Opinion  Attila Somfalvi
Who's the big winner?
By Attila Somfalvi
Published: 24.08.05, 08:27
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1. Hamas is the big winner: Proof that terror pays
Dani ,   Tel Aviv   (08.24.05)
Get ready for more dead Jews, because since it works, the cult of death will do it. It's only a matter of time.
2. kassams will land, that is for sure
yonatan   (08.24.05)
But Sharon is not going to loose his place as a prime-minister for that. In fact, Sharon gambled on gaza not because peace would come, but because he wants to hold on to parts of the west bank - he said this himself. And a withdrawal from gaza would also put the palestinians on the spot and show their true face for what they are: seekers of the destruction of israel. And sharon is counting on this too, so that we can bomb them. I can't wait for that to happen.
3. Qassams Don't Kill People; People Kill People
Brana Lobel ,   USA   (08.24.05)
Mr Somfalvi, I'm surprised at you. Zarkawi's early activities have already been intercepted. Hamas has made it clear they're not stopping. The imams are preaching Jihad and the taking of all Israel. Has the PLO/Abbas become any less corrupt and criminal in the past few months? The people in Israel do not have a clear way of expressing their opinion. They cannot vote their opinion and expect to see their will followed. I am appalled to see that you make the simplistic equation that calm equals a better future. The recent hisotry of israel shows that time and time again, concessions with Arabs have gained Israel nothing and have made it more difficult for Israelis (Jews) to practice thier religion, purchase property, run their economy, build houses, live ordinary lives. Understanding that many Israelis must be exhausted and hungry for peace after four years of Infitada, the answer remains that the only peace that will extend for any time is one backed by a strong Israeli defense and strong, extended, not narrowed, borders, since the "Palis" and other Arabs will never give up their claim to Jewish land unless they are beaten militarily.
5. jihad
mosa ,   bit sahoor   (08.24.05)
iam moslem and jihad in islam is the defense no more there are 5 wars between the israili and the arabs i know mostly the israili win ....but the land still the land and the people on it is the same and jihad will continue jihad means defense no more
6. To Moosa
Alex ,   Australia   (08.25.05)
It is no surprise to hear you make such a statement, you are obviously so brainwashed that you actually believe attacking others and blowing yourselves up to kill others is defence! Give me a break, get a real life Moosa, wake up and smell the TRUTH. STOP MURDERING AND SPREADING HATRED AMONG YOUR OWN PEOPLE!
7. to alex
mosa ,   jerusalem   (08.25.05)
i know your contry on the map only i know some thing about your people in the movi ..please welcome to our land i mean palastin see the wall see the destroyed houses see the prisons see the poor see the illness all between the palastinians ..and dont speak while you are comfort looking to your tv or computer ...when we ask help lastly we asked it from the occupation or from you see the tv only and have no brain to wash by by darling
8. the new laugh test
alan ,   san francisco   (08.25.05)
When do we start laughing? Certainly before the first rocket or mortar or suicide bomber attack (the bullets are already flying at the IDF before it completes its withdrawal). Do we laugh when the PA allows incitement to committ terror to continue in its official press as it did yesterday? Do we laugh when the PA says it cannot be free unless it has an airport that can bring in every terrorist in the Middle East to Gaza? Do we laugh when the EU passes out three billion in aid and that money winds up not only in the pocket of corrupt PA officials but also in the pockets of arms dealers? Which laugh test to chose is difficult when you are laughing so hard.
9. Sharon is hoping knife attacks are not as controversial
10. Who's the big Winner ?
Doris Felsch ,   Elsa , Texas USA   (08.27.05)
If you only be reading the Old-Testament - there are your Prophets tell you what was and what is to come and what God's plan is for your future - what is ( JACOP) Israel - like from MOSES true ZCHARIAH - but the most important one's whish hold the answer for the things what are going on right now is from God's Profits ISAIAH, EZEKIEL,JEREMIAH,DANIEL , and ZCHARIAH and if you have even more desire to find out the true - now if you reead REVELATION wish is written by John the last Apostle of ( JESUS ) the have lad out the word of God very plainly - with no misunderstanding and these are only some of GOD'S profits - but if you read the all the word - there is everything lad out for ISRAEL - with no misunderstanding - if you follow GOD and his COMMANDMENTS - because the Winner is you ISRAEL and the Gentiles - the one love JESUS the KING of KING'S and LORS of LORDS coming out of DAVID'S house - wish is one GOD ... I DO NOT TRY TO CONVERT ANY ONE - I JUST STATING THAT GOD LOVES HIS JEWISH PEOPLE AND HE WILL NEVER FORSAKE THEM - BECOUSE OF THE PROMISSE AND COVERMENT HE MADE TO ABRAHAM , ISIEC AND JACOP .... Thank you ... Doris Felsch
11. JIHAD against Israel is part of GLOBAL JIHAD
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (09.10.05)
The PA/PLO have always made it clear through their mosques, media and public education system that their war against Israel is a religious war. This fact is well known to the U.S. EU UN and Israeli leaders. The Muslim religion teaches that every non-Muslim on earth must be brought under complete domination and subjugation. The next phase of the religious war against Israel's Jews will be greatly intensified with the vitally important acquisition of Jewish Gaza for a terror state. Never in the history of the world has a nation voluntarily given their land and assets to implacable enemies sworn to their destruction.
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