Gush Katif to be erased from maps
By David Regev
Published: 24.08.05, 09:41
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1. Could they not wait
Meir ,   Beit Shemesh   (08.24.05)
It's like putting a nail in a coffin. Why is the state so eager to obliterate the memory of the once flourishing settlements there? Let the Arabs remove it from their maps, not us!!!
2. Maps
Sami ,   Jerusalem   (08.24.05)
Hundreds of palestinian towns and villages were removed from maps. so don't be so sorry for a few settlements that were built on stolen land.
3. #1- Face up to it, it's not part of Israel now.
Shaul ,   Israel   (08.24.05)
4. The old 'stolen land' refrain
Jul ,   Paris   (08.24.05)
You've got enough as it is, don't complain. And when the world gets to see what you do with your lands compared to what Israel did, it looks like you deserve no more than an isolated island somewhere in the south pacific ocean !
5. #4 Since when do people get what they deserve?
Viv Lafranz ,   Israel   (08.24.05)
I've heard some insane aguments in my time, but to say that you deserve the land because you can develop it further is comic book nonsense ! I could develop an area of the New York more than the present occupiers. Can I have it please ? I could certainly develop a much prettier area in Paris around La Defense than the present occupiers. It looks like a concrete desert that I could develop. Can I have it please? I don't think the French deserve the whole of Paris, it looks neglected.......they should give it to me ! But I deserve it ! French logic , Ha !
6. We Will NEVER Erase Gush Katif From Our Maps
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (08.24.05)
And we will return to OUR Gush Katif. This is part of the Jewish manifest destiny.
7. What the hell ?
Jul ,   France   (08.24.05)
First let's make things clear, what i'm saying is that taking a look at the pure facts : Israel is a successful democracy, a quite rich country with freedom of speech and the rule of law. At the same time, all the arab countries are violent dictatures where a bad quality quiet reigns because of fear for violent repression. Their economical results is abysmal even when they have undeserved oil to sell. I could almost extend this description of facts to muslim countries altogether. Therefore, i think that israelis clearly won the right to live where they are, on a small strip of their biblical land while arabs around can go on being mediocre on their millions of square km. And no, you haven't really proved anything so far that could make me think you'd handle Paris or any other area better than the current people. Plus, i think one can say that the New-York area or Paris are already well developped and reasonably well managed. I don't think anyone can really make a drastic difference there. Meanwhile, the difference between arab/muslim countries (most) and Israel is so striking that i think you can give credit to Israel and israelis.
8. Crazy. Israel Destroyed Jewish Gaza. Now They Add Arab Names
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ, US   (08.24.05)
The "Jewish" State is anxious to erase Jewish presence in historical Jewish Gaza, yet will include the newly named Arab towns? Haven't the "Authorities" heard the good news? These Judenrein towns will henceforth be called - Arafat, Yassin, and all manner of "martyr" names. Are these the town names Israel will include on its maps? In addition, if Israel is leaving Gaza completely, why are Arab towns then going on Israel's maps?? Something screwy happening here.
9. Adina
David ,   Jerusalem   (08.24.05)
Perhaps you've heard the expression "2 wrongs don't make a right." Tit-for-tat is not a smart strategy, let alone a mature way of looking at the world. The Palestinians aren't exactly who we should emulate, are they?
Jacqueline ,   USA   (08.24.05)
Now you bring this up? Why? Want people to buy your crummy maps for prosperitiy. Want to gather some more money while the going is good? Not even a week and you are ready to erase the maps filled with Jewish Gaza residents and place the arab cities to be on them. Why? Need more gelt? Do you have to add my fuel to the fire and make these poor people feel worse. Shame on your for your greed. Jacqueline
11. Why Not a Map Replacing Israel?
Robert ,   Sna Diego,USA   (08.24.05)
Since the Center for Israel Maps, the official housing ministry cartographer is already erasing Gush Katf from its official Israeli Maps ,why not expedite the process and erase Israel from official Israeli maps -because that is where Israel is heading.
12. Every modern country updates their maps regularly
Eli Vardi ,   Israel   (08.25.05)
The emotional outbursts on this weblog are farcical. Every slightest move is slammed as being political. If Gaza becomes Palestinian territory, they have the right to name their cities how they like. Stop trying to dictate and control the free citizens of Palestine. There are streets and neighbourhoods in Jordan named after Arafat too. He was a murderer and terrorist to us, but the founder ( and creator) of the Palestinian State to others. The most important thing is that he is dead ! Remember the old joke of the fortune teller who forcast that Arafat would die on a Jewish Festival ? When asked which one, she answered that any day that Arafat died would be a Jewish Festival. Let them have their streets and neighbourhoods and state, let them regain some self respect and National folklore. Abbas has to unify their people into a State that has never existed before, and if they succeed it will give us the chance of a peaceful neighbour. If they fail we'll be in the @#$%
13. The only thing scewy is Kutnicki
Shlomo ,   Jerusalem   (08.25.05)
Israeli maps show Jordan, Egypt, Syria,Lebanon and soon Palestine. All neighboring countries. Otherwise the map would be the size of your hankie..... You wouldn't know that as you live in the USA.
14. Yishai, shouldn't that be YeSh..........not YeShA?
15. Jul, can I have Cyprus then?- That's a mess.....
Viv Lafranz ,   Israel   (08.25.05)
How about Zimbabwe, now I could do great things there...............
16. to #15
Jul ,   Paris   (08.26.05)
Sure, go campaigning there, i don't really mind. If you can set up an army and that you have a few thousand hundred people behind you, go settle there and fix things. To me you'll be legitimate. When whites weren't yet dispossed of their fields, at least people had food. Now it's a complete mess, as you say. So is situation really fairer now ? I don't think you could say it is. But, gotta say something : You'll have to tell me exactly how you determine the belonging of a territory because there ain't much criterions : Being the first there ? Well in that case i think the whole planet belongs to bacterias. Just being there ? Well in that case the israelis are there. Who gets the most of this territory ? Israelis again ! There's always been jews in Israel, not always as much as today but always been some. Jews are not complete foreigners to this land, saying otherwise is lying. Actually, the only argument of the pro-palestinians is always : "they were there when jews arrived, then expelled". Well sorry but it's not enough, history didn't start with the arrival of jews from Russia. Why so arbitrarily decide that history starts around 1880 ? You can't really drag the subject on this ground because it's endless. One will talk about how he was here first and so on. Peoples move around, territories swap owners and that's how it's been since the beginning of humanity. I don't really see why things should come to a complete stop today for some goat breeders in a desert. And you gotta be 2 to tango, israelis didn't wage a war alone, i think you could even say that israelis have been dragged in the independance war. If arabs had won, i don't think there would be a Ynet website today so that you could argue, i don't think it would have been considered to give back territories. Face it : there's a conflict and conflict means population displacement, deaths, wars and suffering. If the peoples in conflict can't find a compromise, well then let the best win ! My favorite is Israel.
17. Wait soon you will have to Erase Tel Aviv
Yoel   (08.26.05)
18. Jul- cowboy and Indian old story......
Rabi sukaar ,   Haifa   (08.30.05)
Zionist propaganda - We bloomed the desert so lets have it , I remember looking at an Israeli official map of the middle east with old hebrew names of Southern Lebanon back in the 80's , I am sure Zionist historians would (find) make up Jewish names to cities in Iraq.....after all 3000 years is not too far in the age of power and arrowgance .
19. Try as hard as you can we will never forget!
Michelle ,   Ashamed , Israel   (09.05.05)
You can bulldoze and you can erase the lines off of a map but Gush Katif is a G-d given gift to the jewish people of the world and no one can take that away not even the marshmallow man.
TKG ,   Israel   (10.16.05)
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