Police attacked in Kfar Darom
By Ynet reporters
Published: 18.08.05, 21:45
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1. Warsaw Ghetto= neve Dekalim
ben hecht ,   ny usa   (08.18.05)
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (08.18.05)
NOBODY can claim that it isn't Jewish land. The Arabs ethnically cleansed the Jews in 1936. The Jews returned. The Arabs ethnically cleansed the Jews in 1948. The Jews returned. If the racist Arabs can't live with Jews who BUY land, then the ARABS have to leave. Let them go live in Saudi Arabia, where there are no Jews allowed.
3. Pullout from Gaza
Gaby ,   Kfar Saba   (08.18.05)
Shame on all of you, jews who don't hesitate to use your children and memories of the Holocaust in order to manipulate public opinion! Instead of achieving your goal, you only manage to alienate the viewers. You truly disgust me.
4. Just like Germany in 1939- Jews dragged from their homes
Avi ,   Jerusalem   (08.18.05)
5. Pullout from Gaza #3
Flors clavigera ,   centre,Israel   (08.18.05)
Gabi, your hypocrisy astounds me. A large part of Kfar Saba is built on the ruins of Arab villages destroyed in the War of Independence. The Arabs demand the right of return. Why don’t you be a good citizen of the world, get in touch with the “Palestine Authority”, and offer to at least to share your house ,with one of the refugee families in the camps in Gaza ! Gush Kartiv is not built on ONE destroyed Arab Village .This area was known by the Arabs as “cursed terrain”
6. Re: 1 "Warsaw Ghetto"
Tomer ,   Hod Hasharon, Israel   (08.18.05)
Your comparison makes me physically sick. Shame on the rabbis and politicians who duped the residents into thinking Disengagement wouldn't happen. People could have left with dignity any time in the last 18 months, without the need for abusing their own children, abusing the police, the army, and the rule of law.
7. Proud of the IDF
Carol ,   Israel   (08.18.05)
Our soldiers are amazing men and women. I cannot say it often enough. I excuse the settlers today because of their pain but those who used children, who cursed the soldiers and who cheapened the holocaust will have to answer for their behavior and will owe an apology to the soldiers in the days to come.
8. IDF attacks synagogues ! Sharon the tyran must be prosecuted
Yair   (08.18.05)
9. Gaby # 3 will u sleep quietly after what you said? moron !
10. Kfar-Saba is cited in the Talmud.All is Eretz Israel !!!!
F.   (08.18.05)
11. Carol #7 the bolshevik woman
Yoram ,   Rishon   (08.18.05)
When we will ask u to leave ur home forcible u will talk. SHAME ON YOU !
12. Fascism
Jordi Gomis ,   Barcelona, Spain   (08.18.05)
Guys, whatever you say, settlers are fascists. Let me explain...most of israelis think the final goal of nazismwas to destroy jews...and this is a mistake as "the final solution" was a step to what they claimed "purity of blood". Settlers believe in purity of blood, and that's a fact nobody can hide. You all talk of biblical rights....please, come back to earth...all of you! There are many religions in this world, and nobody, absolutely nobody gave settlers the right of claiming theirs is the only true one. Many of you generalize about muslims the same way nazis generalized about jews...The state of israel was built on the basis of a democratic constitution, not the bible, and it's time for all religious fanatics to understand that. The constitution is above of what you all think god said (cos as in any other religion, it's very easy to interpret religios texts at own convinience). The pull out is good for israel...but settlers don't care cos they don't give a shit about israel...just about themselves. And guys, i am talking about facts, not interpretations. Funny to hear the americans, living on stolen land to natives, to talk about land rights. Peace is the only option, and most of the times, peace cannot be imposed. Give the pals something to lose, and they will chill out...give them a state to build, and with god's help, they´ll stop. Sometimes the strong one is the one who has to take risks, and so i isreal doing. When u want to respond muslim violence with iolence, u are not better than them, thou many fascists (who consider to be a leftist an insult, like in the states) consider themselves more civilized than muslims. And a note about letists...the left, in europe and the rest of the world, are the one who fought for civil rights, for social security, free education and health, help for unemployed and handicaped, etc... what did the right do to make the world a better place? just look europe's history...nazis (extreme right), fascists (extreme right), christian fanatics like evangelists (like Bush, yes....extreme right)...think about it.
13. To Yoram the Yoram
Carol ,   Israel   (08.18.05)
Thanks for proving the point of who has derech eretz and who does not.
14. Jordi Gomis #12 the typical stupid spanish coward Leftist
15. Pullout
Refugee ,   Gaza   (08.18.05)
What happens in Kfar Daroom is a honey moon if compared to what happened in Gaza when houses where demolished over the heads of its inhabitants in Rafah.
16. Jordi Gomis Lies: MANY converts live in YeShA
Jew ,   Judea   (08.18.05)
There's no such concept in Judaism as "purity of blood"- but purity of PEOPLE; And ALL people should strive towards that. The Arabs don't. They strive towards murder.
17. Carol don' t talk about derech eretz u don t know what it is
Yair ,   Israel   (08.18.05)
18. Cursing and so on...
Jordi Gomis ,   Barcelona, Catalunya   (08.18.05)
For all those who curse me just becouse they don't agree with me, thank you...typical from fascists...when u cannot talk, you curse or kill. Coward...hmmm...cowards are those who hide behind 6 million deaths to profit from it, aka settlers. And you keep on insisting that behaviour depends on race or religion (hmmmm, hitler would be proud of you guys). No jew at all believes in purity of blood? hmmm, just have a walk arund man, and as in any other society, there are, so don't cheat yourself. Once again, thanks for proves we are right, and we, democrats, will win...gush katif will be evacuated, for the well being of israel and all jewish people. Just a final note...if settlers doesn't believe in purityof bllod, why are they so critic with secular or reform jews? are hey in possession of universal truth? maybe they are in possession of god? Anyway, stupid spanish leftist (actually, with a little culture, he would know barcelona is catalunya, but never mind...culture is the last thing that can be expcted from someone who's only defense is cursing). Peace for israel, and hope god gives some forgiveness to those who spread hatred and death, muslim, jewish or're all of you prostituting god's name. שלום לישראל
19. This should not be happening
Chrisona ,   Chicago.IL   (08.18.05)
Stop this madness, somebody, please!
AKIVA ,   CHICAGO   (08.18.05)
21. The IDF would never do that if...
Brad ,   Israel   (08.18.05)
it was a church or a mosque. How many times have armed terrorists holed up in a mosque while the army "respected" their religious rights. Remember a couple of years back how the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem became a bastion for terrorists for weeks on end, and were then let free, murderers and all. SHAME!
22. rejecting orders
hirschel pekkar ,   brooklyn ny usa   (08.18.05)
if sharon hiself REJECTED THE ORDERS of the goverment, when, by going into Egypt in the sinai war, he surrounded the Egyptian army, thus bringing about a victory for the rightous, so should our soldiers reject unjust laws. if you see someone commiting suicide, you have to stop him, and save him.
23. I agree with # 7
Gerd ,   Germany   (08.18.05)
You're right, Carol. Kol hakavod!
24. Perhaps we are not ready...
Madzionist   (08.18.05)
I am heart broken. Perhaps we indeed are not ready to claim our inheritance. Maybe we are still doomed to galut and are proving we are unworthy of ascending to our rightful Land. I fear this is the beginning of a collapse which will lead to Jews throughout Israel being re-scattered among the nations. What a sad time. What a missed opportunity to serve Hashem properly. I am filled with sorrow.
25. What's the big deal?
huy ,   Chicago, IL   (08.18.05)
Here in the US residents are forced to move from time to time as their property is acquired by the state to give way to a new highway or something. No violient clashes.
26. #25
janiece ,   hemet,usa   (08.18.05)
shame on you
27. # 25 - just a stupid comment I don't need to explain why
Ari ,   New York   (08.18.05)
28. Let settlers go to Hell
Shlomo ,   Tel Aviv   (08.18.05)
who cares about settlers, they came the easy way to Israel and living in the hot places making and causing trouble to the real israelis, I bet you they are bargaining to get more compensation
29. Spain supports the IDF!
Ariel ,   France   (08.18.05)
This guy is not Spanish. He's Catalan. Most Catalans are anti-semite and side with Arabs.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (08.18.05)
This is how the super powers and Israeli leaders reward Islamist terrorists -with violent military assaults on Jewish innocents to seize Jewish land and assets for murderers. It is to reward over 27,000 terror attacks against Israel's Jews in the last five years. It is to reward those who left the 3 Cohen children without legs. It is to reward homicide bombers for blowing up Jews. A reward for destroying the lives of survivors who are left severely physically handicapped; nails and other metallic objects from the bombs embedded in their bodies and brains. It is to reward Palestinian Authority society who celebrate by the thousands in the streets when innocent Jews are murdered by homicide bombers. It is to reward the Palestinian Authority for teaching through their mosques, media and public education system the murder of Jews is a religious obligation. It is to reward the Palestinian Authority for hailing as heroes the murderers of the innocent, defenseless 8 months pregnant Jewish Gaza mother and her four little daughters. It is a reward for the sermon (and many similar) of Oct 13 2000 broadcast from Gaza mosque, Dr. Ahmad Abu Halabiya, on Palestinian Authority TV (transcribed by Memri): "Have no mercy on the Jews, no matter where they are, in any country. Fight them, wherever you are. Wherever you meet them, kill them. Wherever you are, kill those Jews and those Americans who are like them..." It is to greatly empower the jihad against Israel's Jews.
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