Settlers complain of relocation problems
By Ilan Marciano Anat Barshkovsky
Published: 21.08.05, 17:50
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1. "No solution" for evacuees? Give us a break!
Jonathan ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (08.21.05)
The Gaza evacuees who complain of "no solution" for housing them have only themselves to blame. These are the stubborn holdouts who refused to leave their settlements on time, and had to be forced out. These lawbreakers cannot now demand anything from the government, after flouting its decrees.
2. There's a reason for this
SJ ,   London   (08.21.05)
Those settlers who negotiated with the Disengagement Suthority were adequately prepared. Their cheques are banked and they have new homes to go to, either built for them or individually purchased. The settlers who are homeless are the ones who insisted that they would do nothing at all to prepare for the inevitable. They have not acted responsibly, particularly towards their children.
3. Sharon thinks that the central bus station is their home
Dani ,   Tel Aviv   (08.21.05)
That MUST be the case, because that's where some are sleeping.
4. They were intentionally misdirected by their leaders
Shlomi ,   TA   (08.21.05)
They were told by their leaders that it would never happen, and not to prepare. Most of the religious settlers are simple good people and they are being cynically used by politically motivated Rabbis. Shame on them for using these good people.
5. Number 1 & 2
Pete ,   France   (08.21.05)
Who told you the settlers who left on time have where to live? I KNOW THAT THEY DONT, the best of them are living in trailers. Why dont you move into a trailer without Air conditioning before you comment! I was pro the disengagment but you are a Jew hater.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (08.21.05)
Jews are made jobless and homeless. Some beaten - to seize Jewish land and assets for terrorists who call for the liberation of ALL "Palestine". 'MK Porush:Investigate Gov't's Failure to Help Refugees' "Porush said that his office has receive a large number of complaints from Gush Katif refugees. Many of the complaints focused on the following issues: · Families were divided and sent to different locations. · Transportation from Gush Katif was reminiscent of prisoner transports, humiliating the refugees. · No food was provided to families with babies. · Families were left without housing at the start of Shabbat. · Many children still have not school to attend as the new school year approaches." JEWISH REFUGEES - APPLY IMMEDIATELY TO U.N. FOR REFUGEE ASSISTANCE!
7. # 5
usa   (08.21.05)
Stop your Jew hater name calling. Its STUPID. The fact is, the jew settlers that were finally evicted after illegally occuying and REPRESENATING a people and theior land- ,are given more compensation and help thn most people evicted for illegally squatting land ever get. the Israelis ,of course have even finagled 1 BILLION from US tax payers.
8. Who is really responsible?
William ,   Cleveland   (08.23.05)
It seems to me that The government of israel created the first modern day refugees, and by doing so must behave in a responsable mannor. These refugees did not ask to leave there homes they were forced to. Not like you in Ra'anana. They were promised a future in the Gaza Strip so when they tiik the offer I am sure that no one said that some day we will kick you out!
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