70,000 protest pullout at Western Wall
By Ilan Marciano
Published: 10.08.05, 22:19
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1. Good News
Nablus 1   (08.10.05)
A sign of a retreatment future, remid me of an old saying in Arabic " the first sign of rain is a drop" I suggest saving time, money and precious human lifes by doing the inevitable; that is retreating from the rest of the occupied teritories now Salam
2. To Nablus 1
Yisroel ,   Yerushalayim   (08.10.05)
I agree about retreating from the occupied teritories...The Arabs should all evacuate themselves from the Jewish teritories of Yehuda, Shomron and Gaza and move to Arab Palestine, i.e. Jordan. We traded land for the promise of peace in 1922 when Winston Churchill divided the Jewish mandate of Palestine and gave 78% of the total land mass to the Arabs for an Arab Palestine, east of the Jordan, in response to their terrorism. The Jews who had purchased land and developed communities were evacuated from the East Bank of the Jordan. Needless to say, the Arab response after the sundivision, creation of a two state solution and forceable removal of Jews from their homeland was the 1926 pogroms in Hevron and Jerusalem and the 1935 pogroms in Gush Etzion.. To paraphrase Horace Greeley, Go East young man, Go East. Yisroel
3. Arabs should retreat to Arabia where they came from!
Daisy ,   USA   (08.10.05)
5. Jews pray to keep the land given to them by G-d.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Santa Monica, CA   (08.11.05)
The terroist pigs blow up buses and cafes and cars killinging innocent people trying to steal Jewish land. Which morals do you like?
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (08.11.05)
It is cause for great concern that a significant number of Arab Muslim Israelis have been involved in terrorist attacks against Israel's Jews. Ynetnews: 'Intifada is possible', 8/6/05 The Shfaram attack on Arabs by one Jew evinced a menacing response: "...all options are open to us, including an intifada, a spokesman for the Suprememe Arab-Israeli Monitoring Committee told Ynet Friday." Anbatawi, Committee spokesman acknowledged the "attack is a highly unusual incident" Yet Arab Israelis discussed having an intifada over an attack by one Jew. Intense U.S. pressure is exerted on Israel to not respond to terrorist attacks. Jewish Gaza has been attacked with thousands of rockets and mortars. The abnormal response of Israeli leaders is to not fight back and defeat the enemy. Sderot, inside the green line, is a frequent target of rocket attacks. Israeli leaders abnormal response is a refusal to defend their Jewish citizens. The horrifying response of the U.S. EU, UN, to more than 27,000 Arab Muslim terror attacks against Israel's Jews in the last five years and the maimings and murders of thousands of Jewish innocents is to reward and greatly empower this barbaric war against Jews with an Islamist terror state. All Palestinian Authority maps show the new state of Palestine covering ALL Israel with ALL Jerusalem as their capital. Their goal: the destruction of the world's only Jewish state and its replacement with an Islamic one. May 2003 Pew Global poll: 80% of Palestinians agreed with the statement: "The rights and needs of the Palestinian people cannot be taken care of as long as the State of Israel exists." 80% of "Palestinians" want Israel destroyed! Israel's Jews must go on strike! Take to the streets in protest! Get new strong leaders - to save Jews from the planned second holocaust. Palestinian Authority Minister Mohammed Dahlan, respected by the U.S. is in charge of coordinating the withdrawal with Israel. Terror master, Dahlan - murderer of Jews, is responsible for the bomb attack on the Israeli school bus in November 2000 in which two school teachers were murdered and three children from the Cohen family lost their legs. If Jesus Christ lived today, from the time Jesus was in his mother's womb, he would be targeted for murder by the Islamofascists for being a Jew living in his homeland of Israel. The Palestinian Authority hailed as heroes the terrorists who brutally murdered the beautiful and innocent 8 months pregnant Jewish Gaza mother and her four little daughters. The Palestinian Authority teach the murder of Jews as a religious obligation through their mosques, media and public education system. Broadcast from Gaza mosque, Oct 13 2000, Dr. Ahmad Abu Halabiya, on Palestinian Authority TV (transcribed by Memri): "Have no mercy on the Jews, no matter where they are, in any country. Fight them, wherever you are. Wherever you meet them, kill them. Wherever you are, kill those Jews and those Americans who are like them..." Genocide, and or planned genocide breaks international law.
7. Filled the plaza, and the Rova too!
Ilan Toren ,   Ariel   (08.11.05)
We were a wide spectrum of people from Black jacketed to the knitted kipa. No one could ever recall a similar crowd in the Old City. It took over 2 hours for the crowd to find a way out of the area. It was probably one of the largest gatherings of Jews in Israel's history.
8. Not Enough
Mike Jefferson ,   Denver, USA   (08.11.05)
To bad the number wasn't 10 or 20 x's that number. It's time for the Arabs to go back to their 22 other countries, (99.8% of the M.E. land mass) and leave the Jews alone. Arabs - stop teaching your children to be murderers and terrorists. Withdraw now!
9. 70,000 eh?
T. A. Adams ,   Oklahoma USA   (08.11.05)
That's interesting considering what the Israeli government and the media have been trying to spoon-feed everyone; that the protestors were just a tiny fringe group of radicals.
10. Re: Daisy # 2
Michael ,   Toronto   (08.11.05)
We'll go to Jerusalem Buddy, U'll see, Allah will never change his promise.If it doesn't happen during your life time, I am sure it will happen with your children/grand children.
Ann C. ,   USA   (08.11.05)
This was incredible to behold. I wish I could've been there in person, but was thankful for the internet visit. Seeing all those faithful Israelis together crying out to G-d made me feel like I was watching a remake of 2 Chronicles chapter 20 (at the beginning of the chapter) and it was just incredible!
12. May G-d hear our prayers
Micha Sloman ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.11.05)
May the G-d of Abraham, Isaak and Jacob hear our cries and prevent the evil eviction of Jews from their homes in the Holy Land of Israel.
13. My estimate is 400,000
Jason   (08.11.05)
We came early and could not get near the site of the Prayer/demo. It was downright dangerous. The city of Jerusalem has not seen this many people since the time of the Holy Temple.Traffic was backed up until the Jerusalem Tel Aviv Highway. I t took us an hour to get out of the Old City Walls on foot. For photos:
14. All other estimates are 250,000-500,000
Michelle ,   Israel   (08.11.05)
This is from people who were there and saw it with their own eyes.
15. Nablus #1
Devora ,   Israel   (08.11.05)
Keep dreaming!!! It will never happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
16. For a better idea of true numbers take a look!
Sharon ,   Israel   (08.11.05) Amazing!!!!!
17. Response to Nablus 1
Joel Schaffer ,   Belleair Bluffs, Fl   (08.11.05)
ISRAEL IS IN NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM RETREATING FROM GAZA. If you think we are, please try your luck. Seriously, take your best shot. Yom Kippur is coming up in a few months, if my memory serves me you guys usually wait for a holiday to attack us. (When not targeting innocent women & children with acts of cowardice like suicide bombing) You should appreciate the "Good Faith" gesture but then again you would "need an understanding of Good Faith" Something you would know nothing about. Like a sincere partner in peace negotiations who "negotiates in Good Faith" and keeps their word. It seems like a people that only respects Fear & Pain would obviously perceive the Disengagement as weakness. It is not. It is a strategic move that should force you, The Palestinians, to make a similar gesture, if you do not you are not sincere & not to be taken the Court or Public Opinion, throughout the world. By the way the eyes of the world are upon you. Israel, by disengaging from Gaza, will allow the rest of the world to see exactly what you are all about. Because Israel is dedicated to Peace. This way the entire world can see how sincere a Peace Partner you are not. To see that everytime we try to give an inch, an olive branch., make any concession, do anything nice......and you try to take a mile or all of the state of Israel or what ever you can get your hands on.... Today you complain about Gaza or the 1967 borders.....borders that from 1948 through current have never been enough, never been acceptable. Borders you rejected in writing on numerous occasions. The reality or truth of the situation is that we acknowledge your right to exist but you do not acknowledge our right to exist. We try to give you this two state solution but we know in our hearts that you do not really see a two state solution. The Jews are a peace loving people. We love life more than anything else & would be willing to do anything within reason for a peaceful coexistence. We always come back to the negotiation table & try. Even after you break your word over & over again. Even after you teach outright lies to children from birth to foster hate. When do you try to do anything positive for the Palestinian people? When do you follow through for the Palestinian people? When do you keep your word to Israel & the rest of the world? Arafat died with billions of dollars on deposit, more than enough to wipe out all the poverty & hunger throughout Occupied Israel. (Occupied by Palestinians) Has any of that money been spent on anything other than explosives? When does the Palestinian people get to stop suffering at their own hands? You don't have to live in tents or in refugee camps it is that you force yourselves to do so to further your agenda. If you would reach in your very DEEP POCKETS you would find more than enough money to make Occupied Israel into a place like Monaco. You could truly prosper if you wanted to. You choose not to. Not to move forward. Not to change the situation. Not to coexist peacefully. To blame Israel for suffering that could have ended at any point over the past 57 years is just ridiculous. At some point you will have to be responsible for your own actions. At some point you will have to grow up as a people.
18. #17 talk is cheap
Nablus 1   (08.11.05)
Talk is cheap action is not, you seem to be a committed Zionist that is fine with me but hiding and giving lectures like that can only tell me that you are hollow what you doing is nothing but empty rhetoric (idrat al balat) which tells me you are a coward; if you are committed Zionist why don't you join the homeless garbage settlers and the Israeli Destruction Army (IDF) talk is cheap my friend TILL YOU BECOME BRAVE SALAM LATER SHALOM
19. #18 if talk is cheap then why do you post comments daily?
Joel Schaffer ,   Belleair Bluffs, Fl   (08.11.05)
If talk is cheap then why do you post here comments daily? I was responding to your comments, things that you had written, talk is cheap. So now because I disagree with you talk suddenly becomes cheap? Or is it just your typical response when you don't know what else to say? I specifically addressed comments that you made. You who calls this act of good faith a retreat, talk is cheap. This act of kindness you interpret as weakness, talk is cheap. You who speaks out of both sides of their face, talk is cheap. You, who is only kidding himself. At least your behavior is consistent.
20. To: Joel Schaffer
T. A. Adams ,   Oklahoma City USA   (08.12.05)
Very well said!! I don’t mean to be rude but please excuse me if I correct one item in what you've said here. That is that these Arabs are NOT Palestinians. As I'm sure you are well aware and all Arabs will deny, the Israelites were the original Palestinians as far back as 70 AD. Whether the Arabs like it or not, this is an historical fact. The Arabs who now claim the title of Palestinian were herded there by the Arab countries surrounding Israel as fodder for the Arab war against Israel and only laid claim to the title after they lost the 6 Days War during which they had hoped to eliminate Israel.
21. It was reported to be 1/4 million- 250,000 people.
Chaim Y. ,   United States   (08.12.05)
I have seen reports on 250,000 and 100,000, but not 70,000. I dont know where this number came from. In addition, many thousands were unable to make it due to traffic and road blocks leading up to the area. This poses a very big point: 100,000 people made it to Tel Aviv, and 250,000 made it to the Kotel- this is a lot of people! When those who back the pullout made a rally, it barely had a hundred people! I strongly believe that the vast majority of Israel do not support this plan, and it is completely nuts that they are trying to do it anyway. With G-d's help it will not pull through. Just as time and again when the Jews have tried to commit suicide, their G-d stepped in and prevented it (such as when PM Barak offered almost everything over, and Arafat declined the offer) so too here. Only I hope that G-d doesnt decide that we have to learn a lesson the hard way- I believe that we, as Jews, have been through enough in the past 2,000 years and dont need any more lessons. Its time for G-d to take the healm and lead His people. He should send Moshiach, and bring the complete Redemption right away!
22. I Agree... but
T. A. Adams ,   Oklahoma City USA   (08.12.05)
As we both know, G-d has his own plan and will see it through in His own time.
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