Painful day in Neve Dekalim
Ronny Sofer
Published: 17.08.05, 10:50
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1. end the occupation
palestinian ,   palestine   (08.17.05)
what are you talking about ?? breaking down and crying ... why and for what ??? they are leaving land which they dosn't belong to ... it's not their land and you all know this, but you are acting like that one who lied and beleive his lies ... this land is palestinian land, just like yafa, haifa, hebron and others ... read the history and you'll know ... you came from where, usa, poland, and other places ... there where you belong to ... so go back or accept to live her peacefully without killing, destroing, assassinations, and other war crime you used to commit against the palestinian people ... the real solution is to emplement the internationa humanitarian law ... do you hear about it ??? i don't think so, because you only want to emplement the law which suites your aims ... end the occupation now, and let us all live in peace
2. To #1Oh Dear
Mark Cohen ,   Israel   (08.17.05)
That you are totally misinformed is understandable, you are after all the product of a profoundly perverted educational system, but why the hysteria? A word of advice to you and your ilk; Try to come to terms with the real world. The Palestinians have a state, the leader of which announced yesterday that he won't let any more of them in although there's plenty of room in Trans Jordan. You're not going to get another one and you'll find that removing the Jews from Aza will simply prove that you're incapable of statehood.
3. #1
If you haven't noticed, the settlers built greenhouses and homes on top of sand. There were no Palestinian houses there before the sttlers arrived. So why are you pretending that we are land thieves? We put our people in land that was not being used. Egypt did not want it back when we returned the Sinai. It never belonged to the Palestinians. We decided to build on it, and it became very profitable. It produces $75 Million USD worth of fruits and vegetables every year. And now the Palestinians are jealous that they never built there. The Palestinians that are targets of assasination, are terrorists. They deserve to rot in the depths of hell. Israel does not target innocent civilians. Hamas' goal is to kill as many Jews as possible. They are not interested in attacking soldiers because the cowards know that soldiers can fight back. The terrorists attack civilians. Israel does not commit war crimes. The Palestinian terrorists commit crimes against humanity. The Israelis are willing to live peacefully. They are giving up control of Gaza. They are giving you land. None of your Arab brothers gave you land. They won't even allow you into their countries. There is no other country in the world that would make such a move. These settlers are leaving land that they called home for the past 30 years. For some of them, that is their entire life. They are losing their jobs, farms, and homes. They are being subsidized by the government, but not nearly enough considering the value of their farms and houses. The temporary trailor homes that were supposed to be built are not complete. Most families will not have housing. And those that do get housing in these trailors will be living in terrible conditions. These families have 5-12 people and now they are going to all live in one small trailor with 2 rooms?!?! That is why they are upset! Furthermore, it is not Palestinian land. It is land promised by G-d to his people, the Jews. G-d will one day return it to us, so don't get too comfortable!!
4.  arabs have to face reality/ answer to my palestinian friend
michel ,   paris france   (08.17.05)
Disengagement of Gaza, Israel gives back Gaza: tyou do not realize that, but it is as if France gives back an area or England a county, what does Sharon is courageous and what should be worried is the absence of Palestinian leadership decided to break the bodies of terror which thrive in Palestinian territory. In connection with this terror, oh how much understood, accepted, even justified by the nomenclatura of left and extreme European left, one can wonder how these admirers of Gandhi and Mandela give up dice, when it acts of israelo-Palestinian conflict, the concepts of respect of the other and of nonviolence. Is this because Israel is a Jewish state? More do you remember as an arab tahat we where before you in lybia tunisia algeria morocco and that in those countries you are also somme sor of colonalists againts the berberian and against the jews. You cannot do an ethnic epuration against jews in those country and also in irak, syria,lebanon, with no conseqences. we ( jews) move in the arabic influence aerea. i left all in morocco can't as you left somewhere in israel. but whait are say to you: i left and travel 4000 kms ca't you do 100 km?. i'am sorry but you must really wonder about: are minorities free in islam? the answer is no.n As in europe which is now peaceful 7 millions polish people leave russia et went in the new poland, 3 millions germans left and went in germany in 1946. salam begins by recognizing some trues
Daisy ,   USA   (08.17.05)
6. "Palestine" nor "Palestinians" exist!
Daisy ,   USA   (08.17.05)
You are an Arab who belongs in Arabia!
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