A willing evacuation
By Hami Avneri
Published: 18.08.05, 00:23
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1. Evacuation
Raoul Samuelsoh ,   Geneva, Switzerland   (08.18.05)
So the evacuation is taking place. No Jews have been expelled from their homes since the nazi times. 26 synagogues are going to be destroied. Thats all bad, but not the worst. The worst is that many, many families are unloade all over Israel, with no roof, no food no basics. Yestarday a bus left 50 people in the Center of Sderot and left. No one to take care of the. 40 families are in Hotels at the Dead Sea with no food and no cooking facilites for them. SHAME ON ALL THE POLITICIANS WHO DID THIS !
3. You were willing. They weren't. Criminals. Simple.
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