Do fat men enjoy sex?
By Mayana Shenhar
Published: 10.08.05, 14:13
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1. What you can do
JK ,   NYC USA   (08.10.05)
I am over 6'2" and used to weigh 253 pounds (US). When you are tall, you can hide these things well and people will group you under the moniker 'husky'. It shows more on shorter people, but fat is fat whatever way you slice it. Anyone who thinks they cant do anything about it is lazy, kidding themself or both. Like anything in life, if you want something you have to work for it. It wont happen by diet or exercise alone. Only a combination of the 2 and some dedication in going at least 4x a week to the gym will help out. The hardest part is about the first 10 days when the workouts wear you down, every muscle aching, and the food cravings, but you have to be of singular mind and purpose. If you can get past that threshold, the pain goes down and you will feel 'bad' if you dont go do your workout. That's a good thing. How do I know this works? The first time I started with this, I went down in 7 months to 204 pounds (36 of those pounds were in the first 12 weeks) and didnt have love handles for the first time in my life. People came over to me in the gym and asked what I was doing and people at work called me in to ask if I was ok (I guess they thought I must be ill to drop that much weight in such a short time period). An NONE of it was at the expense of eating healthily. It took dedication. P.S. 3 years on down, I have had setback because of intermittent back trouble, but am at about 217 and still very slim...most of that is extra muscle since I worked more on the weights than I did the first time around. Muscle takes up less room that fat, so the scale doesnt tell you everything.
2. Good for you #1
Y ,   Haifa   (08.11.05)
I know how hard it is to live in a body that doesn't fit. It's like carrying and backpack full of rocks around ALL THE TIME! But in the end, it's true. Eating right and excercise are the ONLY solution and they must be done together. Look at it thi way, if someone came and told you to accomplish incredible feats for 1,000,000$, you would no doubt do it. Well, your health and life should be priceless and going to the gym is no incredible feat. It jut takes will power! The way you feel after is worth it!
3. To Y in Haifa
JK ,   NYC, USA   (08.11.05)
I hear you, but it shouldnt take $1,000,000 to do it (although thats a heck of an incentive). It's about motivation and dedication. Who wants to look a certain way when you dont have to. Who wants to be at risk for certain diseases when you dont have to. Of course we all have our genetic predispositions to this or that, but there is no reason to help nature along. The only thing we should pass on from is G-d coming to get us, not G-d forbid cancer or heart disease. I always get grumpy about this when people say they cant do anything about it. It's a load of crap. If you want something done, you have to get off your ass and do it. There are 10000 stories about people who dropped 150 pounds in a year and went from weighing 350 to 200 pounds. Unfortunately there are more stories about people doing nothing. Its almost like the only hear people winning but the silence is the more people losing. Anyone who wants to lose can write me and I'll tell them what I did.
4. What a bunch of ####
Kerry ,   US   (08.14.05)
This article is full of ****!! No statistics were quoted - it's basically full of the pathetic author's opinion and nothing more. I'd say the author themselves may have some body issues and is taking it out on an entire gender...
5. To JK in NYC
Celestina ,   Canada   (08.15.05)
"There are 10000 stories about people who dropped 150 pounds in a year and went from weighing 350 to 200 pounds" That's called yo-yo dieting guy and it's the reason a person's health diminishes. Diets fail. Get with it. And what's with the email me for the secret plan. If there are more stories about people "who do nothing" and you "only hear people winning but the silence is the more people losing" then why can't you just tell us? Probably because you're just another scam taking money off of fat people. Sorry, you don't fool me.
6. Faithless Celestina
JK ,   NYC, USA   (08.15.05)
Its not yo-yo dieting if you take it off and keep it off. I will assume you might not have the will or the way to keep it off but it can be done. Diets fail, its true, but eating healthy (and not overeating) and going to the gym regularly isnt a scam...I mean, maybe to you it is. And, if you can point out to me where I asked anyone for any money for a list of what I did to take it off (i.e. fooling them), please show me, otherwise shut your pie hole. I certainly dont remember receiving any e-mail from you. Maybe you bought some magic beans in the past or something. I would rather help someone who maybe tried and doesnt know what to do. Nothing wrong with that. Here, I'll spell it out for Celestina...I DO NOT want your money. If getting in shape interests you, I can tell you what I did...NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS. Happy?
7. Sad JK
Celestina   (08.15.05)
Scams don't have to involve money JK. You've proved it in your sad letter. You use guilt and shame to make yourself feel better. Again, I ask in case you're reading impaired, why don't you post this miraculous diet...erm..scam...erm...oh, FAITH! Yah, right. Please forward JK your FAITH to the world because as far as I know THERE IS NO KNOWN CURE FOR FATNESS. We would all love to hear it. So why not stop being a baby and print it here for us all, huh? Again, get with it guy.
8. Celestina the doubting Thomas
J K ,   NYC, USA   (08.16.05)
Not a scam at all. Go pick up a copy of 'Body for Life', read it and do what it says. It's a great starting point for most people, IF they can actually follow what the book says. Most of it is common sense. Eat sensibly and smartly and exericise 4-6 days a week for about an hour a day. Most people just dont have a plan. There are other diets other than this one to be sure; this one is less a diet and more a plan. Evidently in your world, eating correctly and exercising is a diet, or a scam or faith. It's common sense, honey. You attack the problem at both ends! Disclaimer: Yes there are a small percentage of people out there with some genetic disorder that for whatever reason doesnt let them metabolize or burn fat correctly. I will allow for that For the REST of the 99.9% of us, we all still follow the rule that Celestina has problems understanding: Calories in vs. Calories out. If you have a deficit of 3500 calories in a given time period, you WILL weigh a pound less. Work out a lot and run and eat smart and it will be a lot more. Working out puts on muscle which in turn burns more calories even at rest...that in addition to running (elliptical/treadmill or outside) and eating right could lead to losing a pound or 2 a week. Simple science. Obviously is you are very overweight, the weight will come off faster. Mostly its a matter of willpower and eating the right stuff. Most people eat 3 meals a day and thats it. You shjould be eating 6 small ones (1/3 protein 1/3 carb and 1/3 veggies). That way your metabolism is always up so your stomach is always burning something instead of going into storage mode. This has nothing to do with curing fatness my dear. For the majority of us, it isnt something that needs to be 'cured'. If people are happy being fat, kol hakavod, but if they arent, there IS something they can do about it. Something you dont want to see/realize. These are just basic principles I put in this post..I already wrote a megillah so as I said, write me if you want more specifics. All you seem to want to do is mock someone who wants nothing more than for people to be as healthy as they can be. We only have one life? Why not live it in the best health/shape possible. So far YOU are the only one having a problem with that.
9. Too fat...
Alvin ,   Nuweiba - South Sina   (08.20.05)
So thats why !!! I better go on a diet - now !!!
10. Delusional Jerk
LOL! So true. JK is one delusional jackass!
11. OH, you'll be getting mail
tons and tons of it! I'll make sure of it too!
12. Wow
J K ,   NYC, NY   (08.23.05)
Wow, who'd have though giving sensible advice and saying people who are fat can actually do something about it are would strike such a nerve out there. Diet, exercise and self control are essential to be fit and stay fit. If someone has a glandualr disorder and eats right and works out, you are going to tell me he wont be better off than the guy who does nothing? It just the opposite of the people you see who eat like crazy and cant gain weight. They should go to the gym to to do what they can. My entire point on here was that yes there are people who are fat, but there is no reason (other than medical ones i.e. terrible knees, bad back issues)) why people cant go to the gym and eat better and improve their health. How anyone has a problem with this view is beyond me. I merely related how I did something about it for me and offered to share that knowledge. I went from a size 41 pants to a size 35. If someone did something you havent or thought you couldnt, would you be curious of find out how they did it? Sorry you have a problem with learning or at least being curious. More people are apt to fall prey to Tony Little, Suzanne Sommers and 5 minute abs.
13. My point made
J K ,   NYC, NY   (08.23.05) Crisis of poor nutrition and not enough physical activity. Not even my words, but along with what I'm saying. Why WOULDNT someone want to do something about this if armed with the right information? I accept no razzing for being on the correct side if the equation..the side that wants people to be healthy and do something about it.
14. Fat man are feminine??? BULLSHIT!
David ,   Muskegon, USA   (09.08.05)
Alright, I want to know JUST where the moron thinks this info is valid, has a test been done over several large men vs small men? This sounds completely bias.. Gee, not only are big men put down but we are also now told we can't function sexually. I'm a Gay male whose a very big man. I'm 34, 6'3 and 490, I LIKE being this size, it gives me power and it gives me respect. my partner whose attracted to big men is a small man and he loves me for WHO I am, and what i am aswell. I have no problem with an erection, infact I'm 9.5 uncut, and thick, and I never have a issue with this - why do people like this post such crap in the first place?? I'm healthy for a big man, others are too - it's this society that's trying to kill us!
15. a size 41 to a 35??? why bother to lose it!?
David ,   Mears, USA   (09.08.05)
Dude, you whine to us all about your weight....
16. sexy men
Maggie ,   Texas   (12.20.05)
I just came here hoping for pictures of men with soft bellies, because I really go for the belly pillow. My fat man won't wake up for me. I like the feel of fat, but if it REALLY IS what is making him less interested, then maybe I'll have to quit overfeeding him. Think I'll research the medical effect mentioned further. - lonesome gal in Texas
17. Fat men make great lovers
E. I. Lowe ,   Guelph, Canada   (01.09.06)
As a scientist I challenge you to state the scientific premise of all your statements regarding the relationship between erectile dysfunction and obesity. Where are your statistics? What sample size are you talking about? Did you realize that fat people are being descriminated against ... my parents were holocaust survivors and probably managed to live through aushweitz because they could eat less and still look healthy. I myself am obese with very few health problems. This article is just one more kick at the can to sell diet products and make larger people feel ashamed for what has been scientifically proven to have a large genetic component. Why not judge people by what they do in the world and the mitvah they bring with their actions rather than how big they are? Or are you so superficial that you cannot see the humanity in the human? I am very very disappointed in you.
18. cewek
aldi   (03.22.06)
19. Totally out of the fact!!!
Alan ,   SIN   (03.31.06)
20. This is such a broad generalization.
Phill ,   Tampa, FL   (04.12.06)
I closely relate to talk back #14. I am a large gay male, 6'0, 300lbs. I won't tell sizes but lets just say I do'nt have any problems performing. and I know a lot of other bigger men that perform perfectly and are healthy as can be. This article or whatever you want to call it; certainly isn't research... is such a broad generalization of obese men.
21. Fat men are great lovers
Big by design ,   MO   (06.22.06)
I weigh in at over 340 pounds and I am quick in bed. I've made my wife very happy with no complaints. I have minimal problems doing what I need to do. You go Big Guys!
22. Amen!
sarahJ ,   boston USA   (06.30.06)
Finally I see someone else is like me. My boyfriend is 340 and wants to lose 160 lbs, but I like him soft and fat. I love the way his belly hangs over me. He feels so much better than skinny guys. Fortunately there's no problem with performance. My only concern is for his long-term health. I know I should help him lose (I'm a trainer, 5'6", 115, total gym rat) but I'm afraid it won't be the same.
23. large men
true love ,   chicago   (10.29.06)
I am in love with a large man and we both like to have sex, however we are limited to the positions we can use. I would like to get on top of him but he has a large stomach and I want to know if there is a way around this?
24. large men
true love ,   chicago   (10.29.06)
I am in love with a larger man and I would love to get on top of him and let him rest but I don't know if i should or even how to considering he has a round stomach?
25. re: article: Do Fat Men Enjoy Sex?
MZPear ,   San Francisco, CA   (05.09.07)
I just read the article "Do Fat Men Enjoy Sex" and I have never heard such garbage in my life coming from so-called "professionals" .. in my life I've had several fat lovers and let me tell you, these men were HOT and erect every time I saw them. With exception of one guy, their erections were steel hard and I would say "in general" more satisfying than the skinny guys. In my experiences with fat men I see ZERO difference in erection hardness, but then I contribute this in part to MY strong sexual appetite. If a man is with a hot sensual woman, his penis will definitely react .... regardless of his body size!!!
26. Actung!
Chen ,   Taiwan   (05.29.07)
I think you are just afraid of fat men being more mascline than thin men. A fat man undergoes a process of feminization? You think Japanese people are idiots? I think thin men are sometimes really girly.
27. no problem at all
charlie ,   uk   (06.28.07)
This article is a bit extreme. I am 40yo and weigh above 300lbs. I have a large belly. My girl loves my size. I have no problem getting it up and in fact, is 6.5" uncut. We both enjoy sex and do it as often as we can. I cannot be on top for obvious reasons but there are so may other ways. She likes being on top anyway. Foreply is also great. So give us big guys a break.
28. swdrrg
geen ,   italy   (01.22.08)
29. Janpath
MAYALU ,   PATAN, Nepal   (06.27.08)
Hey Maya, why this bias against Fat Man? And how about sexuality of fat women?
30. do fat men enjoy sex?
mina ,   stockton United stat   (08.25.08)
Y E S a 5feet 7inch female about140Ibs and My Man is around 275bs he is the Sexiest thing on two legs.....He's very attentive and has a sex drive like a warrior.... I enjoy sex with him.....positions are not a big problem for us, I've been with smaller brother but there is nothing like a big sexy brotha
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