   (07.29.05)
This woman should be sent right to the moslems she loves and apologizes for so passionately. Why is she still in Israel? She should go to Iran or Saudi Arabia and help them conquer the Israel that she hates like poison.
29. #26 - "your mien is very mean"?? what?
mike ,   usa   (07.29.05)
you lost me there. can someone be prejudice against themselves? then i guess my wife is prejudice against herself. when the suicide bombers strike she wants to phone ariel sharon to tell him to wipe them all out. i try to calm her down, but you know arab women... my point is that i have lived in israel, been discriminated against and "humiliated" by the authorities. i can handle that. what i can't handle is the racism and absolute hatred from palestinians, and radical muslims in general. whenever i go into an arab village/city imust always "watch myself" or there might be big trouble. never happens in jewish areas, hence the difference. it's not prejudice, just the facts - israeli oppression is WAY better than palestinian "freedom".
30. Shulamit + Mohamed = forever love
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