Opinion  Ofer Shelah
The people's army?
Ofer Shelah
Published: 27.08.05, 17:25
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1. & linda rivera's "IDF Ethnic Jew Cleansing Teams" slur
mike ,   usa   (08.27.05)
just adds insult to injury. people need to have the utmost respect for the IDF and their thankless job.
2. The dignity of the IDF
Gerry Schor ,   Israel   (08.27.05)
I have not spoken to a single person, both here in Israel and in the United States, who watched the evacuation on television, who did not feel that the IDF acted wonderfully , with compassion, and with almost complete control of the situation. To take an incident out of context is uncalled for and unprofessional.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (08.27.05)
The IDF are very special. Their job is to defend Israel and Jews. Of which they do an outstanding job. I did not think the IDF would ethnically cleanse Jews. Such a thing broke my heart. The IDF should NEVER have been told to do this. I have the deepest admiration and respect for the world-renowned IDF. They have the highest standard of ethics for an army in the entire world. Israel is on the front lines in global jihad. Thank you dear IDF for the occasions you fought against Islamist terrorists. When you fought, you fought for all of us against global jihad. Thank you so much. Thank you so much to the courageous IDF who died defending Jews. Thank you so much to all of the brave IDF - heroes who won every war against multiple state enemies, against impossible odds. The IDF who stood tall and strong at Entebbe. Please. No more Jew hate. No more ethnic Jew cleansing. No more making Jews jobless and homeless.
4. Impossible without IDF
yoel ,   Switzerland   (08.27.05)
If IDF had not been involved, the evacuation would never had happened. Before the evacuation, they could store some miltary zones, and deny access to many demonstrators against the pullout. Otherwise, half of israeli citizens could go freely and demonstrate in the Gush Katif... The police could not do that, and would have been quickly overloaded by the crowd. The situation would have been completely different, with much more violence from both sides. It was a strategic decision, and nothing else. Not only because of a huge amount of soldiers, it also prevented from violence, because Tsahal has more legitimity than police, exactly because it's people's army.
5. I do not blame the IDF soldier.
Johnny Weintraub ,   Houston, Texas USA   (08.28.05)
I blame Ariel Sharon for the stupid and mean-spirited decision to evict thousands of Jews from Gush Katif. The individual soldier of TZHAL should not be criticized for carrying out military orders.
6. Disengagement= Ethnic cleansing
Zoli ,   Hungary   (08.28.05)
Mr. Numa might have experienced 40 unpleasant minutes, but the family he personally expelled will experience many months of unpleasant life. The Israeli Army perpetrated a genuine ethnic cleansing, against Jews. Why should the antisemites of the world respect Jewish places of worship and Jewish cemeteries in the future, if they see Israeli Army itself destroying such places?
7. Our soldiers comrades, we are at their mercy.
Only they can stop crimes against the citizenry.
8. 6 ???
I think you are nuts. jews cannot live peacefully or equally with the Palestiinians, so the Palestinians have to get them off their land. Its that simple.
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