Egypt links nuclear test ban to Israel
Published: 27.08.05, 14:15
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1. Israel is above law
Libyan Guy ,   Italy   (08.27.05)
Is they always feel that danger is around, so they need to have as much atomic bombs to finish this owrld some day.
2. Israel vs muslim states
Laura   (08.28.05)
Yes you numbskull from Italy. Danger IS always around Israel and yes they do have the right to nuclear weapons while the terrorist dictatorships of the arab-islamic world must be prevented from obtaining nukes. There SHOULD be a double standard, democracies and dictatorships should not be treated the same, therefore yes Israel gets to have nuclear weapons and the terrorist muslim states do not. It is not surprising that eurotrash such as yourself is unable to make such distinctions. But then again Europe has no moral clarity, which is why you will all someday be living under sharia law.
3. to the admin of these boards
Khaled ,   Amman, Jordan   (08.29.05)
i just wanna congratulate you for being a coward! at least 3 of my most articulate posts here have been stopped due to your paranoid need for censorship. and you call yourself a democracy?!
4. hypocrite
walter   (08.29.05)
to laura being moral does not allow for double standards regardless. No nukes for anyone. There is no justification for obtaining them. And of course Israel is in danger all the time. They do despicable things. The only thing you can come up with is some personal attack on this guy because he is from Europe and then tell him all of Europe is going down because they lack moral clarity. Maybe you should take a long look in the mirror after doing some more reading of some of the things Israel has done to her neighbors with US help.
5. Sick Laura
Libyan Guy ,   Italy   (08.31.05)
Sorry to say, but you are such a sick Jeiwsh anti-Islamist freak. Your hate gives us the confirmation that Jews never trust anyone, even their best friends. Bravo, continue so and let us have the latest about Jews history that stoped more then 5000 years ago at the same point !!! Shalom (if you still have it in your books).
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