Settlers sell ad space on eBay
By Ynetnews
Published: 22.08.05, 10:18
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1. creative
Howard ,   Pacific Coast, USA   (08.22.05)
Very tacky, but creative. Maybe pro-pullout politicians in Israel will put their money where their mouths are and buy ad space ;-) Are they going to start "" & sell ad space in the middle of other riots, war zones & disaster areas world-wide? *wince* What happens if the PA buys an ad?
2. I wonder!
Abdullah ,   Kuwait City   (08.22.05)
Would they hang a banner thanking the IDF and Police for a job well done in evicting those settlers out of the settlements and into Israel proper?
3. To Abdullah in Kuwait City...
Rick ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.22.05)
It's nice to see that someone in Kuwait acknowledges Israel's existence in the middle east even if we do disagree on it's exact borders. That is the start of honest dialogue. Now if only the Palistinian leadership could do the same, there'd be a chance at peace.
4. Desperate move
zayka ,   Boston, USA   (08.22.05)
by settlers in order to bring attention to the situation in Israel. Most people don't know what is happening. And if they will get money - good for them Being a refugee they would need it. And why it is shocking to you? Gaza is for sale by so called Israeli government
5. Its a gamble as AD space
US   (08.22.05)
Not only do you not know where the camera angles will be, or if settlers wont be throwing paint or graffitti all over it, but the company would be risking a huge costumer audience due to the POLITICS of the situation. An ad placed there looks like settler support an many earthlings are very pro disengagement.
6. response to Rick (post 3)
Abdullah ,   Kuwait City   (08.22.05)
Hello Rick, I agree, in order for there to be peace between The Arabs and their cousins The Jews, a middle ground must be reached, neither side can keep the entire or most of the pie for that matter! People must learn to co-exists and people must learn to share a secular democratic Israel & Palestine!
7. Ad either removed by ebay or owner!
Abdullah ,   Kuwait City   (08.23.05)
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