'No forgiveness'
Sheni Mizrahi
Published: 02.09.05, 00:29
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1. it isn't former Rabbi Kaminetsky
He remains our rabbi...even if the government has destroyed our homes. The only thing former around here will be FORMER Prime Minister Ariel Sharon...
2. twice buried Can Sharon understand the pain of the families?
3. subject, pro israel
david middlemiss ,   rhode island, americ   (09.02.05)
after the temple is destroyed, messiah will be cut off, that is in the book of Daniel. So tell me, the messiah is yet to come? I don't want to be argumentative with anyone, so read the brit hadashahand tell me why not?
4. In evertones lives there are setbacks, get over it !
5. YeShA > YeSh > Ye > .........BeEzrat HaShem
6. What happend in the Gush and Samaria
David Ramati ,   Israel and the US   (09.02.05)
II have served two countries. The United States and a Marine in Vietnam, and Israel as a combat office in Lebanon.. After 6 years in the Marines, I served on active service and in the IDF reserves for another 25 years in Israel. In all this time I was convinced that what I was doing was for the good of the free world and ultimately for the good of Israel and the principles of western civilization which were built on the solid foundation of Judaism. Over 30 years ago I converted, and I and my family moved to Israel, throwing our lot in with the Jewish people, dedicated to redeem the land of Israel as a Jewish homeland, to rebuild the temple, and to undo the injustices of 2000 years of deportation, degradation, and murder that the holy people of Israel have born in hope and humility waiting for our G-d to redeem them. I was serving in Vietnam in 1967 when the first miracles of our time began with the return of the Temple mount to the Jewish people. Both I, and my comrades, shed tears of happiness, there in the battle fields of Vietnam, and we were convinced that the Israeli government would begin the building of the Holy Temple. As it turned out, we were disappointed. Shouldering that disappointment, I and many others came to Israel in hopes that the temple could be rebuilt after the land was restored. Tirelessly we labored for this dream in Judea, Samaria, the Golan and Gaza. We gave our blood, our fortune, and our future to this dream. Now, in a few short hours, this dream was shattered, but not by an outside enemy…but by that same Israeli government we had served. I, like others, am being forced to choose between being an Israeli and being a Jew. After what happened I fear that it is not longer possible to be both.
7. so now you feel how we felt when you kicked us out in 1948
Kamal ,   Jenin   (09.02.05)
and we did not have time to take our dead with us but they are buried right under your feet.
8. to 7 Ahmeid
paul ,   paris   (09.02.05)
exactly Kamal,i feel what you feel when muslims in country where i'm born distroy the oldest jewish cemetary in Tunis-1959) and make a garden;;;and when muslims kicked us,by destructions of houses,murders...we where however citizens of the same country and never a jew shoot a tunisian soldier...but these times of "Dhimma" these time where we must be"Saghiroune" are definitivly finish and i'm sure that you should prefer be a " Guest" in tel-aviv or raanana,than a citizen on Jnine or Erriha...
9. #6 You threw your lot in with the fanatics.
Shlomo ,   Israel   (09.02.05)
That's what happens when you join a messianic cult instead of the maincore Jewish movement. I guess that you got caught up with some charismatic messianic Rabbi with his tales of life in Shtetls in Poland. Oh well, welcome to real Israel. It looks as though you had a real rough Aliya, that's also part of the Jewish experience. Didn't you know all Jew suffer?
10. The Messiah Will Come...
C. Read ,   MS USA   (09.02.05)
Prophecy is being fulfilled in a major way in our Day. I would really love for my Jewish brethren to receive a prophecy that was given on 27 August 1992 / 29 Av 5752 that I truly believe will give them hope and encouragement in these very difficult and trying times. The PDF link is located at It is my sincere prayer that Almighty God will bless and keep those who truly love the LORD--just keep looking to Him. I Am certain that Almighty God will not utterly forsake His Chosen People. (And to all God’s People who direct their prayers to the Holy One of Israel, please pray for our people in this devastated land… From a survivor in Mississippi—2 September 2005-28 Av 5765.)
11. Make the PA/PLO collaborators Rebury Their Dead
Adina Kutnicki ,   NJ, US   (09.03.05)
Sharon should be forced to rebury his two wives and his dead son just like these brave people had to. In addition, all those who aided and abetted in this expulsion should be forced to rebury their dead. In situations like these, an object lesson is the only answer.
12. Adina, you are a really sick person, all that hate..........
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