Qureia: War for Jerusalem has started
Ali Waked
Published: 28.08.05, 13:28
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1. Ghetto?
zznhl   (08.28.05)
A ghetto is an enclave surounded by a barrier or wall. The wall that Qureia means is not surrounding the Palistinian "state". this is open to the winds, ie Jordan. If anything, by the definition of Ghetto, we, the Israelis live in one 'cos the sea and arab countries form the other barriers to form Ghetto of Israel.
2. meeting in abu dis
j genauer ,   New york, usa   (08.28.05)
Since Queria says the War is starting regarding Jerusalem, not such meeting should be allowed.
3. Qureia
Micha Sloman ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (08.28.05)
Qureia is the racist. He is a Jew hater who aspires to steal Jerusalem from its one and only true owners, the Jews. We are fed up with Palestinian land grab. This Land is the Land of the Jews.
4. Clones
gil ,   ashkelon   (08.28.05)
Put an Arafat-like keffieh on Qorei skull,and you find the same unreliable leader,striking the same speeches:no peace talks,war,victory,jerusalem, apartheid wall,right of return. Palestinians are far from peace and prosperity
5. Time To See The War Rumblings
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ, US   (08.28.05)
Sharon and his corrupt cronies thought that making Gaza Judenrein would rein in their terror appetites. Not even a week ! after the expulsion the PA/PLO heads are declaring war for Jerusalem. I suspect that most Israelis will wake up when they see where this "process" is leading. Even the delusional from the left must realize that if the Jewish capital is given over to the Muslims, all their posh coastal cities will be in danger. I have no doubt that if the IDF is given the green light to finally put an end to this madness, and to stop fighting this as a "limited conflict", thye will prevail. Each conventional war they fought they won. They should start seeing this as the war that the Muslim Arabs have seen it as all along.
6. wall around the west bank
soldiers mother ,   rehovot israel   (08.28.05)
We wouldnt have needed to build the wall if the palestinians wanted true peace, peace isnt achieved by blowing up buses,resturants,etc, ! but apart from that, most countries have some kind of physical borders, the usa has a fence between it and mexico,, other countries have walls, fences (some electricly charged) so why not Israel?
7. Qureia's extremism will be a barrier to peace
8. Queria and the "Wall"
NYC Girl   (08.28.05)
Queria's real objection to the security fence is probably that it's keeping Israelis from being murdered.
9. to gil -ashkelon-
menahem ,   paris   (08.28.05)
ok gil you have a very good analysis of these clones/clowns;i have the same "point de vue" as you:palestinians are very far of peace and prosperity as long as their leaders will have this language,this double language,one for occident and one for muslims.....everytime the same words,everytime the same hate of jews-salut-
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (08.28.05)
On March 27, 2002, at the Park Hotel in Netanya, terrorists targeted for murder Jews honoring and thanking G-D for His great mercy: Exodus 12:14 “you shall celebrate it as a feast to the L-RD” Exodus 12:42 “It is a night to be observed for the L-RD for having brought them out from the land of Egypt; this night is for the L-RD, to be observed by all the sons of Israel throughout their generations.” The Islamic homicide bomber murdered 30 Israelis as the Jews obeyed G-D, taking part in the Passover meal. 140 Jewish innocents were injured. The bomb was filled with nails and other metal pieces to maximize the suffering of survivors. On August 19, 2003, terrorists targeted for murder Jews who worship G-D - Giver of all life. The homicide bomber blew himself up on the bus as Jews returned from prayer at the Western wall. The gruesome attack-the bomb packed with metal pieces, killed 22 Jews and injured 134, many seriously. If Jesus Christ lived today, from the time Jesus was in his mother's womb, he would be targeted for murder by the Islamofascists for being a Jew living in his homeland of Israel. The Palestinian Authority hailed as heroes the terrorists who brutally murdered the defenseless 8 months pregnant Jewish Gaza mother and four little daughters. The Palestinian Authority teach the murder of Jews as a religious obligation through their mosques, media and public education system. Islamic human bomb murderers of innocent Jews are revered and considered heroes. Broadcast from Gaza mosque, Oct 13 2000, Dr. Ahmad Abu Halabiya, on Palestinian Authority TV (transcribed by Memri): "Have no mercy on the Jews, no matter where they are, in any country. Fight them, wherever you are. Wherever you meet them, kill them. Wherever you are, kill those Jews and those Americans who are like them..." Joseph is the beloved Bible hero of Jews and Christians. Muslims murdered IDF soldiers at Joseph's Tomb. With venomous hate Muslim mobs destroyed the Tomb. Jewish worshippers and holy places are the frequent target of attacks by Islamists. Jewish and Christian holy sites are desecrated and destroyed. In the Islamic invasion and filthy desecration of Jesus Christ' birthplace, Church of Nativity, BIBLES WERE TORN UP FOR TOILET PAPER. Mocking Israel's G-D. Mocking the laws G-D gave to Moses inscribed in those Bibles. Some of those laws: Exodus 20: "You shall have no other gods before Me" "You shall not make for yourself an idol" "You shall not murder" "You shall not commit adultery" "You shall not steal" "You shall not bear false witness" "You shall not covet" Exodus 21:16 "He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death" Muslims have perpetrated massive desecration and destruction at the Temple Mount. G-D designated the Temple Mount to the Jews for His worship and prayer only. Muslims repeatedly engage in massive rock throwing at the Jews on the Temple Mount, turning the holiest place on earth into a common place of violence.
11. Quriea a hypocrite - Abu dis = pre1948 Jewish owned land
AP ,   USA   (08.28.05)
it's kind of funny how the guy criticizes israel for building on "Palestinian land" when his meeting was in Abu Dis. He should learn historic facts, the land Abu Dis was built on belonged to Jews and after they were driven out of their property in 1948, Arabs built Abu Dis illegally on Jewish owned land. The only reason Jews cannot take it back is because it would involve putting to trial every single family living in Abu Dis which would cost way too much money.
12. the security fence is no more racist than palestinians are
mike ,   usa   (08.28.05)
13. Arabs belong in Mecca where they came from!
Daisy ,   USA   (08.28.05)
14. The myth of "Palestine."
Daisy ,   USA   (08.28.05)
A big Arab lie! Like everything else they say.
15. to#13
gary goldman   (08.29.05)
so.what do you suggest. nuke all the arabs in the "jewish land"?????
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