Official: Majority supports Sharon
By Diana Bahur-Nir
Published: 24.08.05, 02:08
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1. Sharon = Peres = bolshevik methods
Robert ,   Belgium   (08.24.05)
2. Sharon is a coward..
Miriam ,   Israel   (08.24.05)
The job of the prime minister is to protect the Jewish nation and it's citizens. Instead of standing up to Bush, Rice and the rest of the world, and saying NO LAND, our prime minister, shook in his boots, ran with his head between his legs, and displaced thousands of Israeli citizens and gave away our holy land to our bitter enemy [who is still promising to rein terror on us, only now they can come closer into Israel]. The prime minister is basking in the glory of the world patting him on the back, but the truth is PRIME MINISTER SHARON is nothing but a COWARD. He deserves to be charged with crimes against the Jewish people and nation. Our flag will proudly fly again in Gaza and the Northern Shomron. Am Israeli Chain V'kiyam!
3. Sharon was courageous
Meesh ,   USA   (08.24.05)
I beg to differ, # 2. He did what he felt needed to be done for the welfare of both peoples. I have alot more respect for Sharon, now, then i ever did.
4. Sharon
Miriam ,   LA, USA   (08.24.05)
Sharon is foolish to think that the PA and Hamas will stop its terrorist actions. American money has gone to his head.
5. Its not about the $$$
Meesh ,   USA   (08.24.05)
Its about the future. the recognition of all people. Bless it.
6. #4 It has nothing to do with stopping Hamas and PA
Eli Vardi ,   Israel   (08.24.05)
It has everything to do with: 1. Saving lives of Israeli citizens and the soldiers that were needed to protect them 2. Providing defensable borders with the 1.3 million arabs living in what will become part of the Palestinian State. 3. Puting the pressure on the PA to show that they can control their people and develop a State structure. A crucial part of this is the ability of Abbas to show that things have improved, new appertments, less corruption, better living conditions. 4. The stronger Abbas is, the weaker Hamas is. Hammas feed on the ignorant poor, who have nothing else to think of and nothing to lose. 5. Yes, American and European pressure has also made it necessary, but more important is 6. It ensures Sharons survival politically, because even with all the noise that the radical right make, it is clear that he has a majority of public opinion for him and this is even in religious circles. Not the fanatics, but the moderates. Even some of those moved out of Gaza have agreed to the reasons, they just don't see why it was them. The Hamas will change into a political party in Gaza as soon as they see that that is how to gain power. The attacks will switch to the West Bank and that would have happened anyway, so nothing has changed there. Don't forget, the Knesset voted for the withdrawal and backed Sharon. The religious right can't claim that he is a dictator, they are just bad loosers in a democratic society.
8. Joke of the day
Matthias ,   Switzerland   (08.24.05)
"Sources said fears that the pullout would result in a national rift proved to be false."
9. Sharon is Wrong
Brana Lobel ,   USA   (08.24.05)
People like Eli Varda are quick to call names and apply labels. Well, you' re wrong, Mr Varda. The "Palis" have never kept their agreements. It is a tenet of Islam not to keep agreements in a state of war. They are always in a state of war. Criminals have no honor. Abbas fits both categories. Hamas will not turn into a benign political party. People who want to pioneer and live on Israeli land are not "radical", and not "fanatic". It is also amazing to me, but probably shouldn't be, that someone like Mr Varda is callous enough to simply ignore 9,000 Jews kicked out of their homes. Ariel Sharon is an embarrassment and worse to the Jewish people. The man clearly has no respect for his country, his people, or his government. Of course he is a dictator. He's pushing MKs around, hiring horses and dogs to go after citizens, imprisoning people in advance of their being charged, acting against the laws of his own country, distributing patronage openly. He must be replaced by someone with good character. As for Meesh, both sides in this equation are not equal, so they don't deserve the same things. One side is a legal government with a large percentage of good and peace-loving people; the other side is a gang of thugs and murderers controlling a swarm of people trained to blow themselves and others up, and smear their children's hands with blood.
10. Brana, oh Brana...............
Eli Vardi ,   Israel   (08.24.05)
"People like Eli Varda are quick to call names and apply labels. Well, you' re wrong, Mr Varda. " Who are people like me? Do we have a label? I didn't call anyone names, but if you identify with one of the groups mentioned, and feel offended at being labeled such, then it's your problem ! "Hamas will not turn into a benign political party. " Didn't say they would. They will become even more politically active in Gaza, while exporting their terror to the W.Bank. "People who want to pioneer and live on Israeli land are not "radical", and not "fanatic". " We agree on something! Now we only have to define what is legitimate Israeli land. It can't be the whole of the M.East. Who ignores the 8,00o setlers moved into temporary accomodation untuil their new homes are ready. That wasn't the subject of the talkback. I ignored the missiles in Eilat and the poor in Sderot too ! The rest of your talkback sank into some ranting and raving with totally inaccurate accusations, and confusion so I can't relate to that.
11. No forgiveness for Sharon
Ilan Toren ,   Ariel   (08.24.05)
His political career is over. His "friends" on the left will oust him soon and then he will find that his former friends on the right still remember his betrayal. We will hound him from public life and he will not find any rest in this world.
12. sharon
Yisraeli   (08.24.05)
sharon is finished but of course all his dependant criminals around him are still in need of him so they try to portray him as a star and get him re-elected. history will judge him as the very worst pm israel has ever had, worse then Rabin, because Rabin at least tried to reverse the course that his 'buddies' led him into, but of course they would have none of that and the rest you know even if you dont believe. Worse then Barak, Barak was just the little school boy in politics he was way out of his depth. Way into the future Sharon will be remembered when the story of Katif is given with a noisy gregor as the other is remembered in purim. Sharon was a cheap thug in pre state days, its common knowledge - he didnt change, only fools made a big 'hero' out of a common thug. Sharon is well and truly done.
13. Its about oil, money, power, and covering sin
Jacqueline ,   USA   (08.24.05)
Sharon sold his soul to the devil. He cooperated for so many reasons, the Bush administration, that expelling the Jews of Gaza and the West Bank had little meaning to him. A cover up for sins of Sharon was one reason, I do think. Pacifying the Arab cartel, oil, I do think, for the Bush's affliations from the past and to this day. So many reasons why this was done and the fact that Israel stands in danger, and her children are lost in this shuffle, doesnt enter the equation. The Sharon Govt is corrupt, heartless, and in bed with the Bush Administation that has caused this all. Oh yes, could it have been money privately passed on? What happened to some concessions for Israel, not that we wanted this? But Jonathon Pollard for one would have been nice. Dont you think? Time the Sharon Govt falls and takes all the flunkys out with him. I also think that the Judges must be looked into also. Some of their reasoning goes against all Torah Law. Jacqueline.
14. Jacqueline- We're not a Sharia State -Torah law is not law
16. To #14
I'm sure that when you buy a new electric appliance you read the liflet before you use it. So do the same with the world you fall in, learn the rules the Creator gave to his creation.
17. Mission Accomplished???
Jacqueline ,   usa   (08.26.05)
Mission Accomplished? Oh, Mr. Sharon, yes, you have managed to evict Jews from their homes and given them no where to turn. Oh, excuse me, a room where 5-6 people sleep on the floor for some, the others are pitching tents. Is this the Israeli way? Your mission isnt accomplished. You accomplished nothing expect to satisfy the Bush administration and cover up yours and your familys own immoral and corrupt sins. What have you accomplished? The bombs will fall again, you know that, everyone knows that. What have you accomplished? The terror groups are still around, inflitrating Israel and slowly but surely killing innocent Jews. The only thing you accomplished is you made Israel weak. You divided your people and for this you will answer to a higher authority. My suggestion to you is give back the land of Gaza and West Bank to the people that were there before, build them new houses, put more troops in Gaza, relinquish no more land, and if necessary take Hamas, Hezbolah, and the PA out if they continue to kill us. But maybe you dont have the guts to stand up to, you know who. Rosh Hashana is approaching. The book is opening and I wonder where your position will be listed? Jacqueline, Mission not accomplished
18. USA Pressure on Israel again?
Jacqueline ,   USA   (08.26.05)
We are seeing that C. Rice is pushing Israel for more concessions. THis will go on and on until Israel is no longer Israel. Sharon will do nothing, he will give in. Sharon has put Israel in jeopardy and will continue. He must be expelled from the Govt. by vote along with all his flunkies. If we leave it up to him, Sharon will send the Jews back to the dessert before the Arabs do. GET HIM OUT< TIME THE USA JEWS SPOKE OUT INSTEAD OF SITTING IT OUT. Jacqueline
19. #16, Nice analogy, irrelevant, but nice
1. We all know how many people actually read the instructions before operating anything. It's around 15% in men. 2. The instructions are not compulsory. You can usually operate the gadget different ways. 3. I give equal respect to those that read the instructions, and follow them, and those that don't . :-)
20. JACQ
The israelis/jews are on occupied land in the WEST BANK. They are illegally there- and still expanding. THE USA does not want to keep welfaring a bunch of illegal jews that steal land GOT IT?
21. Divide and conquer
Angel ,   Earth   (10.08.05)
It's a very basic principle in gaining power. The machine for which Bush (or his holographic double) fronts is all about power and control and is based in fear. They feed on fear. Our "weapon" is love. Meditate, pray, do whatever it is you do to stay in a state of love. The power/fear leaders have a fatal flaw in their plans. They believe that the destruction of this world will bring Christ here to rebuild it. As if there is a separate being that will magically appear to clean up baby's mess. How silly. Christ consciousness means being the embodiment of unconditional love. The Christ that will rebuild the world is the attainment within of Christ consciousness by enough souls/beings (144,000 is one magic number). Our job is to remember. Remember that all beings are connected. The bible, the torah, the koran, the rule book does not matter. What matters is the faith, courage, patience and tolerance to BE/LIVE Christ consciousness. I am a human first. A much blessed human. I greet you in love and peace. I pray for the wounds and hurts of all sentience, including our dear mother Earth. We all will let go of the body we now wear at some point. The body is temporal/temporary. What matters is what our divine essence (soul is one word) learns/becomes. Say a prayer for the dead. Lend a hand to the living. BE love. BE an angel (a messenger of love). Follow the quiet ones, the ones who seem to be walking a path of love, the ones not seeking followers. In loving service.
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