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The future is orange
Rabbi Shlomo Aviner
Published: 24.08.05, 10:58
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1. Right wingers in Israel act like...........
Abdullah ,   Kuwait City   (08.24.05)
Hello all, These right wing extremists act and behave like Taliban in Afghanistan only in a Jewish flavor! The true Jews of Israel has spoken and the extremists’ right wingers lost! The civilized world must unite and fight against those extremists for the sake of world peace and well being! It does not matter if we are dealing with a Muslim, Jew, or Christian extremist, they are all the same, they think alike and they behave alike, and I cannot imagine the day that Israel will have Al Qaeda like Jewish terror group in Israel!
2. Abdullah, stop interfering
Meir ,   Beit Shemesh   (08.24.05)
Dear Abdullah, When will you stop interfering with us? You deny the Jews the right to believe!! Only Muslims have to right to believe? We Jews have a belief in our land. You cannot deny us that. To associate that with Taliban is a gross distortion. We do not wish to impose our ways on anyone else. By the way, when we believe the Messiah will come, there will be peace everywhere. Surely that is something we all want!!
3. The eternal nation is not afraid of a long journey
Rachel BenDavid ,   Peduel   (08.24.05)
"Am HaNetzch Lo Mifached M'Derech Aruka" Rav Kook
4. Hello Rebbe, wake up!
Nadav ,   Misgav   (08.24.05)
Amazing how somebody can still be so disconnected from reality. You live in a democratic country and the vast majority og this country wants anything but being ruled by a bunch of selfrighteous Rabbis, most of them corrupt to the bone. It is very hard to call yourself jewish knowing that such ignorants claim to be the leaders of my religion.
5. taliban??
ash ,   gush etzion   (08.24.05)
it is so sad when people throw around words that have no meaning in this context like nazi, apartheid and taliban. can you imagine if the afghanis tried to destroy homes and communities of the taliban, would they have gone singing, crying and hugging those that came to evacuate them. when was the last time any jewish court chopped limbs off or forbade a woman from leaving the house? when they beat a man for not having a beard? because many arabs see the world in mirror images of what they know, devout jews must be taliban. abdullah i welcome you to show me examples of how the religious right is like the taliban.
6. Half a Messianic dream is a Worse than none
Meir ,   Gush Etzion   (08.24.05)
Your Half Messianic dream.. Jerusalem (the physcial city) and hope to return to Gush Katif is all about Land Land Land and is blind to the the other divine promises of Peace and brotherhood.. Had you invested 1% of your fervor in that direction there would have been hope. You leave us with the vision of a false messiah.
7. Abdullah
Ann C. ,   USA   (08.24.05)
QUOTE: "It does not matter if we are dealing with a Muslim, Jew, or Christian extremist, they are all the same, they think alike and they behave alike..." This quote is so totally bogus and foolish that it almost doesn't need a comment. You consider the Settlers Jewish EXTREMISTS, and then say that they are JUST LIKE MUSLIM & CHRISTIAN EXTREMISTS? Oh yes. I've lost count of all the Jewish Settlers who strapped explosives onto themselves and went to a Palestinian cafe to explode themselves and blow to bits little babies and teenagers. And we see Christian extremists over here in the US doing it daily too. Oh yes, your local news shows Christians & Jews over here entering cafes, hospitals, and homes to blow up the innocents there. SHEESH, get a grip! I hope my sarcasm gets the point across. The only "EXTREMISTS" I see (folks who go around murdering innocent human beings) ARE EXTREMIST MUSLIMS! Don't point out a few nutcases of other religions, and compare them to the continuous STREAM of muslim murderers. If they aren't blowing themselves up, then they're cutting the throat of someone. THESE ARE THE ONLY RELIGIOUS EXTREMISTS TODAY!
8. Extremist...
Pastaneta   (08.24.05)
Notr much to choose between extremists of all religion... This nut included...
9. Abdullah
Doug ,   Toronto   (08.24.05)
Abdullah, Thank you for your measured and helpful words. Please keep in mind that many of the comments posted here represent an extreme, albeit motivated, minority. Their views do not represent the vast majority of Jewry. Most Jews don't believe that Palestinians are non-persons with no rights. Most Jews have no sympathy for the 8,500 settlers who took up 30% of the land in Gaza while 1.3 million others got the rest, whose communities existed only through the protection of thousands of soldiers, who moved to Gaza by their own choosing and who will be compensated generously for being forced out. Shalom / Salaam.
10. Abdullah
Nathan ,   Netanya   (08.24.05)
Doug was correct, Abdullah. But he neglected to mention that the vast majority of Jews, in and out of Israel, are also well aware that you -- in that you are willing to acknowledge our existence as a sovereign nation -- are the exception, not the rule. And when your brethren deny our right to exist, shower rockets on our cities and rejoice in our sufferings, rest assured that we are stronger than you can possibly imagine.
11. Dear Rabbi,
Meir Moses   (08.24.05)
What is it you do again to help the poor and downtrodden of Israel and the peoples that live amongst us that the Torah teaches us to respect? Because I don't really hear anything but a self-righteous moan...
12. Response to Meir (post 2)
Abdullah ,   Kuwait City   (08.24.05)
Hello Meir, You have just proved one important issue with every religion; every religion believer think and act that his or her religion is superior to others and for others to go to heaven then must first follow his or her religion!! Absolute arrogance won't you say so? By the way I do not deny you your right to believe in anything, that is your God given right, but don't expect me not to interfere when your believe is turned into action that denies me my own believes! See at the end its all an un-ending cycle of you and I; don't you think its quiet selfish of both you and me?
13. In response to ash (post 5)
Abdullah ,   Kuwait City   (08.24.05)
Dear ash, With settler minded Israeli PM, you shall kiss a goodbye all of your current civil rights and freedoms, you want to bid on it? Those people think alike and behave a like exactly like brainwashed Jewish terrorist Zada who thought that killing fellow citizens who happen to be Arabs is an OK act in order to stop Mr. Sharon from taking out his plan of pulling out of Gaza settlements! Those people almost, always resort to violence and terrorism when things do not go their way, and the future is yet to uncover these facts before your eyes!
14. Response to Ann (post 7)
Abduulah ,   Kuwait City   (08.24.05)
Dear Ann, while I won't deny the so-called Muslim terrorists, I admire your selective memory in identifying Jewish terrorists. Finally, I might consider dignifying you with an answer when abandon your evident indiscriminate hatred of all Arabs!
15. Response to Doug (post 9)
Abdullah ,   Kuwait City   (08.24.05)
Salam Doug, I salute you sir, and I wish that one day your people and my people live in peace and harmony while the remaining extremists’ fascists die in agony and failure AMEN! !
16. Response to Nathan (post 10)
Abdullah ,   Kuwait City   (08.24.05)
Shalom Nathan, Rest assured that most of my people do not wish you harm when it is fact that your people are living in peace and harmony and not occupying any Arab territories! And also rest assured that occupation won't last forever and sooner or later the rights will be restored not by bloodshed and not by force but by your own democratically elected government God willing! Only then both people of democratic and secure Israel and Palestine along with their Arab neighbors will live in peace and prosperity!
17. Response to Abdullah
Doug ,   Toronto   (08.24.05)
I do not wish death on "the remaining extremists’ fascists" only failure. Shalom / Salaam
18. You failed your people
Jacqueline ,   USA   (08.25.05)
When Jews are split among all the factions, reform, conservative, orthox. ultra orthox. they become totally divided. The disengagement was the result of this split. Now the religious party sees its mistake. By not getting involved with all factions of your people, you divided your people and Torah and its ideals are going down to you know where. All of us, every faction, are one. But the religious have separated from the people and lived alone. Now you are alone. Make your presence stronger by reaaching out to all Jews and becoming a part of the creation that H-shem expects. At Mt Sinai when we received the Torah, all Jews were one. H-shem didnt give the Torah to the orthox, or ultra orthox. He gave it to all His Children. You have a lot to make up for your failures to the settlers and their families. Start by bringing Sharon and his Govt. down, next checkout the Judges, I think they leave a lot to be desired. Then get involved with all. Jacqueline
19. Response to Doug (post 17)
Abdullah ,   Kuwait City   (08.25.05)
Sorry Doug, but I think that you missed understood me, what I meant by "die" is an extreme anger to a long lasting failure and not death literally! Shalom
20. Abdullah, you're wrong
Ann C. ,   USA   (08.25.05)
I have absolutely no HATRED for any Arabs. The Terrorists who are blowing up children, flying planes into buildings, and cutting off innocent reporters heads are muslims. Sorry, but there it is. I happen to have several Arab friends, one of them lives right down the street from me, a wonderful guy, with his family. I also support worthy causes in Iran. So, please......next time to try to make a Judgment about me or anyone else here, try to find out the facts first. I don't HATE any race, religious beliefs, or nations. I HATE TERRORISM.
21. Yeh sure
Nablus 1   (08.25.05)
In a matter of days, a community built with blood, sweat and tears, over dozens of years, was turned into rubble. What goes around comes around; it was built on stolen land, with the shedding of Palestinians blood, the sweat and tears of the original people kicked out of their land and murdered after living their for thousands of years. THIEVES tHE LAND IS GOING BACK TO ITS NATIVES, THE LEGITIMATE OWNERS
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (08.25.05)
The rights to their Jewish Holy Land. The rights to their sacred, holy places. The right to not be cleansed from Jewish land because they are Jews.
23. ann, that's the FIRST nice thing you've said about arabs...
mike ,   usa   (08.25.05)
was it painful?
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