Hamas: We’ll kidnap soldiers
Ali Waked
Published: 01.09.05, 18:49
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1. kill ALL the Hamas members ! We will hunt you !
Yair   (09.01.05)
2. Go to hell Hamas
???   (09.01.05)
3. we must KlLL mOre terrorısts
mıhael ,   lstanbul   (09.01.05)
hamas your threats can not affect us do not forget we are stronger than you lf you kıdnap our soldlers we wlll klll all terrorlsts ın jaıL
4. Friendly advise
gil ,   ashkelon   (09.01.05)
Write your last wills
5. Whats is Sharon thinking?
M Sabbah ,   Melbourne Australia   (09.02.05)
Sharon gave gush katif and the terror is just increasing go to those settelments and just get rid of ALL of them Because everyone Knows the PA will not do it!!!!
Simon ,   South Africa   (09.02.05)
Mahmoud Zahar your days are numbered ! Long live Israel.
7. Survival
David Middlemiss ,   Rhode Island, USA   (09.02.05)
You are too complacent. I know you are dependant on us for munitions, but if the countries next to us were dropping mortars on us, we would get back big time. I wish I could help. Is Zola Levitt meshumed? PS. the arabs are telling you their plans? I would respond. My name is David.
8. thank u hamaz
mustafa ,   yasin   (09.02.05)
i very glad that they are hunting these infidals
9. ia-sine to Mostfa
paul ,   paris   (09.02.05)
hello Mus you're ever living in Deir Yassine? It's a miracle55 years after!!!or you where hide beetween the pages of your Quorène at the soura -ia-sine
10. Answer to Mustapha Yasin
hiram ,   tel aviv   (09.02.05)
Mustapha, you reaction and the fact that you mention the word # infidel# demonstrate that your intellectual development has stopped short of becoming a wise man. Using the term # infidel# clearly indicates the underlaying Jihad. The Palestinian problems will NEVER be solved using Allah as an excuse...or as a source of help. The kind of language you use is exactly what takes away people's sympathy for the Palestinian cause...Hamas is a terror organisation and as such, it must be eradicated. Islam has nothing to do with your problems. Leave G.. alone and start acting like human beings intead of spreading hatred in the same fashion the Nazis did ( Hitler was a good friend of the Muphti of Jerusalem , remember ?) If you really want peace, seize the chance now and trust the elected representatives o f the PA....if not, dont get surprised when other arab countries will NOT come to your rescue.... Give it a thought.
11. Article
Nick ,   Minneapolis USA   (09.02.05)
The reaction to this article clearly shows us that on paper, all of us are brave and objective. In "real-life" however, we express ourselves like Mustapha, or whatever his name is that has posted to this article's board. We throw insaults at each other in an effort to better zing the other side, better yet let's throw rocks at tanks! Rediculous. If a real dialog does or will exist, I hope it will evolve into a more intellectual discussion than who the infadels are. Shabbat Shalom
12. IDF - Where Are You?
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ, US   (09.03.05)
Sharon you have done well. Hamastan is on Israel's borders. and you paved their way. Kudos from all the world's antizionists/antisemites. Take a bow at the UN where all will applaud your destruction.
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