Chilling protest in Atzmona
By Aya Ben Amos
Published: 21.08.05, 11:21
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LS ,   israel   (08.21.05)
Although it is difficult for people to see the comparision to the Holocaust, we need a good "shock" back to reality and see what trouble this country is in. Who ever heard of another sovreign country making refugees out of hard working and high moral people. SHAME ON THE GOVT. OF ISRAEL AND THE GODLESS MINISTERS.
2. The grave is for the next victim of Arab terror
Dani ,   Tel Aviv   (08.21.05)
Which WILL happen, because they see that terror pays.
3. Disgusting manipulation by use of Holocaust imagery
Dany ,   TA   (08.21.05)
4. How can they thnk that they suffer like Holocaust victims?
Eran ,   Israel   (08.21.05)
These people are so full of self pity on being moved from an illegal part of Israel to a legitimate part that they consider themselves suffering a Holocaust? The use of yellow and orange stars is a disgusting visualisation of how they see themselves as the real Jews persecuted by others. This is pure indoctrination and manipulation by their leaders to achieve higher status. These people see themselves as the " cream of Israel". What happened to the religious values of modesty, servitude and service to the State of Israel? Have the 6 roomed Villa's corrupted our people. These Ghetto setlements have harmed the very fabric of Religious Zionism here. We have to get back on the track with our feet on the ground.
5. The real victims
Marlene ,   New York/USA   (08.21.05)
These people have made a mockery of the Holocaust and they are insulting to all victims of genocides. It becomes even more of a farce since Israel has passed or presented an outrageous bill in the Knesset to make Holocaust denial a crime worldwide! Perhaps they had better arrest these people because by their very behavior, they do deny it. They are illegal residents of the occupied territories according to international law who are still being compensated to the tune of a few hundred thousand dollars per family courtesy of the American taxpayers for their long-overdue departure. The only people who rightfully should be wearing Yellow stars are the Palestinian people who have been ethnically cleansed from their homes, suffered under the foot of their inhumane and brutal oppressors in their ghettos, humiliated, abused, collectively punished, indiscriminately killed, their homes destroyed with all their belongings, thousands of families left homeless with no compensation, children left to sleep on piles of rubble, while the settlers lived as kings. This in itself is a lesson in how easy it is for people to descend to such barbarity by demonizing and dehumanizing a society of people that they have total indifference.
Pastaneta   (08.21.05)
I have by now lost all pity or compassion for the settlers when they use the Shoah for their own stupid ends... This family shoulsn't get a penny of compensation from the state!!!
7. PUH-leeze, Marlene and Elan
American Arabdescent ,   Miami, FL   (08.21.05)
The Palestinians in Jordan aren't allowed to vote or own land and now have to pay Jordan $1400 deposit, so who is persecuting them? Other Arabs! The Palestinian Muslims should stop killing both Jews and Palestinian Christians! (yes, they do) My heart is breaking for the settlers. Some Jews are jealous because they built 6 room villas, huh? Now you will be in more danger from the terrorists in your apartment in Jerusalem, they are all fired up! And as a Christian, where were the churches? I didn't hear a peep of protest! Accomplices once again. Ps 7:11 God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day.
8. To American of Arab Descent
NYC Girl   (08.21.05)
You're absolutely right about the Palestinians in Jordan and that it's other Arabs who are persecuting them. It isn't the Israelis who've kept the Palestinians festering in refugee camps for nearly 60 years, but the other Arab countries who could easily have taken them in, but preferred to divert the world's attention from their own corruption and lack of democracy by blaming Israel for all their problems. I think it's time that all these people who seem to have so much sympathy for the Palestinians face the truth about who it really is that's oppressing them. In fact, the Palestinians have probably had no worse enemy than Yasser Arafat , who, with his murderous and corrupt regime, was responsible for so much of the suffering on the part of both Palestinians and Israelis.
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