Crowd-dispersal tactic arrives in Gaza
By Ilan Marciano
Published: 11.08.05, 15:27
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1. Crowd Dispersal
Michael ,   Haifa   (08.11.05)
Eldad's objections to the high frequency sound device leave the only other viable option of using the techniques employed to disperse Arab crowds. His appreciation of the Arab evaluation of police honesty should lead Eldad to obtain further information from his Arab informants about the effectiveness of Israeli police methods in dispersing Arab crowds.
2. Crowd dispersal
Reuven Ben-Daniel ,   Kfar Mordecai,Israel   (08.11.05)
We are only carrying on the research.for the Americans that Dr. Mengele and his sons were doing for them after World War 2.
3. Desperation and insanity have reached a new high
Michelle ,   Israel   (08.11.05)
The army and police have officially gone insane and should be held responsible for any permenant damage done by this torture device.
5. #4-#3Racist Holocaust minimisers - listen to them !
Shaul ,   Shlomi   (08.11.05)
How dare you start to use that Holocaust imagery against our police and soldiers. You disgust me. However much we were against the withdrawal we have to admit that it is all over and it will go ahead. The noise machine is more humane than rubber bullets used against other demonstrators. Suddenly we are using the crowd disposal techniques used in the USA and Europe. For thi information of #2, The Noise machine is an Israeli invention. The insanity will stop as soon as someone controls those anyi-zionistic rabbi's telling our Kids to break into a military zone. The army and the police are not the insane ones.
6.  Reply #5
Michelle ,   Israel   (08.11.05)
Release some of your anger before you explode. Not Everything written is meant to relate to the Holocaust. No one has mentioned anything about the holocaust except you!!
7. At Least They are prepared With Earplugs
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ,US   (08.13.05)
While using such a device is acceptable against one's enemy, (surely it is better than the police shooting them,unlike the Arab terrorists who shoot the Jews)but never against ones own citizens. When this happens, the country becomes a police state. I certainly agree that all citizens of Israel deserve a police force that tells the truth, whether to the Jewish or Arab sector. It must be understood though that Arab Israelis enjoy a fantastic lifestyle when compared to their Arab brethren in Muslim countries. That is a fact, whether in medical care, university education, freedom of speech etc. Ask them if they would rather live in any Arab controlled country and see what they have to say.
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