Gunman dines with victims before attack
By Shani Mizrachi
Published: 17.08.05, 22:50
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1. Zionists can not be trusted
Salameh ,   Gaza   (08.17.05)
If this "un-suspicious" zionist is capable of killing 4 innocent Palestinian civilians, I'd assume a khanaist from Neve Dekilim or Kiryat Arba can easily kill 400. All in all, zionists can not be trusted.
2. Spreading hatred
gil ,   ashkelon   (08.17.05)
islam holy war and terrorism has to be held responsible for what happens .Mistrust in leadership because of lack of strong retaliation give some people the feeling that only blind terror is the right answer not only amongst Israelis but all over democratic countries
3. Trust Msg #1
Dan ,   Nashville, TN   (08.18.05)
I distinctly remember several instances of Palestinian terrorists killing their Jewish counterparts that they knew and were also trusted. There are evil people on both sides so don't make sweeping statements about Zionists.
4. gil
Raj ,   Israel   (08.18.05)
Will you please shut up. I don't think you are responsabile for your words. Islam bring terror and that's true but what does Islam has to do with a Jewish terrosit. I dont see any relevance in what you say which makes me beleive you are only a young child who dosn't understand what is going on. Please...Spare us from you mud.
5. Light unto the nations?
Ken ,   Albany, NY   (08.18.05)
Whatever the justification, radical Islam or radical Judaism or Hinduism or Christianity or whatever, there are children who went to bed without a father because of this maniac or others. How does it help Israel to wantonly kill Palestinians at work? How does it help the cause of mutual respect and coexistance. Is not Israel supposed to be a light unto the nations?
6. Raj #4
yoel ,   Switzerland   (08.18.05)
I'm sorry, but who are you? Do you think your opinion is the only one to have a value? Even if you disagree, you have to show some respect if you want YOUR message to be accepted by others. Do you think that beeing older makes you more intelligent? For sure not more polite! Please show the example to the young generation... Speaking about this article, I cannot have any opinion since I have no idea about the "provocation" from the palestinians who made that man so angry. As it seems not to have been planned and organized, I think he lost his self-control and became then a murderer. This happens everywhere in the world,... Justice will condemn him, and this is not my task. Personnally, I condemn any criminal act, and this is the case for Mr Weissgan. Whatever did these two palestinians, they did not represent any threat for his life, so they were innocent victims.
7. to #1 - Salameh
Andy ,   Arizona, USA   (08.18.05)
"If this "un-suspicious" zionist is capable of killing 4 innocent Palestinian civilians, I'd assume a khanaist from Neve Dekilim or Kiryat Arba can easily kill 400" If you're inflating the number of casualties by adding 1 for every 3 I'd assume all the rumours of other numbers being inflated are true. "All in all, zionists can not be trusted." All in all, your people have commited many more acts of terror and murdered more civilians than the Zionists. Your poeple can not be trusted.
8. Hmm
Simon ,   Glasgow, Scotland   (08.18.05)
I think I will stop visiting this site. It attracts fundamentalists from both sides but especially jews. There is no point trying to reason with extremists, which is what a large number of you are.
9. Terrorism is terrorism, murder is murder
Howard ,   Western Coast, USA   (08.18.05)
There are terrorists on both sides of the line. I despise terrorists who murder innocent people, whatever their religion/nationality/race. There is no justification for murder of innocents. Horrors enough occur when one group is dehumanized in the eyes of another, but I simply can't comprehend the warped thinking that led to THIS murder. This was a man who actually knew better. This incident reminds me of the Palestinian woman who had agreed to blow up the hospital where she was being treated and the doctors who were treating her; both actions are not only evil, but mind-boggling. I do think that the disengagement from Gaza is being too widely portrayed in an apocalyptic, hysterical light. Hysteria and apocalyptic visions encourage despair and violence, spiralling upward until some of the weaker people lose track of even the most cherished laws of G-d and man, or even of the humanity of their friends, and then something like this happens. Enough. It's time for the Yesha leadership to declare that law and order must prevail and that Gaza was a project that failed, not a core institution of either Mdinat Yisrael or Am Yisrael.
10. Light unto the nations .. response
david hotz ,   australia,   (08.18.05)
Ken, There is no justifiication. Lets remember that the actions of this man is the action of one man in a country of 6 million jews. It cannot be ascribed to the nation as a whole. Indeed the response of his fellow villagers bears testament to the fact that his actions were unacceptable even to those closest to him. Lets remeber this fact. Lets remember too there was no celebration and no rejoicement that Palestinians were murdered
11. Shilo killing
dorthy ,   Teaneck,NJ   (08.18.05)
Terrible what he did! These tense times in Israel can make normal people crack up and go crazy.
12. #
gil ,   ashkelon   (08.18.05)
13. To #4,Raj
gil ,   ashkelon   (08.18.05)
You need to read carefully analysis wich might be wrong prior to wright untolerant sentences.Hope you will never look at beloved relative killed in front of your eyes by cowards terrorists shelling bombs on your home,and at the same time IDF general promoting warning alarms instead of sendind the right answer. If you dont like dialogue,look on the other side.
14. to Yoel
Raj ,   Israel   (08.18.05)
First of all no body ask such a question who are you? It is not polite though. We are not here to know who were are but every one has the right to express what he wants and also to oppose others opinions. This is a website not a land we are fighting for so I didn't claim that my opinion is the only one has a value. I only said what I believe and if you couldn't accept it then please spare me from your comments. You, I and everyone have the right to say whatever he wants. There is a different kind of terrorism which is not killing people but shutting up mouths and that's exactly what you are trying to do. As for being polite. I think you are being impolite in butting your nose in this manner. I was directing my talk to one person and not you so let him please talk back not you.
15. Hey raj!!
gil ,   ashkelon   (08.18.05)
You want your mouth not to be shut,yet you wanted mine to be in #4 opinion. Are you affected by alzeihmer desease?
16. Hey raj!!
gil ,   ashkelon   (08.18.05)
Are you affected by alzeihmer disease? On your #4,yu just asked me to shut my mouth,while pretending freedom of speech for yourself,denying the right of yoel to adress his comments.yu are a really democratic guy.
17. to Raj #14 (END)
yoel ,   Switzerland   (08.18.05)
No comment except my silence. Derech Eretz Kadma LaTora.... But maybe we don't own the same book?? Mine doesn't spread hatred.
18. #1
steven ,   france   (08.18.05)
I really can't believe that you dare say that the "zionists " cannot be trusted.Can we then assume that the "Palestinians"too may not be trusted.Ok so this Israeli father did murder four palestinians, Out of desperation?The murdered civilians were friends of his,that we know,So when you palestinians kill Israeli civilians,murder ,women and small children who are also totally unarmed,and innocent,then are we correct in saying that the palestinians connot be trusted?That ALLpalestinians cannot be trusted?I have a question for you ,how do you support your family,or even your self?Do you not enter Isreal to maybe work in ,say ,Beer sheva,or a neighbouring city?Do you not buy or trade with the israeli's?Do you not bring food on your families table,from Israel?You must trust them at least that much,to provide you with a living.So all i can say now is ,learn to live with this "un suspicious "zionist because In the near future you will need them more than you can imagine.Gaza is not yet Tel-Aviv.
19. #8
steven ,   france   (08.18.05)
I knew 3 scotts and they were all anti-semites,so what is knew?Wait until islamic fundementilists start invading Scotland,and preaching hate against you ,then we shall hear what you say about the jews.I sujest you cut back on pubbing,and start widening your intellect,about foreign politics.What the heck"go and 'ave a beer".
20. raj&gil
tony ,   paris   (08.18.05)
shut you up ,shut your mouth, freedom of speach,alzeihmers,what in heavens name are you 2 going on about ?You should be ashamed of yourselves,Put your talkback side by side ,and you will see how rediculous you 2 are.Please grow up you are embarrasing the rest of us jewish internautes,by your trivialities.
21. Tony
gil ,   ashkelon   (08.18.05)
If yu dont want to be "embarassed" reading "trivialities",keep yourself in a exclusive jewish environment,reading the Tora i mean a synagogue.
22. People
Tsedek ,   Israel   (08.18.05)
If this "un-suspicious" zionist is capable of killing 4 innocent Palestinian civilians, I'd assume a khanaist from Neve Dekilim or Kiryat Arba can easily kill 400. All in all, zionists can not be trusted. Salameh , Gaza (08.17.05) Salameh, each are individual human beings. Do you see yourself as a terrorist just because you're palestinian? Why do you try to paste one man's crime on a whole people ("zionists") then? I think you do very wrong.
23. gil
steven ,   france   (08.19.05)
I Think you are totally on a different planet.What tony said has nothing to do with,and I quote "keep yourself in an exclusive jewish enviroment"your stupid comments are way off course.What has the Inviroment ,and reading the torah got to do with the subject?when I too read your bickering with raj,I too felt that you were both way off course,So please don't insult judism ,the torah ,and use the synagoge as a lame excuse ,for your stupidity.
24. French silly solidarity
gil ,   ashkelon   (08.20.05)
To # 23:I knew french people like to give lessons to the whole world.I'm sorry they forgot to learn reading .
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