Israeli IP? You're banned
By Gal Mor
Published: 02.08.05, 19:18
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1. Great step
Ex-Israeli ,   Silver Spring,MD,US   (08.02.05)
That's a great step
2. Israel society is totally sick!
accessol ,   Spelthorne, England   (08.03.05)
Yet another example of the lawlessness and decadence that the occupation has engendered. Anything and everything goes; hard core porn, land theft, violence, sex slavery... you name it, Israel has it.
3. So there are 15,000 secular Jews with a filthy mind out of
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (08.03.05)
5 million people. That should be an indictment of a whole country? What about the other 4, 975,000 that couldn't be bothered to abuse the system? England captured about a dozen terrorist pig bombers and their helpers, does that mean the whole country is nothing but terrorist scum? Its not "palestine" you know.
4. to access-genepool
cliff from montreal ,   Canada   (08.03.05)
you truly are a warped you go accusing Israeli society as 'sick'. you know, if you want to see 'sick' look in the mirror.
5. Innocent till proven guilty
Israeli ,   Israel   (08.03.05)
why do the sites and talkback respondents above presume that Israelis are responsible for and guily of these internet crimes? as I recall isn't it possible for someone to piggy back into any network throughout the world and make it appear that it is that network's IP that is sending out the offending material. why just a month ago the entire Netvision Internet System out of Haifa was locked down by a computer attack from abroad.... which all says to me that we Israelis all of us (even the secular ones) are Innocent till proven guilty and responsible!
6. England is totally sick!
Mr. Right ,   Los Angeles, USA   (08.03.05)
Yet another example of the lawlessness and decadence that the British attitude has engendered. Anything and everything goes; hard core porn, land theft, violence, sex slavery... you name it, Britain has it.
7. To #2, OCCUPIERS of NORTHERN IRELAND, please shut up
rani   (08.03.05)
will the occupiers of Northern Ireland who set up "illegal British settlements" of Protestants throughout Northern Ireland please shut the hell up...
I'M DISGUSTED ,   Israel   (08.03.05)
ISRAELIS HAVE NO INTEGRITY Israelis have no integrity. Israeli mentality is based on the bible and in the bible there is no word for integrity nor is there even one example of integrity. Here are some examples: Rebecca and her son, Jacob, cheated Issac who was old and blind and but neither Rebecca nor Jacob was punished for their treachery. Here's another: King David slept with a married woman, Bat Sheva , got her pregnant, had her husband killed by sending him into battle and then married her. Neither King David nor Bat Sheva was punished for their perfidy. In fact, the opposite happened: King David lived a long life and Bat Sheva became his queen. Israeli mentality: Treachery is the mark of the man or woman. Integrity is for fools and dolts. The Hebrew Language Academy in Jerusalem finally invented a Hebrew word for integrity in 1997. The word is "YOSHRA"; however, the word was not adopted by the general populace since it would mean that lying and cheating and not playing by the rules, as in the current case of ISP storage, would no longer be acceptable. Integrity is something that you absorb as a child from your parents and from your immediate environment. In Israel integrity just doesn't exist!
9. Contra-diction in terms
Hanan ,   Israel   (08.03.05)
So Israel is the only guilty country, and the rest of the world innocent, I think not, having worked for an Internet Security company abroad, Israels mere 3 million Internet users are a fraction of the 500 million Internet users, and if you look at the guilty people they have no race, color or religion, so leave stupid articles out of the press, all you are doing is creating a perception thats untrue.
10. what do u expect?
bulbul ,   USA, NYC   (08.03.05)
israeils hack so much that they get a ban. its good. they hacked hamas, cia, washington post. etc .etc
11. False Article
Craig ,   Israel   (08.03.05)
Who ever wrote this article needs to get their facts straight. 100Webspace and putfile have not banned israeli IP address's on a whole but rather ip ranges of certain users or ISP's. Test it for yourself these sites are still accessable. Their is nothing worse than false reporting.
12. Israel has murdered 4 times more
Manny Ghorbinafar ,   Persia   (08.03.05)
7,361 Israelis and 29,014 Palestinians have been injured since September 29, 2000. 1,063 Israelis and 3,653 Palestinians have been killed since September 29, 2000. The U.S. gives $15,139,178 per day to the Israeli government and military and $232,290 per day to Palestinian NGO’s. I think that says quite a lot about USrael's priorities!
13. well..
dahvid ,   hell   (08.03.05)
well, how do you know if it's true. There is a divestment movement amongst the Israel hater set, so to rule out any possibility of false accusation, proof would be required and a precise description the alleged violations. Secondly, if the charges do prove meritorious, then the culprit should be identified. Could it be a robot, a trojan, or just how many people? Think before you blindly cast your stones, oh loose cannon on deck, oh errant missle of misjudgement, and may he who is without sin be the first to cast a stone... blah blah, BLAH. heh heh, that was fun;;
14. Extrapolating to the country as a whole
John ,   Brussels, Belgium   (08.03.05)
Bunny said : "5 million people. That should be an indictment of a whole country? What about the other 4, 975,000 that couldn't be bothered to abuse the system? " This is a typical apologist false argument. It is not 15,000 out of 4 million. It was 15,000 out of 22,000. That's a pretty high percentage, if you want to extrapolate it out to your 4million. Plus you've no way of knowing they are "secular" jews. Some of the sickest convicted perverts on the web came from repressed religious backgrounds.
15. #14
steven ,   france   (08.03.05)
So all those SEX related crimes comitted recently in belguim by the likes of "you know who" are from repressed religeous backrounds?Please john just say outright that you are anti semite and then we can all get on with our daily chores.Belguim is one of the european countries that turns out the most vile sexual rapists and murderes,this planet has seen in a long time.So please also take a look at whats on the european web sites,& the american sites,before you condemn Israel.The Israelis are not apologising for any thing,in fact your hatred is so blatent that you cannot see that this is mere misinformation?Read up on #11,in fact I would'nt be surprised if you were #8.
16. #2
steven ,   paris   (08.03.05)
I suppose England is free of sin,no sex no porn noland theft,no violence,no sex slavery?Grow up accessol,where do you think you are living "in noddy land,surrounded by roger rabbit,the three little pigs,and betty boop.?This is yet another example of blatent anti- semitism,comming from you .You have ,like myself appeared on the talkback quite often ,but un like you ,even towards those who preach hate,I have indulged in reasonable doubt,as to whether most of the articles written here are of true conviction.Most are'nt ,but your's are unfortunately outright anti-semitic,no matter what the subject ,as long as you can slander the jewish people,you are quite happy to do so.So I ask you what do the secular jews have to do with this subject of SEX on line?
17. Liar
Raykie ,   Tel Aviv   (08.03.05)
I have access to both Putfile and 100websites from an Israeli IP. Yediot, have you nothing else to publish except incorrect, or at most, incomplete stories? Don't you check your facts? Perhaps Gal Mor him/herself is banned and generalises to the whole of Israel.
18. Reply to Manny #12-Statistics and Lies
Andy ,   Israel   (08.03.05)
The fact that more Palestinians have been killed than Israelis in the conflict says nothing about the the justice or morality of the two sides. More Germans were killed in WW2 than British. Do you therefore defend Hitler? The reason more Palestinians have been killed is for many reasons including: 1) They put themselves in harms way more, such as children standing next to armed gunmen 2) Israeli soldiers are better trained, and better able to defend themselves when attacked, killing their Palestinian attackers. 3) Palestinian figures include suicide bombers, Palestinians killed in "work accidents" by their own bombs. Palestinians killed buy other Palestinians etc 4)Palestinian figures are not divided in to groups. The huge majority of Palestinian deaths are male with few female or elderly, indicating that they died in armed conflict., not indiscrimate Israeli attacks. Israel's dead are almost equally divided between men and woman/children indicating that a much larger proportion were civilians. Indeed many Israel soldiers who have been killed died in bus bombings, not actually during an armed confrontation. 4) Israel has been successful in preventing about 90% of Palestinian terror attacks including attacks on the scale of 9/11, otherwise Israeli deaths would have been in the 10's of thousands. Also although every civilian death is a tragedy, the number of Palestinian casualties in 5 years is not extraordinary in view of the fact we have been accused of "massacres, genocide, carpet bombing etc etc.. Far more civilians have been killed in Chechnya, Iraq, Darfur and any other world blackspot just in the last few months. Sometime Palestinian's own statistics reveal their bald lies better than anything else.
19. to # 17
Birdi ,   Israel   (08.03.05)
I too have access to "putfile"
20. Reading your message
HardHawk ,   Limassol Cyprus   (08.03.05)
It seems is the whole country if I judge the country by your mentality . It appears you dont know that Israel is based on abousing systems and it also appears you all have the same mentality which is king of sickening to the rest of the world . As for your mentioned of Palestine I dont see where it fits but as we see it the real terrorist here is not Palestinian people who have their land stolen from them . On the contrary the real terrorist is the ones who bomb regularly women and children and acting like animals . THIS IS A WAKE UP CALL FOR IDIOTS AS YOUR SELF BY THE WAY .
21. NOT True
HH ,   Limassol Cyprus   (08.03.05)
Israel is not based on the bible my friend though I agree with all the argument you are making . Try Talmut and Kabala and then you understand even better their mentality . Though mentality pre condition free will which none of them seem to have . They are just programmed robots so feeling sorry for them sometimes it wouldent be out of the question , but then again is hard to feel that when you see their actions .
22. Yes it is
HH ,   ALANIA RUSSIA   (08.03.05)
And is it for us to assume that because you worked in a security company it makes you an expert ? By the way know it all , the net users are well over 2 billion as we speak . And yes Israel is guilty for many things as well the one that finally some people with integrity have the honesty top pan you for . It is becoming common knowledge what Israel is and the people within it so the Israel propaganda of the poor Jew all hate him dont wash any more . We see what you are and what you represent we dont want you around us . Simple . You accused many nations that procecuted you but it appears base on your actions not with out reasson is time to change or move on . Like out of this earth for example to give your preprogrammed brain a hint .
23. Agree with you
Ntrax ,   Vladikavkaz Russia   (08.03.05)
As for example accusing Palestinians that are terrorist . In fact they just try to get back what you stole from them and defent them selves against the every day bombing you inflict on their women and children ? So the real terrorist must be the thiefts not the rightful land owners in thsi case ? If still IPs work from Israel then it must be a mistake or an over look . hopefully it be corrected soon .
24. Not true
Ntarx ,   V. Russia   (08.03.05)
belgium is one of the countries catch doing it . I agree this far . But let us not forget the cover up in England where the hard core of this atrocity was still is and is covered up and with the frist runner up USA when you come to real child abuse and atrocities against children . GET EDUCATED PEOPLE . OR BETTER INFORM . As for Israel I dont think they repress just sick .
25. #22 23 24
guy ,   paris   (08.03.05)
I honestly don't think that you are writing in your true name nor from russia.Are you not from CHECHENIA?the abou sayaf groupe that attacked a school full of small innocent children?What is the russian people doing to the Chechen people?they too are just trying to live independantly,and every day you are bombing them and murdering their men ,with no reason.Now as to this problem about IP Space this is just another pathetic dig at the Israeli people ,and jewish religeon,once again,can't you find another topic of conversation?I think the subject was IP and not the Jewish people.So if you are in fact russian ,then you should know a thing or two about anti-semitism and racism,because it is well alive in russia.So as the saying goes,ONE SHOULD NOT SH--T ON ONE'S OWN DOORSTEP.AND THEN WIPE IT UNDER THE MAT.Who knows what might happen.
26. to # 25
Birdi ,   Israel   (08.03.05)
Thank you Guy. Bravo to you.
27. ashaimed to be russian
voice ,   world   (08.03.05)
being born in russia i am extrmely happy not living there now, particularly reading coments like that of 22 and 23... people, did you ever try looking at yourselves first before judging the others? all you know about the world is what putin-driven media feeds and you are happy with that. visiting israel few times, i can tell that this is one of the nations with the greatest self criticism and one of the most (if not the most) open societies i saw... so try to lookfor the "block of wood" in your own eye first (Chechnia indeed) before ecusing others without any basis... in moments like that i am ashaimed that my roots go back to russia...
28.  To manney (edited)
cliff from montreal ,   Canada   (08.03.05)
Yeah, let's talk throwing money away.Like the iranians wasting $$ on building a bomb while their fellow countrymen and starving and the ones that speak out are murdered.The mad mullahs take the cake.yellowcake that is!
29. Isreal is a racist
johnnie ,   USA   (08.04.05)
This is good news. The sooner we can totally isolate the apartheid state of Israel the better. These racists are not not ally of the United States and not the democracy they claim to be. Ariel Sharon is a war criminal as are most IDF forces.
30. Israeli hypocrisy
Pierre Klause ,   Paris, France   (08.04.05)
I am shocked that Israel always pretends to be innocent while behaving badly. They are the cause of the worst acts towards others while taking no responsibility for their own actions. Will these people ever understand the implications of their crimes and immorality? A little decency would go a long way towards forming better relationships with others. As it stands, the rest of the world doesn't tolerate their long record of fraud, abuse, slander, lies, and arrogance.
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