Livni: Pay protesters full compensation
Diana Bahur-Nir
Published: 02.09.05, 15:05
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1. Thank you Livni for showing compassion to the refugees
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (09.02.05)
2. compensation?
Yasha ,   Ra'anana Israel   (09.02.05)
Residents of the Gaza strip who refused to move before August 16, knew what was waiting for them. 1: They knew that there would be no housing. 2: They knew there would be no full compensation. 3: They knew that their children had no where to go to school. 4: They knew that they were hurting our soldiers and police mentally if not fisically. 5: They knew that the Palestinians were loving every minute of the forsed pullout They should be made to pay and not be reimbursed a single Shekel. They make us be ashamed to belong to that same religion.
3. fair enough
soldiers mother ,   rehovot israel   (09.02.05)
The money was set aside for them anyhow whether they left on time or not. Whatever our political views, lets show some compassion, these people have suffered enough. lets show them that not only the anti pull out supporters can do the right thing, they are still human beings in need of our help and compassion.
4. More capitulation to the radical right wing
The hard core who swore and fought our IDF, who defend this country valiently, do NOT deserve compensation. They knew the rules, now they crawl on all fours and through Livni, beg for more State hand outs.
5. Re: more capitulation to right wing
Arie Kandel ,   Pittsburgh, Pa   (09.02.05)
these "hard core" are your fellow citizens who endured thousands of Kassam missiles and were brutalized with terrorism on the front lines. It is because of people like you that their land was stolen from them, ethnically cleansing the area of Jews and giving the spoils to terrorist murderers, and for what? nothing! Watch out when you are targetted with missiles and victimized by terrorists in Gaza who openly boast that they will kill every Jew until the entire land is freed, judenrein. These people also serve in the IDF. The fact that they were moved out of Gaza so quickly is a testament to the pervasive nonviolence in which most conducted themselves. May you some day have to crawl out from your smug suburban and arrogant position and beg for money like these human beings who lost everything except something which you never had: faith...
6. #4 It sounds like you want the REFUGEES to be DESTITUTE
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (09.02.05)
The refugees who were ethnically cleansed DID NOT FIGHT THE IDF! There are many pictures of refugees hugging IDF soldiers. There are also many pictures of IDF soldiers weeping over ethnically cleansing their Jewish brothers.
7. compensation?
yechiel ,   london uk   (09.02.05)
firt you demonize tem to your country and the media, then you pass laws to expel them from their homes, then you send your own army,an army that is meant to protect you, and kick them out of their homes, and then you offer them money? i hope none of the jewish refugees take any money from the sharon governemnt, just like begin protested against reperations from nazi germany
8. Dear Pitsburger, Law abiders have received $200,000 cash
Shlomo ,   Israel   (09.02.05)
There are many stories of families who have started again, having moved out of the Gush. Most have begun to receive their money, that they are entitled to. They have not lost everything, and espeially not their faith, why should they? Are you so arrogant that you don't think that a practicing Jew can believe in the withdrawal? The arrogance came from settlers who forgott religious modesty and cgot used to living an American style esistance, in huge villa's when the rest of Israel has 30% living under the poverty letter. To speak as you do from Holy Pittsburgh is the height of arrogance, shame on you.
9. Linda, you don't understand . Work for the New Orleans Jews
Shlomo ,   Israel   (09.02.05)
They really are in trouble, lost their homes, lost their businesses and no State of Israel handouts to buy new houses and set up again. They really need your help at present.
10. #7 Another thicky, let me explain Yeky......
Shlomo ,   Israel   (09.02.05)
Believe it or not most Israelis understood the pain of moving from your home of 14 - 30 years. We are an emotional and sensitive lot. These families have received(or are receiving) on average $200,000 compensation for thire homes and expenses. When the average home here is $120,000, and average wages are $1500 before tax in Israel, that's a lot of dough. They are entitiled to it, if they went when according to the law. Law breakers, criminals and other law breakers were penalised by 30%. Even in London you should be able tio understand that simple explanation. By your reference to Nazi Germany, I assume that you are another member of the radical primitive movement that would like to move Israel back into the 18th Century. If you had any respect for the 6 million you would be very embarrased for your disrespect
11. capitulation
dahvid ,   new orleans, usa   (09.02.05)
Submitted for your approval; #4, the quintessential self-hating jew. Wheew, what's that I smell burning? Vituperations! #5 Arnie, you really smoked #4, who did not dare even post a fake name. Oooooh, he takes it....what say ye #4? Are you gonna just take that? Why, if I were you, I do something about that. Whoooo, what's that I smell burning? It really stinks. Time will tell if this is a repeat Oslo or a genuine step towards lasting peace. If this brings peace then it was worth it. We've seen however, over the past few years of record-breaking terror, the results of capitulation to the "left". It was only after the wall was built (in spite of protests from the "left") that the terror abated. Give the left enough rope to hang themselves by capitulating to their agenda: remove the wall, surrender and retreat, and let the muzzies have their way. I won't be making aliya, since reading the #4 post which stinks of aJewish hatred and contempt for their own kind.
12. Consequence
EL ,   Tel Aviv   (09.02.05)
This country needs to promote the understanding of the concept of 'Consequence' . The settlers were clearly explained that by not accepting the country's decision of disengagement and refusing to leave, the consequence would be a loss of their compensation, no plans of where to live or where to send their kids to school. Now bowing to their demands and easing up does not send a clear message to anyone in this country of 'Consequence', something that is clearly lacking in politics, the workplace and in general society
13. re: consequence
dahvid ,   new orleans, usa   (09.02.05)
"This country needs to promote the understanding of the concept of 'Consequence' " I beg to differ...what Israel needs to to promote UNDERSTANDING and unity, not merciless, callouse and cruel treatment of homeless Jewish refugees but other Jews. Really, El, you sound like a judenrat, y'know? Are you really suggesting that these people be left abandoned to misery? Frankly, I do not understand, please explain where your callouse hatred towards your own kind comes from. The Jews of Germany were probably also instructed as to consequences of their faith, but that dosen't make it right. The CONSEQUENCE of such hateful treatment is unknown for now. I fail to understand this Jewish patricide, but it turns me off to making "aliya" because of hateful Jews who would slay their own. I am feeling less and less connection to my heritage these days, as a CONSEQUENCE to such attitude. The CONSEQUENCE of the present operations, for which Israeli security has warned against, remains to be seen. Good luck with it.
14. #8
Arie ,   Pittsburgh   (09.02.05)
I know many practicing Jews that believed in Oslo, very few are left after the murderous onslaught deliberately engineered by our genocidal enemies. It is only those with a delusional mental disorder who really believe that peace is attainable with these people. If you are indeed a practicing Jew, then I suggest you use the Torah as a guiding principle which would unequivocally tell you that the disengagement was a cruel atrocity. To relinquish land for true peace is one thing. To capitulate to your enemy who has swarn to return your favor with more murder is an obscenity. This is not a Jewish concept. Your derogatory comments regarding "settlers", your brethren are inflammatory, petty, and absurd. You should concern yourself with perfecting your own world and make it a place where there will be G-dliness. I see none of this with your hatred for your fellow Jew and your Joy in their misery. The destruction of the Temple has been attributed by our sages to such conversation. Shame on you!
15. #14 I suggest you learn to understand English,
Shlomo ,   Jerusalem   (09.02.05)
Your comments had no relationship to my posting. But then, that s' how expert misinformers are trained to work isn't it. I see that you've found the promoised land in Pitsburgh too. Or this this another Alias?
16. Dahvid, should that be Duh....vid?
Shlomo ,   Israel   (09.02.05)
You are obviously very mixed by your comments. I suggest that you stop using allusions to Nazi regimes, that doesn't show a high regard for your Jewish sensitivities. As you are in New Orleans, I'm amazed that your internet connections are still working. Obviously you have water on the brain. Like most of your American based compatriots you only rely on sensationalist news websites and right wing news sources. Believe me, most of the settlers are now a lot happier, setling their kids into schools and planning their new setlments in the Tanach setlements and the Negev. United communities as they requested. Unfortunatly they will be still segregated from the majority of Israel in their ghetto's. What the heck, if that makes them happy........
17. Linda What refugees? What shoes?
since you're a non-Hebrew speaker I don't expect that you will understand the saying...because even when it is explained to you in English you don't understand. To and the reason you are STILL running this person's cut and pastes is....? Enough already...please do consider cutting her off.
18. Shlomo-how sad-another jew who hates his own people.
ls ,   israel   (09.03.05)
19. Wrong again#18, I love my people, and live among them
Shlomo ,   Jerusalem   (09.03.05)
I can never understand how the right wing always accuss people with different opinions of either being Jew Haters or of not being " proper" Jews, although we are Jews. Why do you try to delegitimise our opinions this way? I got news for you, Jews come in many shapes, sizes, colors and opinions and the sooner the fanatics realise that and help build a pluralistic society the better.
20. Re; Dahvid
EL ,   Tel Aviv   (09.04.05)
Dahvid In repsonse to your posting - "callouse and cruel treatment of homeless Jewish refugees" Again it comes down to what they were offered as a generous compensation package - if they correctly planned for their departure and future, they would not be homeless.
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