‘Vile act by terrorist’
By Ahiya Raved and Yaron Druckman
Published: 04.08.05, 22:01
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2. man wearing uniform?
edward ,   las vegas   (08.04.05)
ynet always wants to blame or leave open to blame anyone but the religious right. this was RACIST, VIOLENT, ZIONIST SETTLER who committed this terrorist act. just like ALL of the racist settlers. they are all one in the same, and should just be left in gaza to fend for themselves if they dont want to leave
3. wow!
RAMZI SFEIR ,   Palestine   (08.04.05)
hello Israelis!!!! Do you see what the settlers can do to you? Haaretz just reported that the Terrorist this time was a SETTLER, a Religious settler! WHO LOVES GOD! There you go, your beloved settlers are killing you
4. oh eddie what do we do with you?
cliff from montreal ,   canada   (08.04.05)
There we go.poor old eddie making up stuff for us agains.Poor old eddie he's lost and needs direction.
5. Ed, you make me laugh
Ann C. ,   USA   (08.04.05)
QUOTE: "...just like ALL of the racist settlers, they are one in the same..." LOL, so you've personally interviewed each Settler and found them ALL racist, eh? Edward my dear, your HATE is showing. Please try to pause between keystrokes to wipe off the foam around your mouth, okay? LOL
6. Yeah...
Kobi-Former Swede ,   TA, Israel   (08.04.05)
...exactly . this happens maybe once in 10 years that we have a crazy guy doing something like this. not every week like the arabs
7. simply another jewish killer ?
Reed ,   France   (08.04.05)
So dear Anne, can we say that "He is simply another jewish killer !"
8. Buss shooting in Shfaram
George Farah ,   Shfaram, Israel   (08.04.05)
I wonder how reporters behave! I the article concerning the above incident in Shfaram, there are too many wrong informations. a) Shfaram is not a Druze town but a mixed one: Christians, Moslems an Druze. Yhe buss driver who was killed is a local citizen and is a Christian. b) Hatem Hassoun has never been the a Mayor! The reporter refers to him as a forme mayor! c) I personally live in the neighbourhood, and I can certainly tell that there aere no riots! No thousands of people! No body aimed to take rvenge! Natives tried to stop shooting by hurling stones and bottles, otherwise there would have been more injuries. The police forces came too late consderably! These facts must be clear to all. Thank you.
9. ı hope İts the last
mihael ,   istanbul   (08.04.05)
ı am very sorry we are in shocked ı hope no more again . sharon hear us no leaving gaza . you want peace with these terrorist devils but you start conflict with your people see it s an israeli soldier not arab .
10. comment
mordy   (08.04.05)
this is another insane criminal man in a very insane time. his beard or kippah are irrelevant-he is a murderer who has no moral right to wear a kippa-it is a desecration of G-d' name of unbelievable proportions. to all of us, it should be a signal how dangerous things have gotten for us-lack of true achdut, G-d forbid, could lead to such horrible events. I am afraid things could get worse than that unless we all start listening to each other
11. Ramzi's knicker's are in a knot
Eyal ,   (08.04.05)
My condolences to those who died. A tragedy. Sorry to deflate your hardon RAM[BO]ZI but we all know arabs kill their own on a regular basis in the name of "Honour Killings". Do a search, the names are legion, the victims too... Funny how the jews don't rejoice when THAT happens. Like all civilised peoples we recoil in horror at your people's barbarity. I hope the people who were killed were not Druze or Israeli Arabs but you could not wait to jump in and masturbate in front of us all. Silly Rabbit
12. sounds undercover provocation like for B. Goldstein
It sounds similar...who did that really ? Palestinian forces with the help of pro-sharon agents ???
13. Reed, France
Ann C. ,   USA   (08.04.05)
Reed, in the whole course of history we'll find that Jews have murdered others. We'll also find that Frenchmen have murdered others. Evil knows no favorites. If this soldier opened fire on innocents and it was NOT a case of self defense, then yes, we have a Jew who killed others. This would be just as deplorable to me as the thousands of attacks by muslims against innocent folks, or any other group, nation, etc that attacks innocent people. IT is just Evil no matter WHO does it.
frenchmen ''milice'' , police and gendarmerie have deported and killed 70 000 jews while the german occupation so shut up ur bigmouth. I think ur grand parents or parents were ''collabos''
15. Not a Settler
Moishe ,   Settlement   (08.04.05)
The attacker was from Rishon L'Tziyon, not Tapuach, unless Rishon is also a settlement. He was a crazy that was kicked out of the army, and the GSS had a long file on him. His only conenction to Tapuach was that he wandered around there ranting after the army kicked him out. In Tapuach they reported him as a provocateur.
WALDO ,   USA   (08.04.05)
17. to ramzi the arab
AP ,   USA   (08.04.05)
so ramzi, i guess on that same logic that you use (that all settlers are bad b/c of this one person) we could say that all palestinians are evil terrorists b/c of the great number of palestinians who have decided to become suicide bombers and murderers. i suggest u think before you write . . .
18. My condolences
Dan ,   Nashville, USA   (08.04.05)
I am sickened by terror. It doesn't matter if the pertrators are Arab or Jewish or Irish. I have spent the last four years condemning Arab terror and denouncing the Palestinians who participate. They have destroyed the possibility of peace with terror. This is not the answer to it.
19. where is the NYC girl ?
where are you girl ? ... remeber when i told you that people under presure can be changed into terrorists ? ... remeber when i told you that we will see new Jewish terrorists und the presure of the pull out ? do you remeber what you said ? .... no more coment than this report here
20. yes a settler
tapuah ,   kfar tapuah israel   (08.04.05)
i knew eden, what garbage is this moishe is spreading. he grew up in rishon but lived in tapuah for last year. he was there BEFORE being drafted. he was not crazy, in fact the most sane, normal person you could imagine. very quiet, nice guy. im shocked about this, i cant understand what happened. no one thuoght he was a provocateur. its disgusting to see this kind of lying filth published.
21. what he did was wrong, IT HAS NOTHING with politics
Lisa ,   Israel   (08.04.05)
to make a point of whether or not he was religious, or that he did not want to participate in in the pullout is not relevant to what he did. To add that to your article is to encourage groundless hatred amoung our fellow Jews. What he did was wrong, and he paid for what he did with his life. Meanwhile, one's willingness to participate in the withdrawal has nothing to do with good or evil, it is different perspectives and to paint it as good or evil is to encourage groundless hatred and in the process the seed for our own destruction. We see this in the Bible, and we have not been able to grow beyond this. Ynet should be embarassed to continue to participate in publishing things that are destructive to the Jewish people and mankind.
22. Don't give guns to Israelis in the Green line.
Ori ,   Apple   (08.04.05)
You people living inside the Green line are dangerous terrorists. First Yigal Amir from Herziliya, now this guy from Rishon. And the GSS knew about both! You Greenliners give us settlers an undeserved bad name.
23. Settlers bent on starting civil war
accessol ,   Spelthorne, England   (08.04.05)
Israel society is sick: its 'religous' settlers don't care who they kill just so long as they can hang on to their disgusting hate-filled settlements. There will never be peace so long as killers like this are allowed to roam free; their raison d'etre is to cause strife and hatred.
24. horror
Yoel ,   Switzerland   (08.04.05)
So horrible to hear this kind of stories. First, let's express compassion to the victims! We cannot be joyful or proud to share the same religion as this kind of people... if he behaved as a racist. Is it sure that it was a racist act? Can it be possible that he was a soldier threatened to be lynched when he decided to open fire? I do not want to compare this guy to Baruch Goldstein until we will have a complete and checked information about this "incident".
25. What about all the Arab Terror?
26. jews!! treat other the way you want to be treated
george ,   beirut   (08.04.05)
good job jews .is that the way you want whom none jews to treat good bye god chosen kids
27. Blame Sharon & Co
Yosef ,   Houston   (08.04.05)
Jews don't feel save in a Jewis state as result of the goverment policy. Why should the arabs?
28. EZRA SHUT UP ! This is a militant attack not a terror one
Francois ,   Belgium, Anvers   (08.04.05)
29. adding opinion
yoel ,   Switzerland   (08.04.05)
I totally agree with Lisa; I just have to add one thing: This is an isolated act from ONE person. Ican't understand some of the reactions in this forum. It cannot be used to build-up theories and generalities about settlers. Most of the majority of them are peaceful. Judaism cannot be used to justify of explain the madness of one individual person.
30. to Kobi-former / swede
HISHAM ,   KSA   (08.04.05)
i want to ask u....r u living on this planet? u say that u have crazy guy each 10 years...yes this is right u have crazy one every 10 years but u mean informaly crazy....but u forgot to say that u have crazy one every minute but they r carzy "formally" i want to say also that the execution judge is not allowed in the israeli courts but it is welcomed in the streets, specially palestinian streets.
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