Quarter of a million Israelis own firearms
Doron Sheffer
Published: 28.08.05, 22:58
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1. militarized societies breed violence
edward ,   las vegas   (08.29.05)
as you strive to become the 51st state, remember that due to the militirization of us society, the social fabric is slowly eroding... massive murder in schools is just a matter of time when you ruin your societies this way.
2. message 1
Stuart ,   Brighton,Michigan   (08.30.05)
Baloney - erosion of social fabric has nothing to do with gun ownership. If it did, you'd have to ban private ownership of steak knives and baseball bats. Israelis who need to be armed should be armed. They haven't gone around murdering willy nilly. Nor have Americans. 2/3 of the U.S. states now have mandatory issuing of concealed weapon carry licenses to all who qualify (clean criminal record, proper training). The trend in gun crime is downward. There is no mass murder by Americans or Israelis, and lots of prevention of murder by armed citizens.
3. thats sad
jane smith ,   anywhere usa   (09.07.05)
the terrorists changed to bombs when they realized getting into shooting matches with isrealis was a losing proposition. In a population of 5 mil that little gun ownership in a war zone is very sad.
4. Switzerland has 89% private gun ownership
Froman ,   Rapid City USA   (12.16.06)
An armed society is a polite society where no person can impose their will on others by force.Switzerland REQUIRES every man over 18 to keep a machinegun in their home and they had the lowest crime rate in the world in the mid 1990s when I was living there. Israel could learn a lot from Switzerland because a Palestinian can buy an AK47 at the corner store for $40 while only the rich and/or well connected can even buy a small defensive pistol in Israel..
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