Opinion  Sever Plocker
No rift, no healing
By Sever Plocker
Published: 23.08.05, 10:13
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1. How Palestinians see their refugees
raykie ,   Israel   (08.23.05)
We Israelis see the disengaged Yesha settlers as part of our nation whose wounds need to be healed among us. The soldiers embrace the settlers and share their pain, unlikely as it may seem and much as it runs counter to current western norms. There is no pandering to the standards of the westen media watching hungrily and reporting every sad incident. The PA see their refugees as just so many counters, as cannon fodder, as useless lives to be sacrificed in the propaganda war for the world's sympathy. They will win because they are ruthless and sacrifice pawns without feeling a moment's guilt. Their glib lies are accepted by the west which does not understand their culture of conscienceless lying and merciless killing.
2. Refugees ?
John ,   USA   (08.23.05)
Please define refugee. The word is being abused as usual to benefit those who use it. Pull OUT.......Something that should have been done a long time ago. Give them state hood with borders. Any problems then declare war and invade.
3. Mr Plocker says it all
Mark Cohen ,   Raanana Israel   (08.23.05)
4. So why do? Don't do it again!
5. This situation is prerevolutionary
akiva ,   chicago, il   (08.23.05)
http://en.rian.ru/world/20050818/41183993.html Yevegenny Satanosky, RJC President and head of the Russian Israeli Middle East Institute sees that Sharon has started a countdown to Revolution. War is revolution. You declared on the people. God help us.
6. Pull Out
Cecilia Mullanaphy ,   Freehold, NJ   (08.23.05)
I Am a sympathatic American. I agree with you, the Palastenians will not be satisfied and Hamas will begin terrorist attacks. again. Most American's do not realize that the muslim world view is never to tolerate Israel. I am an Irish American who constantly argues the Israeli cause. Only the secular humanist hold the European view that the Palestinians are victims. They had the oppurtunity for their own state after the war. They refused and Jordan annexed the land. Let Jordan give them that land. Palastenians are victims by choice, following their crazy leader Arafat. In 2000, Israel gave the Arabs 97% of what they wanted and that still was not enough. It never will be. I will continue to argue your cause and I did cry for your people. I continue to pray for the peace of Israel. I admire Israel. cecilia
7. The government is doing nothing for the evacuees.
akiva ,   chicago   (08.23.05)
Volunteers are. This government has no legitimacy.
8. The "Palestinian" myth.
Daisy ,   USA   (08.23.05)
Don't give land to a mythical people! http://www.sullivan-county.com/id3/palestine.htm
9. Having a Bad Day, Sever?
Jay ,   Las Vegas, U.S.A.   (08.25.05)
Dear Mr. Plocker, My head is spinning. Three days ago you wrote so positively about the enlarging Israeli economy. Now, you make me want to go out and get a prescription for anti-depression pills. I'll just assume you are having a bad day. Maybe a former settler pulled into a parking spot that you wanted just before you were able to pull into it. I suggest that you read my comment to your published opinion of August 20,2005, about the enlarging Israeli economy.
10. ecconomy
mostafa ,   khalil   (08.25.05)
to all nations take a lesson from a khalili one good ecconomy and war is a miserable joke only if you work in weapon industry far from the war or if you working as hanoti [doing graves and burried deathes]
11. Re: Mr. Plocker, voice of reason
Chani   (08.26.05)
Seems I agree with most of what you write, however, the reality does not heal the future demise of the Israeli. Politics is dead, the right-wing unable to get a foot in the door, the leftists don't give a hoot about anyone but themselves and the middle of the fencers think that all is well and will continue to banter back and forth until entire country is burned to the ground, demolished, in the name of PA peace (sic). For your edification, the only way that PA can ever build anywhere is if they guarantee never to attack anyone again, explain to their children that aisav and yishmael never received property rights within our border (Lot however did gain in dispute between his shepherds and Avraham Avinu's shepherds). Our concern with the greening of Israel is more than just political, it is part of the very fiber of every Jew. So let's start building. Let's regain a modicum of morallity and decorum. Let's show that our seeds can grow anywhere. But, "never again" should there be such a display of bad faith and lack of reason to appease the world at large. Like the Pope said, watch out for future major outbreaks of anti-semitism. Refugee status nowadays seems to be "survival of the fittest". Are we losing the chess game?
12. unconsidering all ideas ... its lovable feelings of settler
palestine.my.love ,   this world   (01.02.06)
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