Tel Aviv shuns evacuees
By Avi Cohen
Published: 24.08.05, 16:13
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1. Hebrew Free Loan Society
Johnny Weintraub ,   Sugar Land, Texas US   (08.24.05)
In Texas, we have a Hebrew Free Loan Society to assist Jewish refugees to settle here. It appears that Israel needs the same to assist the refugees from Sharon's eviction from Gush Katif. I really feel sorry for these refugees, victims of an irrational and immoral deed.
2. The homeless wealthy
Rafi ,   Jerusalem   (08.24.05)
Let's see, Compensation- they have, Savings- they have, Hotel rooms in nice hotels - they have. Big eyes - they have, Hands out - they have, " Magiya li attitude - they have. Demands - they have Sympathy - they don't have, or self respect.
3. Find a place where they can live together
Rachel BenDavid ,   Peduel   (08.24.05)
The least that the government can do is find a place where the whole community can live together. If you lose your home, your school, and in some cases your job, you shouldn't have to lose your friends also.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (08.24.05)
Some of the refugees are close to retirement age and are forced to start all over. The world has sunk to such degeneracy that the leader of the Western world describes Israel using its military force for ethnic Jew cleansing rendering thousands of Jews jobless and homeless as courageous. Ignoring homeless Jewish reugees, Bush has promised to give $50 million to "Palestinians" "for new housing and infrastructure in Gaza." The U.S. demands more ethnic Jew cleansing rendering massive numbers of Jews jobless & homeless. The Marxist leader of Zimbabwe (former Rhodesia) has also recently made huge numbers of his citizens homeless. A FRIGHTENING NEW TREND BY WORLD LEADERS? Why is there silence from human rights organizations? Human rights organizations must bring the twin criminal cases of massive human rights violations of Israel's Jewish citizens and Zimbabwe's citizens to the International Criminal Court.
7. They had a year...
Pastaneta   (08.24.05)
to find solutions... They didn't... Their problem...
8. Poor Spoiled Rich Brats!
Abdullah ,   kuwait City   (08.24.05)
Want to see what a refugee looks like, check, Africa, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria & the occupied territories!
9. rafi
ash ,   gush etzion   (08.24.05)
it is obvious that they care not a jot for money or they would have left early and received the total amount and given the choice of staying where they were in gush katif or receiving very handsome rewards they would have stayed. in a world where almost everything is judged by wealth these people proved they could not be brought, that at the least we have to give them credit for. so it is not about money it is about community. respect and applaud them for that!
10. #3. Agreed but.............
Shaul ,   Jerusalem   (08.24.05)
The hotel accomodation is only temporary. You know what it's like trying to find 200 rooms in the same place/hotel/kibbutz immediately? In August? Given time it will be sorted out, but by denying the inevitable and not preparing in advance, these people have not made it easier for themselves. Do you have 200 rooms for them on Peduel? Reference jobs, a lot of them worked outside of their community, I don't know about these though.
11. Eli, they're not short of money nor are they refugees
Eli Vardi ,   Israel   (08.24.05)
They have places to go, the thing is that they want to be together from the first day. This is purely poiltical as they can stay in hotels in close proximity to one another until permanent housing can be built for them. They just want it all now, today ! In my office there is a sign " The impossible we can do immediately, miracles take a little longer " They just need patience. They had three months to organise themselves before the disengagement.
12. Ash, but they should move on now, they have the cash
Rafi ,   Jerusalem   (08.24.05)
I take your point, but we are talking about there resettlement and restablishment of their group somewhere else. They have hotel rooms, they have somwhere to go. If they were really interested in re-establishing their communities they would move on and keep in touch with each other. Then we could all see tearful reunions and slam Sharon again for being more wicked than Haaman. We both know that in the end they'll all get full compensation. We're not that nieve.......
13. "Tent City"
Abber ,   Israel   (08.24.05)
Just came back from bringing a whole bag of new toys for the kids there across from the Train Station. Maybe a little compassion from all of you wouldn't hurt either. These people lost everything that was familar to them. Their homes - their "soft place to fall" - yes they will get money and new homes but for now they need kindness. For years they suffered from the Arabs!! I know that seeing the children smile made me feel wonderful!!!
16.  Eli Vardi # 11 has no heart and no brain
I hope someone will expell u and ur family from ur home and will fire u from ur work and after u will no complain of course ! U will say thank u...for the moment ur beloved bolshevik government has the power but things change Eli the Red
17. Look those Koweites
G-d blessed them with so much wealth. But instead of helping refugees in Africa, in Lebanon, in Syria, in Naplus they just sit on their money, try to look civilized (very few are abused), feed their arrogance with their haughty view of the world.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (08.24.05)
In a harsh world that has always been cruel to Jews, Jewish refugees need to know people care about them. The refugees are not going to receive the proper financial compensation they are supposed to.
19. How are they spoiled?
Pastaneta   (08.24.05)
They got government money to build their homes and businesses and now they get money for these homes and businesses... In the rest of Israel you pay for your home and your business... A big difference!
20. Anti-Semistism
Madzionist   (08.24.05)
The fact that there are posters on this thread who spew hate and hostility to these Jews who have large families with no place to go but single room hotels or these tent cities are simply Jew haters. I feel sorry for you, and would like to ask you to keep your anti-Semitism to the arab, leftwing, and nazi websites you would be more at home in. Please, stop it already, you heartless bigots.
21. Madzionist, you're the only one spewing hate here....
22. #20 you are really screwed up. What happened to you?
Sanezionist   (08.24.05)
23. They Gambled - They Lost
E ,   Tel Aviv   (08.24.05)
The settlers took the gamble thinking that they would not be evacuated. With all the warnings and red flags in front of their eyes to prepare themselves and their communities, they ignored them and lost. Like all gamblers, the settlers will eventually have to face reality and realise they only have themselves to blame to be living today in the conditions they are.
24. #16 - I love anonymous hate mail.............
Eli Vardi ,   Israel   (08.24.05)
Dear Anonymouse, I understand that you are too timid to stand behind your vitriol. You are also too dumb to use a false name like the Mad Zionist. You are ranting at me only because I told the truth, but I guess that truth is not your strong suit. Your poor tent dwellers receive $250, 000 for their houses. Some of which cost the all of $50,000. If you don't know, because I don't know if you live in Israel, the average family her lives in an apartment worth $150,000. After a lifetime of saving and help from parents. So these people have no reason to live in tents. It's purely political, and incidentally NONE, I repeat NONE of the families have to live is one room. The hotels cost normal Israelis upto $150 per room per night. So please stop your belly aching, You guys always want the state to pay for your excesses.. Unless you are writing this from the USA or some other safe house. You must be a right wing Yankee fanatic, they usually refer to Bolsheviks..........
25. rafi needs to think and feel
didy ,   tzfat, israel   (08.24.05)
what a heartless human being Rafi is. the settlers officially get all the things he listed, but to date, most in hsi list have not been awarded to any settler. I have an uncle who was evacuated and all he has been given is a two room house. how dare you critisize HOMELESS people that way! shame on you
26. Madonna's busy? Where are the celebrities?
I guess this isn't a chic cause to support. Celebrities like Madonna and Britney Spears (goyim) can sift through our holy books but they won't lift a finger for these people. Their money is toxic anyway....
27. 26
US   (08.24.05)
I agree. Madonna is a an opportunist , for herself. But the catholics were glad to be rid of her. so you jews can have her. lol sorry.
28. 150 hotel?
B ,   USA   (08.24.05)
I am an American and don't like to see anyone insult this country. It is hard to believe some arab supporter will call a yankee a fanatic? How many suicide nuts are in your family? I can only judge your biased comments by the facts I can verify. This site shows the range of tel aviv rooms from 35-59, hardly 150 a night! Stick to the truth and you hate mongers won't lose all respect, just most!
29. Tel Aviv Shun Settlers
jacqueline ,   USA   (08.25.05)
Is this true? You shun your own and why may I ask? Are you embarrased by the neighborhood now? Are you so satisfied with your own fat rich lives that you cant feel the emphathy for your own. This is how the holocaust started in Germany. In the end rich and poor died. Shame on you Tel Aviv. Change your ways and welcome your brothers in your homes and if not, give them a place to sleep. Your govt. didnt. Do you think these people want to be in tents. Shame on you again and your Govt. This is why Sharon got away with it all for now because of your attitudes. Jacqueline
30. #27: Madonna IS NOT one of us! NO thanks!
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