U.K. to hand over Trojan horse couple to Israel
Modi Kraitman
Published: 26.08.05, 23:42
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1. why are they smiling?
or is that the only photo you had. LOCK EM UP- AN international and federal crime. SCUMBAGS.
2. How depressing
M.S ,   Australia   (08.27.05)
They won't be prosecuted in Israel. They'll get hired.
3. No prejudice here #2
Raykie ,   Israel   (08.27.05)
M.S. please stay in Australia. We don't need your prejudiced stereotyping. You probably don't know a thing about Israel except that it is mainly populated by Jews and you typecast us all in your ignorance and closedmindedness.
4. M.S. is right on target
Marlene ,   New York   (08.27.05)
It has nothing to do with prejudice or stereotyping, but it is a fact that Jews prosecuted in Israel receive very lenient sentences as compared to non-Jews who commit similar crimes. Just look at all the Israeli Jews whose sentences wee commuted after five or six years for killing Arabs as opposed to any Arab who killed a Jew. Now that is indicative of a racist country who punishes people according to their identity. I remember the case of a Maryland teenager who fled to Israel after being accused of a really gruesome murder and torture of a friend of his. The young man in question had never visited Israel before, but suddenly took advantage of his so called "right of return." Israel refused to extradite him back to the United States to stand trial. He was tried in Israel or rather received a plea bargain, and received 24 years which Israel called a very harsh punishment and his defense lawyer called just. However, Maryland disagreed and called it an insult to justice since he probably would have received a life sentence here. The 24-year sentence there means probably being freed after 14 years. After six years, he could be eligible for furloughs to go home on weekends (not Maryland of course). Of course the Israeli couple is smiling. They're going back to Israel to be tried where they know how "justice" works. .
5. Marlene is not on target
New York Gal   (08.27.05)
If you want to point fingers at countries who give lenient sentences, why don't you point to Mexico. I can't tell you how many Mexicans have snuck across the border, killed an American citizen and then fled back to their country for protection. Now, is that racist or is it a country trying to protect its citizen? In your eyes, it's only racist if Israel protects its citizens, but not Mexico!
6. Raykie
New York Gal   (08.27.05)
Forgive those on this forum for their double standards.
7. Well atleast they are prosecuted marlen
Lucky   (08.27.05)
can't say the same thing about palestinians who kill and murder then hide behind their people for protection. can't say the same thing about mexicans who murder then run back to their country for protection. their are websites totally devoted to illegal immigrants who kill american citizens then flee our justice.
8. Marlene is right on the nose!
Marlene   (08.27.05)
I don't have to point fingers to Mexico because Mexico is not claiming to be the only democracy in this part of the world as Israel is. When you say Israel must protect its citizens, for your information, about 1.2 million of its citizens are treated as second-class citizens because they are not Jewish. Israel is under obligation to protect ALL its citizens and treat its all its citizens as equals. That becomes difficult of course in a state that calls itself a state of the Jews as opposed to a state of all its citizens. Usually, this is what democratic societies do. Only racist countries use dual systems of law to target ethnic or religious identities. How would you like living in New York City being the target of laws that stripped you of your rights or treated you much more harshly than someone else based on your identity, whatever it is that you are.
9. Wrong again marlene
Lucky   (08.27.05)
What you are saying is that Mexico shouldn't be condemned by the likes of you because they don't "claim to be the only democracy in this part of the world"? Talk about a moronic statement. Obviously you are not aware of the way Mexicans treat the Hondurans when they sneak into Mexico. Israel is under no obligation to you or to I. Who the hell do you think you are to sit behind your computer and push your views onto the Jewish people of Israel? They owe you nothing! Keep sticking that nose of yours into other people's business, and it's going to get clocked real good. I'm an American female by the must be a liberal!
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