Hamas: Israel humiliated by pullout
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Published: 27.08.05, 09:39
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1. Israel must search and destroy this bastard
he will see who is humiliated
2. Propaganda film to catch the headlines and News
Dudi ,   Beer Sheva   (08.27.05)
This technique has been used regularly by Al Quada and Hisbolla. It's a way of building international and local status. The Hamas have to build their status before the elections. Remember, it's the PA who will be building better housing in Gaza and providing Jobs for the Gazaeans. It's all about the Palestinian elections.
3. Another cowardly fundamentalist
Eyal ,   (08.27.05)
Big talker when he's not in the country. And he's only good at commiting terror attacks. A real man's man. Wonder what he's like in the ring? Now there's a thought - how about a boxing match? The winner gets all; the loser sails away... no more killing - man 2 man. Of course us Yid's will make a killing on the promotion ;)
4. The truth hurts...
me ,   usa   (08.27.05)
The truth hurts, but its still the truth.... the occupation never lasts...the people who seek freedom will ultimatly win... read history to believe ... or just look at Gaza .... for those invadors who still wants to settle in the westbank ... learn the lesson --- b4 its too late .... you might be there for another year or 10 years --- but sooner or later, you will leave - humilated - just like gaza .... b/c that is the end of all occupation.... Let Freedom Ring.... Long Live Palestine
5. Start with your own fanatics first
6. you better keep an eye on your other eye
knock knock mr. deif   (08.27.05)
7. Deif , The palestinian Ghost
Pal ,   Pal   (08.27.05)
It was clear from Deif' message that West Bank and Jerusalem will follow Gaza, Sooner or Later Israel should withdraw, so it is much more better to do that earlier.
8. deif the deaf
sreven ,   france   (08.27.05)
You know it's always these big mouth murderes that speak from hidden rat holes,that try to gain international recognition,Just like that (snake") B L "of "al quaida",(the worm),"Zarqua,"in Iraq,and now this (slime )deif,who is trying to get some attention.That end up being the most hated 2 legged creatures on this planet.Yes and they are proud of it,The Israeli withdrawal is not a defeat,It is a long reflected pain taking,answer to life over death.The Israeli's choose life and the arabs choose death.No matter how many people are murdered ,be it their own people;who they sacrifice with out consession,or the jews,where no distinction is made,Woman children,civiliens,these creatures do not care who dies,as long as their warped sick minds,are satisfied.This sick individual, "we shall use only the first letter of his name",D Is seaking international recognition,and is hoping that the palestinian people will thank him later,He is wrong,By mouthing off his intentions,he is only nearing His end,if the Israelis don't get him,the PA will,Know why???because Abbas will not allow this scum to destroy what he has eventually achieved,"A resemblance of peace with Israel.Making peace with your neighbours does not mean that you have to invite them over for tea,you may even ignore them if you choose,but the fact that there is no more stabbing in the back as one passes,is a good start,the rest might come later.So if and when Abbas finally gets enough courage ,and international support to stop these evil slanderes of the real Islam,maybe only then can the Arab world take out their "EAR PLUGS"and listen to what their citizens and neighbors have to say.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (08.27.05)
Israeli leaders just gave away Gaza in return for NOTHING. Israel's leaders did not even ask the PLO/Palestinian Authority to stop their terrorism! STOPPING TERRORISM AGAINST ISRAEL WAS NOT EVEN A REQUIREMENT FOR GETTING GAZA! Inspiring, emboldening and encouraging all of the terrorist organizations to much greater and intensifed terrorism against Israel. Is that anyway to run Israel? Michael Widlanski, March 29, 2005, reported: official Palestinian media said that Mahmoud Abbas's PLO, Hamas and Islamic Jihad had agreed in principal to full unification with all sides recognizing the PLO's 1974 "Strategy of Stages" document that sets out a phased program for Israel's destruction through a combination of diplomacy and violence. Abbas was Arafat's partner for over 40 years. Arafat explained the peace process on Jordanian TV shortly after Oslo. The PLO strategy adopted in 1974: "Since we cannot defeat Israel in war, we do this in stages. We take any and every territory we can of Palestine, and establish sovereignty there, and we use it as a springboard to take more. When the time comes, WE CAN GET THE ARAB NATIONS TO JOIN US FOR THE FINAL BLOW AGAINST ISRAEL."
10. Linda Rivera the Prophet!!
Self-appointed, that is. Linda, honey, Arafat is dead and you need to understand that the Arab nations are not going to deliver a "final blow to Israel" as you say. You are engaging in exaggeration, hyperbole, and are no better than the Arab news outlets. At least show a little intelligence and insight in your comments. Nobody likes stale food and old news.
11. To #4, Humiliation!
pieter ,   the Netherlands   (08.27.05)
Hé, You! It’s funny that you start talking about humiliation. What is it!, that you and that "master bomber" guy and other muslims have with the word "humiliation"? In Holland we are made to "believe" that we should be tolerant towards muslim immigrants because they are/feel so humiliated. The fact is; To feel humiliated is "a state of mind" of the defeated party in a conflict. To feel humiliated is also an acknowledgement by the weaker party to the superiority of the stronger one. A culture based on humiliation and shame will eventually cease to exist. None on earth use that word as much as you (arabs/muslims) do. I never heard or read that Israelis, Russians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Peruvians, Mexicans, Kenyans, Tanzanians, Inuit, aboriginals, Massai, Amish etc. etc. felt humiliated by anyone, and certainly not when encountering westerners or western culture. This makes them stronger than you. The only ones feeling humiliated seem to be from a particular culture. (perhaps yours?) Get a grip on yourself boy, because this inferiority complex leads you to nowhere. Feeling humiliated is a stupid thing to do. Let it go and learn from the cultures in East Asia. They don’t feel humiliated!, and this makes them a lot stronger than you are. See how their economies are thriving in contradiction to yours. They have a culture to be proud of. Hé,.. You!,…. do you still feel humiliated? Ps. there is one thing to which I agree: ….the truth hurts! (You must have a lot of pain.) Have a good day, I, Pieter
12. What a coward.
???   (08.27.05)
Hide behind the women and children instead of coming out and fighting like a man.
13. Big mo
Chrisona ,   Chicago.IL   (08.27.05)
Sharon's brutal and above all foolish expulsion of settlers from Gaza and northern Samaria has the terrorists pumped. They have gained big mo and they're not going to let it drop. Terrorism works! Expect more!!
14. 12 - just like he fights, cowardly targeting women &children
mike ,   usa   (08.27.05)
he's a GIRLY man.
15. to # 10 I think it is u who doesn' t understand !
Ronny ,   Yerushalaim   (08.27.05)
Of course those terror groups will continue to attack Israel...U ARE SO NAIVE !
16. To Linda
Billy ,   Burlington, Canada   (08.27.05)
When you'll stop worrying too much? Sharon didn't demand any concessions from PA simply because it was a unilateral withdrawal if you follow the news! On the other hand, Arab nations will never join for the blow of Israel, simply because the very existence of Israel is very beneficial to the area & them. Besides, the international will won’t permit that. More importantly, Israel can well defend itself. Relax Linda.
17. Deif: mostly there for now...
Ilan Toren ,   Ariel   (08.27.05)
If he shows what is left of his face will see that the next disengagement will be another one of his limbs from his body. Next missle should take off his tongue and shut him up.
18. Of course Israel is defeated-History will prove it
Kamal ,   Haifa   (08.27.05)
19. and it is only the start of the defeat of Israel till Peace
Lama ,   EJerusalem Palestine   (08.27.05)
20. shut up HAMAS yasin ls waltlng for you ln the hell :)
ENS ,   ISTANBUL   (08.27.05)
lsraeL can not be erased from the map forget lt . you can never NEVER get jarusaLem .lf you attack our lnnocent people we wlll send hamas bastars to hell near yasln shut up you are afrald of assasslnatlon why do you hlde yourself
21. Allow them to claim 'victory'.
Pat ,   Alabama, USA   (08.27.05)
Look, Egypt's 'victory' during the Yom Kippur war is what led Sadat to the peace table. Optimistically then, Israel's humiliation at the hands of Fatah, I Jihad, Hamas... whomever... will lead to substantial advances in the peace process. Let leaders of the Palestinian groups 'grow their penises' in any manner they choose. They can make any claims they want to; but, they and any Palestinian with with a lick of sense knows that continuing to offer 'martyrs' or launching rockets will only lead to a more devastating response from the 'humiliated' IAF. Remember, Israel does not have to put 'boots on the ground' anymore. They can fly comfortably at 15,000 feet and rain metal on our palestinian heros.
Daisy ,   USA   (08.27.05)
23. I agree with Dudi #2
y ,   US   (08.27.05)
Hamas has nothing else to do but show off in front of people to win the elections. Palestinians well know and understand that Hamas has never brought anything but set backs and destruction. No body defeated Israel yet. but the Jews know they have not achieved what they want. Peace and security do not -and most probably will not- exist in Israel. I refer everybody to Vanunu's new interview with the Egyptian weekly Al Ahram.
24. The usual Arab crap
JJ   (08.28.05)
threaten victory while in permanent hiding. This is why they are born losers.
25. His strategy works. Israel is retreating to the '67 borders.
Craig   (08.28.05)
26. To Billy (#16)
Ido ,   Silver Spring, MD   (08.28.05)
Billy, you're being naive if you believe that the international community will raise a finger to help Israel. The fact is that Jews can only trust other Jews to help them. Those who believe that the International community will lift a finger to help Israel in a time of need are deluding themselves. The fact of the matter is that the attitude of the world today is no different than it was 70 years ago. Adolf Eichmann (may his name be blotted out forever) summed it up quite well during his trial when he discussed his pathetic attempt to ransom several hundred thousand Hungarian Jews and the world declined to save them from the camps: "The heart of the matter is that no place on earth was willing to accept the Jews." The International community, for reasons I cannot fathom, seems to have a greater affinity for the Arabs and the muslims than they do with the Jews. Israel can defend itself well and she will. I won't hold my breath depending on the rest of the world to help Israel defend herself -- I'd die of asphyxiation. If Hamas and Fatah and the PA choose to start another war with Israel -- then let the end result be on their heads.
27. an occupier who leaves an occupied land is a looser
Kamal ,   Haifa   (08.28.05)
28. Leaving Gaza proves that zionism is starting to die off.
Ahmed ,   Jaffa Palestine   (08.28.05)
29. Gaza
Chuck Tucker ,   La Marque, Tx. U.S.A   (08.28.05)
"Feeding crocodiles bits of chicken to protect yourself from their ultimate goal will not satisfy them." --Cal Thomas, columnist/commentator
30. Israel humiliated by pullout
Ariel ,   Israel   (08.28.05)
Israel is really humiliated! I really believe that HaShem put this people against us because of our own aktie's to each other. Until... He shows us who He really is. And that we really cry out to Him, in deep bitternis. The Rabby's teached me that it was 2000 years back the same. In the modern state Israel we 'eat' each other. The rich people hold on power, through corrupt ways. Every time there are more and more poor people. Please where are the leaders who guid is in the right way? When I look to the 'Knesset' it shall be the same as that it is now. Ariel
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