Chilling protest at Yad Vashem
Shani Mizrachi
Published: 01.09.05, 13:47
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1. What a disgrace....
Sivan ,   Israel   (09.01.05)
and any sympathy I had for these people is diminishing more and more.......
2. Disgusting use of Holocaust imagery
Shlomo ,   Jerusalem   (09.01.05)
This disgusting demonstration is anti everything that religious and secular zionism stands for. These messianic radicals are only interested in their own agenda. It has nothing to do with the real settlers fron the Gush.
3. YeShA > YeSh > Ye > 0 .... B'ezrat HaShem.....
Wait for the right wingers to deny this and blame anyone but their own people. Lefties, Shabak, Martians, Brad Pitt..... Fanatical Yeshiva's should be closed down, just like the Midrasa's in Pakistan.
4. People afraid of freedom of speech
Ilan ,   Ariel   (09.01.05)
Only authoritarian regimes fear freedom of speech. For years the left has used the holocaust to promote and excuse arab terrorism. Now it is their turn to be "shocked and offended". For they sow the wind, and they reap the whirlwind.
5. Ilan, This is sick, NOT freedom of speech
Ruti ,   Jerusalem   (09.01.05)
Most of us are sick of so much false information and lies spread about the "poor plight "of the "poor defenseless" Gush Katif settlers. Most of their problems are self inflicted. Defamation of the Holocaust will not help you get more support........
6. Truth hurts. By the way, it is free speech.
7. An extreme reaction to the gloating of the left
Rachel BenDavid ,   Peduel   (09.01.05)
The people of Gush Katif and the whole dati leumi community have been treated cruelly by the government, mainly spurred on by the left. Their contribution to the country and their bravery were not acknowledged, and they were thrown out of their homes by the very people they call brothers. This pain needs an outlet - and some take the extreme reaction of comparing the expulsion to the Holocaust. The expulsion was NOT on the same level of the Holocaust - but it was devastating for a lot of people. A separate museum should be set up just on this topic.
8. To#7
Carol ,   Israel   (09.01.05)
Where is Peduel?
9. What a great way to cheapening the memory of the holocaust!
Abdullah ,   Kuwait City   (09.01.05)
Those extremist fools achieved what the Nazis failed to achieve!
10. Thanks from the left to such "Heros"
Nadav ,   Misgav   (09.01.05)
Yes, one more time some mentally retarded idiots have shown that Israels right has lost any proportions to reality as well as any connection to the majority in this country. Let us have more this, the left will thank for pushing the mainstream towards them.
11. Peduel is in the West Bank, didn't you guess?
12. Rachel, you're not Dati Leumi, you're Messianic right !
Dudi ,   Beer Sheva   (09.01.05)
You are the fanatics that have highjacked the Dati Leumi movement. You have destroyed the, National religious party and turned into a fanatical messianic fundamentalist right movement. Effi Etam is your god. You don't follow Israeli Law because you believe yourselves to be above it. This is one of the results of living in your villas in closed ghettos away from the people of Israel. You have lost contact with your roots, and your people. You have forgotten the tolerance teachings of Judaism and follow fanatic hatemongers. You have lost the values of modesty and service to the State and have put the objective to settting up a Halachic fundamentalist state in its' place. We, the original national Religious are embarrased by your selfishness and ashamed of your corruption.
13. Yad Vashem Memorial
Ed ,   Pittsburgh, USA   (09.01.05)
Well done and completely appropriate. I don't understand the objections....does the FACT that was Israel did in Gush Katif completely parallels the Holocaust bother you? I don't get it? I thought you were for the mass deportation of you are against the memorials. You leftists must be really confused....
14. How completely appropriate.
Spirts of medina ,   LA, US   (09.02.05)
"They" are your brothers and sisters unless of course you are "Abdullah from 'Kuwait City." So listen here, slave of Allah, you don't know what "fair and square means" because the only way you would know, is if you were dead, like thousands of Jews of Medina, and that justice would not be extreme. Thus, certainly displays and banners are not extremist tools. The lesson of Holocaust and this is the one and only lesson, is that righteous and devout Jews suffer then, now and always for the sins of wicked Jews and Goyim. Their death was a ghastly sacrifice on the altar of the blood thirsty world, offered as appeasement to Moloch. The same Moloch/Allah in this age demands appeasement from Muslims, and Muslims demand blood - "we shall knock on the gates of heaven with skulls of Jews"; and those who were the most devout and suffered the most are sacrificied again at the alter of decadence, cowardice, and spiritual emptiness. How is that not a direct parellel with Holocaust? Only one desperate woman dies (from self immolation) as opposed to six million but the world kept on spinning without missing a beat in both cases, because guess what; destruction of Jewish life, dignity, and property on any scale is not seen as tragic no matter how many tear-jerker movies you make and museums you open. All those who could have given a hoot about the suffering risked and sacrificed their lives, the rest of the world just kept on spinning. A great Rabbi once advised his son to enter the goyim world, but enter only as a Jew, because "due to our unique history we are able to see similarities in things that seem dissimilar at first glance; to see parallels between incomprable, and fathom the underlying, covert logic behind the events of the world." So if you can't see the parallel in this case, you should think about joining Abdullah, because if you can't sympathize with another Jew and feel his pain as though it was your own property and the very essence of life being destroyed, you are not a Jew!
15. I agree with them
yechiel ,   london   (09.02.05)
It is right to add the communities of the Gush to the list that have been destroyed over the years. Tommy Lapid, himself a Holocaust survivor, once compared an old Palestinian woman who was standing on the ruins of her home destroyed by the IDF to his grandmother who was killed in the Holocaust!
16. Not So Fast, Officials From Yad Vashem
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ, US   (09.03.05)
The symbolism of this exhibit is very appropriate. My son is named after his grandfather who was an Auschwitz survivor. I can say this with a certainty - if he were alive today to have witnessed such cruelty from the Jewish homeland, his heart would have been shattered even more severely than it was in Germany. Why? Because it was no secret that the Germans viewed the Jews as subhuman. But for a Jewish ! government to Judenrein an area (and of historical and biblical significance, all protestations notwithstanding) is unforgivable. The fact that these Israelis were not gassed is beside the point. Their lives were destroyed, their hearts decimated, and their dead desecrated. He was by no means a religious man, but my son's namesake was a moral man. This immoral ethnic cleansing would have sickened his soul.
17. I agree with you, Adina K!
Chana ,   NJ   (09.04.05)
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